Most Stunning Airports Around The World

Travelling around the world, you will find yourself in some of the most popular airports in the world. Even though airports not your travel destination, sometimes they are worth to admire for during your limited time there. There are so many airports around the world and each may have different facilities and features to accommodate jet-setters and travelers. Some airports have become tourist attractions due to amazing features. 


Best airports worth to be on the top list

What makes an airport to be considered the best or on top list include stunning views, expansive shopping and dining options, lush green spaces, additional features such as library or entertainment center, and more. And here are airports around the world that deserve to be on the top list:

Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore

It’s one of the best airports known for its best services and facilities. In fact, it was name the world’s best airport for eight consecutive years from 2013 to 2020 by Skytrax. There are four terminals are currently used with the fifth still under construction. Most recommended areas to visit include Jewel Changi Airport, indoor Shiseido Forest Valley, and HSBC Rain Vortex.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Netherlands

The airport was first opened in 1916 and solely used for military purpose. It has been serving as the primary airport in Amsterdam region since 1949. this airport has one terminal operating which is divided into three main departure halls. Some of the most interesting spots to check out are Schiphol Plaza, Crossroads, Leonidas, Bloem, Schiphole Panorama Terrace, and KLM Fokker 100.

Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport, France

Located just 14 miles northeast of Paris, this airport was opened to travelers in 1974. It has three main terminals interconnected by shuttle. The biggest of the three is Terminal 2 since it has six sub-terminals connected by walkways. Most recommended areas to visit include The French Taste, various high-end shops (Cartier, Prada, Gucci), La Maison du Chocolat, and M&M’S store. 

London Heathrow Airport in England

This is one of the most favorite airport in the world which was originally built in 1929. it has gates that split between four passenger terminals, all connected to the heart of London via the Piccadilly line. You can enjoy your time here by shopping at high-ends shops or trying an array of mouthwatering eateries. You can also head to Terminal 5 to shop at The Harry Potter Shop. Thus, you can buy various merchandise related to Harry Potter including books, shirt, accessories, etc. The shop is pretty 

Zurich Airport in Switzerland

This airport was opened in 1948 and grew to become primary international airport for Switzerland. You can have a guided tour of the airport to gain more information about its history. Or, explore the place yourself by heading to two observation decks to enjoy beautiful views. To get inside Observation Deck E, you need to have a boarding pass. However, Observation Deck B is open for public and it also has a miniature airport play area for kids. 

Benefits of Hiring Private Tour Guide For Your Trip

Benefits Of Hiring Private Tour Guide For Your Trip

It is important to be informed and educated before travelling to new places. Hence, you can avoid making any mistakes such as offending the locals even if it is accidental. You can find information through online resources or offline ones such as books to help guide you. However, you may also consider hiring a private tour guide instead. It is good option as well because you gain many benefits from it. 

Hiring private tour guide for your next travel plan

Some travelers and tourists alike are often unsure about hiring tour guide. One of the most common reasons of their reluctance is the price. Yes, you have to pay a private tour guide for their service. However, it pays off all the benefits you can gain, such as:

Help you overcome language barrier

It is highly likely to have major language barrier during your trip to a totally different place from your homeland. When the locals don’t speak your language and you don’t speak their language, it becomes difficult to understand and learn from each other. And that’s when a private tour guide help navigate the language barrier. 

Hiring private tour guide for your next travel plan

Learn more about cultural differences

Private local tour guide are resourceful and knowledgeable. Hence, they will inform you about cultural differences you have not learned or known. For example, they will tell you about what clothes are appropriate to wear before entering certain places. They will also tell you the reason behind the rule so you have better understanding of the cultural differences. 

Customize trip that fits your preferences

Your private tour guide can help tailor a ‘perfect trip’ only for you and based on your interest. Hiring a tour guide can boost your confidence to decide what kind of travel experience you want to have. They will not hesitate to make some adjustment and arrangement to ensure it fits your personal preference. 

