Creating the Best Villa in Bali: Enhancing Guest Experience

Creating the Best Villa in Bali- Enhancing Guest Experience

With tight competition