Satiate your curiosity

Sometimes you visit a place or observe thing but failed to figure what it really is. During a trip, this can be disappointing because you will return to your hotel room feeling curious about it. Meanwhile your private tour guide will tell you everything you want to know about the destination. They are resourceful and knowledgeable enough to tell you everything from cultural to philosophical perspectives. 

Navigate to the best shopping scenes

It is often that tourists get tricked into buying something more expensive than it really is. With a tour guide, you will be steered to the best shopping scenes with competitive prices and variety of choices. They will also help find quality items from reputable local artisans. 

Make seamless travel experience

Your private tour guide will help navigate your travel to be as seamless and stress-free as possible. You won’t have to wander around looking for the right place to eat or which attractions to visit. They have networks to help you advance admission tickets without the need to standing in a long line. In general, they know their way to offer you smooth travel experience.

Creating the Best Villa in Bali: Enhancing Guest Experience

Creating the Best Villa in Bali- Enhancing Guest Experience

With tight competition of villas and vacation rentals in Bali, homeowners are doing everything they can to maximise bookings. Villas with larger spaces could improvise with gardens, outdoor patio, or unique pool to win guests’ hearts—especially when they need to compete with hundreds other villas on a listing. Other villa owners might concentrate in gaining positive reviews, and the best way to get this is through excellent guest experience. These five simple hotelier tips could help you to create the best villa experience in Bali. 

Respond Quickly to Any Inquiries 

Guests love rental manager that responds quickly to their email, chats, or calls. Initiating communication before to the guest’s arrival gives them a positive first impression that ensures there won’t be any problems when they arrive. The visitors’ security will be provided by being able to respond to calls or texts right away during their stay since they won’t have the protection of a hotel employee for queries. The last thing visitors want to consider is that they arrived at a lifeboat-less island.

Give Guests A Non-Stop Service

Give Guests A Non-Stop Service

Being the best villa in Bali sometimes is not about building the most luxurious property (though it does counts), but giving your best in service. Once a visitor signs a guest book, that doesn’t mean you cease providing them with service. To help with requests or guest services, we offer in-person pre-arrival correspondence. Guests can ask last-minute queries about the house or the neighborhood over the phone. This offers a practical service and demonstrates your domain knowledge.

Make Sure Your Toiletries is Stocked Up

Toiletries is the expected amenities in every lodging—from budget hostels to five-stars overwater bungalows. Make sure your toiletries are not lacking. If anything, go beyond the standard toothbrush and toothpaste. Purchase essential toiletries like tissues, soap, lotions, and oral care products at a discount retailer to get best price for bulk buying. Keep all of those items in a basket on your guest room’s nightstand. In this manner, a substitute item might be close at hand if a fatigued traveler finds he or she has forgotten something crucial.

Provide information About Your Local Area

Provide information About Your Local Area

Keep in mind that the guests might not be familiar with your neighborhood. Consider making a information card that provides advice to your guests. Does the shower, for instance, typically take at least a minute to heat up completely? Do you have a home security system that requires a code to be disarmed? Is there any nearby cafe, gelateria, or attractions near your Bali villas you would like to recommend to your guests? This is one of the simplest and best way to build a meaningful experience in your Bali villas.

Keep Your Vacation Rental Bugs Free

The likelihood of pest infestations, such as bed bug issues, increases whenever you often have guests in your villas Bali. Bed bug infestations do not always indicate a dirty house. Bed insect problems can occasionally be found in four-star hotels.

Bed bugs can spread from one location to another by hopping onto items of clothes or belongings like bags. You might discover bed bugs in your home if there’s a likelihood that a recent house guest slept in an area where they were present.

Simple Rituals To Help You De-stress While On The Road

Travelling is fun but it can be stressful as well for various reasons such as delays, cancellations. Waiting, etc. Experiencing whole new culture is pretty amazing because you get to learn so many things but the process of the travel itself, be it by plane, train, cars, etc, can be draining for your body and mind. Therefore, you need to develop your own healthy habits to keep you centered throughout your trip. 

How to de-stress while travelling

Your senses can be overwhelmed when experiencing so many new things at the same times. It may cause discomfort from mild to severe to your body. Therefore, it is pretty common for travelers to fall sick during their first few days staying at new place. So here are several simple rituals you can do to wind down while on the road:

Develop a sleep strategy

Every traveler may have their own sleep problems while on the road. Most of them caused by jet lag and travel fatigue. Hence, you must develop your own sleep strategy to help combat sleep problems. If you are heading east, might as well having a nice sleep on the plane so you wake up feeling refreshed to explore. If you are heading west, book night flight to help you settle in easily. Make sure to have good night’s rest for the duration of your trip. 

Consider bringing your own favorite scent

Your sense of smell may affect your mood. You don’t want come back after tiring yourself out all day to a hotel room that smells terrible or not to your liking. Hence, it is best to bring your own aromatherapy to help loosen up yourself and sooth your fatigue. If you don’t have any favorite oils, consider buying one with lavender, eucalyptus, rose, or tree tea oil since they have soothing aroma. 

Stretch every once in a while

Your body is going through a lot during a trip. It is easy to develop back pain, muscle cramps, headache, etc due to the strain. Hence, make sure to do some stretches every once in a while even for ten to twenty minutes a day. You can find the tutorials online to see what kind of stretches that help relax the tension in your body. 

Dim the lights

Your body and mind need to shut down after draining all the energy. Hence, make sure to come to your hotel room ready to relax. You may also consider setting up mood lighting. Try for a softer, center-of-the room glow from a ceiling light. Town down the overall light level and let your body fully relax.

Have some tea

Instead of drinking coffee, tea is a better option to wind down while you are on a trip. Tea is a source of antioxidant which is good to combat free radicals in your body. It also has soothing, relaxing effect that can make you feel calmer. Hence, sipping a cup of tea in your hotel room after a tiring day can be a great stress-reliever. 

Best Luxury Bali Family Resort in Nusa Dua

Since Nusa Dua has so many tourist attractions, it attracts many tourists that want to enjoy their vacation there. Because it offers a serene and lovely beach quality, Nusa Dua Beach has grown to be a preferred vacation spot for family in Bali. guests can be sure to take in a very relaxing atmosphere while treating your eyes to a stunning beach viewThe Nusa Dua resort area in Bali is home to a wide variety of hotels, many of which provide some luxury staycation experience with direct beach access and other upscale services.

Bali family resort

This Best Luxury Bali Family Resort in Nusa Dua

Holiday Inn Resort Benoa

This popular family resort in Bali, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua, is a nice beachfront hotel with four outdoor swimming pool. One of which has water slides and buckets that fill your eyes with a stunning beach view. Activities including surfing, golf, beach activities, fitness centers, cooking class, bike on hire, cultural excursions, beach excursions, white water rafting, water sports, and team building exercises are also available. The balcony offers a breathtaking view of the morning. guests can take part in free daily recreational activities at the resort or enjoy nighttime entertainment at the bar. You can pick from a choice of accommodations on Nusa Dua family resorts, all of which include bright, modern decor, high-quality mahogany furniture, teak balconies, and sleek marble floors.

The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua

The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali has seven large lagoon pools and provides breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. They also have island facilities on Nusa Bagu and Nusa Peninsula, two small islands accessible from the beach. At Banyubiru, which offers Western and pan-Asian dishes, customers can eat all day. Fresh fish is available at the beachfront Arowana restaurant. The Kul Kul Bar, Cascade Bar, and Sapphire Lagoon Bar along the pool serve specialty cocktails and soft beverages.


Aside from a beachfront location with access to a white sand beach, this five-star hotel offers a wide range of eating options, a sizable outdoor pool that is open all day, free WiFi, and a free shuttle service to the Bali Collection shopping center. A swimming pool with a view of the ocean is also available at the resort.

Mercure Bali Nusa Dua

The Grand Hyatt Bali offers eight dining and drinking options, 5 outdoor swimming pools, and a fully functional spa. No cost parking. Bathrobes, slippers, and complimentary toiletries are provided in the private bathroom. Multiple water activities like scuba diving and canoeing are also offered, along with a bicycle rental service and a currency exchange facility. The Garden Café serves Asian and European cuisine.

Merusaka Nusa Dua

Merusaka Nusa Dua is the new name of this Inaya Hotel. Which maintains its previous level of luxury in terms of facilities. Which is located on one of Bali’s most renowned beaches, provides numerous chances to take an all-inclusive vacation. Fly to a resort that is situated between a white sandy beach and a lush tropical garden. Your all-inclusive vacation package at Merusaka Nusa Dua will allow you to plan your trip with confidence because everything is covered, including accommodations, meals, and some activities.

Samabe Bali

Bali family family resorts all-inclusive is “Unlimited Privileges.” Samabe, which is on the southernmost tip of Bali, is home to the exquisite beauty of Nusa Dua’s white sand beach and its various shades of blue water. The best luxury resort on Bali is Samabe.

Your trip to Bali will be the high point of your life because to the luxurious all-inclusive perks including “Samabe Signature Activities,” a 24-hour Butler service. Exclusive welcome amenities, the entire range of premium meals and world-class beverages, entertainment, and spa treatments.

Apurva Kempinski Bali

Offering luxurious accommodations in Nusa Dua, The Apurva Kempinski Bali is surrounded by lush vegetation and has a view of the ocean. The resort has a spa and a 60-yard outdoor swimming pool. Free WiFi and parking are available. Each unit is tastefully furnished and equipped with contemporary conveniences and wooden furnishings. From the personal balcony, guests can see a garden or the ocean. The shower and bath are separate in the bathroom. Some apartments feature both an ocean view and a private pool. At Restaurant, a selection of regional and international cuisine is available. At Selasar, you can get small bites. While youngsters play in the children’s pool, adults can relax by the pool. Facilities and family friendly resort Bali activities are available.

That resort in Nusa Dua is the best for families. There are various family resorts that can be recommended for your family trip. I hope it will be useful for your holiday.

Travel During Holiday And What To Expect From It

Travel During Holiday And What To Expect From It
Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Many experts say to avoid travel during holiday but what if you can only travel during that time? We all know that we need break from time to time to unwind and de-stress. Also, holiday is also about spending quality time with your family. Hence, it is often considered the best time to spend for a family vacation and travel to somewhere nice where you can have fun together. However, it is also important to know that there are consequences of travelling during peak season. 

Challenges to expect for travelling during holiday

Travelling during holiday seasons is a no for some people due to the consequences  and risks that come with it. But if you really have to travel during holiday season, there are things to consider. You also need to expect several things to be more prepared, such as:

Inventory tend to be scarce

Travel during holiday is like having a race because you have to be quick with booking your hotel, resort, and lodging options. They become scarce rather quickly once the holiday season hits. If you plan on travelling during holiday, make sure to book your lodging in advance. If you try to find the availability right on the spot, expect to pay a premium. 

Airline tickets price continue to increase

Booking Ticket Online Flight Travel Concept
Booking Ticket Online Flight Travel Concept

Travelling during holiday season also means increased airline ticket prices. You may have to pay much more for the tickets alone. Not to mention that it is difficult to find the most ideal time and day you want to travel when booking airline ticket on holiday season. Hence, make sure to do it ahead of times if you know you are going to travel during holiday. 

The crowd is wild

You may have to expect for the wild crowd at various spots when travel during holiday such as at the airport, train station, bus station, and of course tourist attractions. Therefore, be prepared with the possibility of having to deal with the crowd. You may have to pack much lighter so you won’t get stuck in the crowd carrying heavy luggage for hours. 

Risks of cancellations and delays

Holiday is the busiest time of the year to travel so instead of booking connected flights, it’s more recommended to book non-stop flights to avoid any potential hassles. This way, you don’t have to deal with crowd multiple times. You also can avoid risk of multiple cancellations and delays.

Fully-booked rental car

You don’t want to wait until holiday season hits to rent a car for your vacation because it is highly likely everything has been booked and leave you no inventory to rent. Hence, reserve it now and prepare your backup plan. 

Consider travel before or after holiday

You can avoid any hassles that come with travelling during holiday by waiting a little bit more until the season ends. Or, you can travel before the holiday season hits instead. Also, there are various promos being offered by travel agents if you decide to travel pre-holiday or post-holiday.

Best Diving Places in Bali for the Summer!

Best Diving Places in Bali for the Summer!

Have you considered scuba diving in Bali? In this article, we’ll describe the top scuba diving locations in Bali and offer you advice on how to get there. Most people’s first thoughts when they think of Bali are beaches, volcanoes, surfing, or temples. While all of these things are emblematic of the island, Bali has dozens of stunning diving places that should unquestionably be included as well!

When to Dive in Bali

In Bali, diving is available all year round. However, the dry season (from April to October) offers the ideal diving conditions because the currents are calmer and the visibility is better. However, it varies according on the area.

Types of Diving in Bali

When it comes to various dives, Bali has a lot to offer. From muck dives to wreck dives to current dives and more, it offers a variety of diving experiences. It is one of the few locations in the entire world where you may view such a wide variety of animals.

Why You’ll Love Scuba Diving in Bali

Incredible marine life can be found there. Before looking for an elusive mola mola, the heaviest bony fish in the world, come face to face with an oceanic manta ray. Reef sharks, rays, sea turtles, barracuda, and enormous trevally are frequently spotted swimming in the ocean. Look around for nudibranchs, pygmy sea horses, and other tiny critters on the reef or in the muck.

The USAT Liberty, a cargo ship that has been reclaimed by the sea, is one of the most accessible wreck dives and is located in Bali. A variety of different wreck sites have been produced all throughout Bali thanks to its powerful barrier reef. Great dive shops may be found on Bali Island and the Nusa Islands. Due to the high standard of operation of Bali’s dive centers and the intense competition, dives and courses there are reasonably priced.

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5 Best Diving Places in Bali You Should Visit

Nusa Islands

Best Diving Places in Bali Nusa Islands
Image source: Instagram@dunebaliatlantis

Numerous amazing dive sites can be found on Nusa Penida, but Crystal Bay stands out for its abundance of vivid corals and sea turtles. However, you must visit the manta rays. One of the nicest things to do in Bali is frequently mentioned as being swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving with manta rays.


Image source: Instagram@chelseaoliviaa

Tulamben is one of the most famous scuba diving site in Bali and there’s no way you should skip this site. The USAT Liberty wreck, a US Army cargo ship that was torpedoed by Japanese forces during World War II, is located offshore from this little village. Today, it is situated on the 120-meter-long and 5- to 30-meter-deep slopes of black sand on Tulamben.

Since corals have taken over the wreck, a variety of reef fish and other macro marine life may now be found in its crevices. Around the wreck, freedivers frequently practice, while sea turtles and reef sharks frequently cruise by.

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Image source: Instagram@dunebaliatlantis

Candidasa is well worth a visit even though it is not as well known as some of the scuba diving locations mentioned above. If you want to avoid the throng and visit a few undiscovered offshore islands, you should look into it.

You can also meet sharks that occasionally patrol around the healthy reefs. Shark sightings here include whitetip, blacktip, hammerhead, and wobbegongs on occasion. You might be able to witness a mola mola from late July to October!


Image source: Instagram@dunebaliatlantis

Amed has a reputation for being one of the best places to go freediving in Bali. With calm conditions and virtually unlimited depth, it’s a freediver’s dream! Amed is also home to a handful of artificial reef structures used to attract fish. You will definitely love the “Underwater Temples, Gods, and Goddesses” that lies in the seabed of Amed. Such a gorgeous way to build an artificial reefs that’s totally unique to Bali!

Amed is also a heaven for muck diving. Underwater photographers who wish to capture vibrant marine life concealed in ominous, volcanic sand would love muck diving in Amed.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island
Image source: Instagram@ indonesia_travelmate

Escape the busy Bali in the south and visit the pristine, uncrowded underwater playground in Menjangan, on the northwest of Bali. The walls of coral that surround this small, deserted island are decorated with feather stars and gorgonian fans that resemble lace. The anemone fish, pygmy sea horses, eels, lobster, trigger fish, scorpionfish, and other animals that live on reefs are abundant and thriving. Sharks, manta rays, and barracuda are frequently spotted in the ocean.

There is usually a surface interval on Menjangan Island on most scuba dive tours, giving divers plenty of time to recover. For families and mixed groups, some dive shops offer integrated group outings that include both snorkeling and scuba diving.

How To Manage Unexpected Growth Of Your Business

How To Manage Unexpected Growth Of Your Business

Today, it is pretty easy for things to get viral due to the fast growth of social media. It is not uncommon to find certain products get viral after being spread in social media platform. It causes fast and unexpected growth that not every business owners ready to face with. It is possible for your products or services to get hugely popular unexpectedly. This is a very challenging situation and you need to plan your strategy to keep your business in manageable level. 

Managing unexpected growth of your business

Growth in business should be planned and expected. The more growth means more revenue to come. The downside is that not every revenue leads to higher profits. That is why being unprepared for sudden growth can be damaging as well. You may be struggling to keep your business afloat instead. Here are several ways you can manage sudden growth of business:

Be prepared

It is true that business world is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you can just sit and wait. The best thing to do is to always be prepared for every situation. You need to make comprehensive plan involving your business production, server space, transport, etc. Begin asking questions of what you are going to if sudden growth happens from now. 

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Find the reason of the sudden growth

There must be a reason why your products or services are suddenly popular. Finding out the reason behind it can help a lot in figuring out the ways to manage the situation. After identifying the cause, compound on it. If the reason is part of your business, it is something worth celebrating for because it means you have such unique selling points or USP. It is key element that can help you gather and retain larger market share later. 

Monitor your finances

As mentioned earlier that sudden growth means higher revenue but that doesn’t always lead to higher profit. Hence, it is important to keep tracking your finance. Manage your finance comprehensively so you will be able to find if there is something wrong with all your business ingoings and outgoings. This way, you won’t be too overwhelmed when being hit with sudden growth.

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Consider hire more people

With a sudden growth, it can be overwhelming to handle everything by small team. Your business develops in size so more people will be needed to manage various aspects of it. Add knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced members to help you manage the growth. It might cost you more but it is important for you to keep up with the growth without damaging  your bottom line. 

Drop problematic clients when needed

With the sudden growth, you are working with more customers. It means you have to deal with more varied individuals. Some of them might be problematic and you don’t have to keep up with them. Drop problematic clients if you think they give more problems than revenue to your business. Holding on to this clients will only make you lose focus of other clients. 

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

You think that you have done every digital marketing efforts you can do to promote your vacation rental business in Bali. Building a website? Done. Taking good photos for Instagram and write clever caption? Check. Running social media ads campaign? Also check. You have done everything down to researching the right hashtags, but you haven’t get the sales you want. Maybe it’s time to start writing a blog to further promote your luxury villa rental Bali. 

The creation of a blog is an essential component of a vacation rental’s digital marketing strategy.

Writing great blog posts, on the other hand, appears to be a lot of effort for a busy vacation rental manager. If you’ve ever tried your hand at writing a blog worth reading, you’ll know that it’s easier said than done, and finding an engaging topic for your target audience is even more difficult.

So, why you need to start writing a blog for your luxury vacation rental? 

Increase Direct Booking Website Traffic 

Nothing beats quality content provided on a regular basis for improving your search engine position and driving traffic to your website.

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

According to a recent HubSpot survey, 44 percent of online customers start their search with a search engine. Your potential guests are unlikely to be familiar with you. They begin arranging a trip by conducting a Google search for the destination they desire. As a result, your website must be ranked in search engines, particularly Google, in order for potential guests to locate you. Regularly posting useful information on your vacation rental blog will improve the exposure of your website.

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Get Your Website Visitor into Leads to Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

The traffic that comes to your website will be converted into conversions if you have an engaging blog full of good vacation rental blog post ideas. Your visitors will be more interested in communicating with you if your blog content is appealing. It will create a community around your vacation rental business, causing your customers to visit your blog on a regular basis and trust you. As a result, whether they’re looking for a place to stay for their vacations or business trips, your brand will be at the top of their list, depending on your target demographic. 

Building Trust Meter with Your Potential Guests

Building Trust Meter with Your Potential Guests

Build trust by freely sharing what you know or have gathered via research with your web visitors and serving as a reliable source of information. Your readers will enjoy interacting with you and gaining knowledge from your blog. For the first thing, you can talk about your vacation rental. If you have a luxury villa with private pool in Bali, for example, you can write about how relaxing it is to spend a day of leisure in your property. 

However, you don’t have to talk about your villa rental all the time. You can also talk about things around your area, recommended restaurants to visits, best beaches around the area, itinerary ideas, and many other topics!

We know starting out is the hardest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of vacation rental blog post ideas to assist you in deciding what to write about and getting started with your short-term rental blogging journey. 

Have Luxury Villas in Bali? It’s Time to Put Blog in Your Website

Tempting Readers to Book Your Property 

Do you know how many travelogues start their travelling journey from reading a blogpost when sitting in their cubicle? 

Your blog has the unique ability to pique your readers’ interest in travel and inspire them to arrange a vacation even if they had no intention of doing so. A properly worded description of your location and destination can make people want for and fantasize about your luxury villa rental Bali.

Being the Source for Your Social Media Content

To create a successful marketing plan, you must use all of the resources available to you in a way that highlights and complements one another. Sharing a link to your interesting blog entries on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will encourage your followers to read your blog and contribute to your social media feeds.

Most Recommended Spots For A Walk In Japan

Most Recommended Spots For A Walk In Japan

When it come to Japan, the topic seems endless since the country has everything you need for a perfect travel destination. From rich culture, deep history, to natural wonders, Japan has everything. Another thing about Japan that is so admirable is the spectacular scenery. No wonder many tourists and travelers alike love to have a walk in some of the spots in the country. 

Best spots with scenic views for walk in Japan

Japan is home to come of the most iconic mountains as well as ancient pilgrimages. Hence, this country is often on the hiker’s bucket list. Also, the country has ultra-speedy rail network that allow you to hop from one hike to another pretty easily across the country. And here are some of the best spots with scenic views in Japan you can put in your bucket list:

Mount Fuji 

Mount Fuji
source: Pinterest

Mount Fuji is located in Honshu just 100km from Tokyo. It is one of the most iconic and popular landmarks in the country that soars 3, 766 meters high. In fact, it is the tallest mountain in Japan and the second-highest volcano in Asia. Over 200,000 people visit this mountain to climb the summit each year. It takes around six hours to make the trek to the top of the mountain. You can also choose on of the four trails for climbers. 

The Nakasendo Way 

This walking trail is located in Honshu which connects Japan’s new and old capital cities via network of forest path. To complete the entire trek, it takes around five days. However, you can also choose other alternatives available to shorten the time. Throughout the route, you will get to see small villages with beautiful views as well as fascinating insight to the culture and history of Japan. 

Kumano Kodo 

Kumano Kodo
Source: Pinterest

This is an ancient pilgrimage path located in Honshu. The path is surrounded by forested mountain ranges along the Kii Peninsula. It is said that this path was reserved only for the emperors and samurai. However, everyone including tourists now can come hiking or walking. The route of this path connects the capitals of Nara and Kyoto. This trail was rewarded with World Heritage status in 2004 by UNESCO. 

Shikoku Henro

This path is located in Shikoku, the smallest main island in the country. This pilgrimage route loops around the entire islands, presenting otherworldly views. Throughout your walk, you will get to see 88 temples along the way. However, it takes around one to two months to finish the trek if you take leisurely pace. Or, you can opt for public transport to shorten the time. 

Mount Daimonji

This is a mountain located in Honshu, and often chosen as the alternatives for those who are still reluctant to hike to the summit of Mountain Fuji. This mountain is located outside Kyoto and presents amazing views of its surroundings including low lying plains and rivers. It takes only around 2 hours to complete the hike. Hence, it is an excellent option for novice hikers or climbers.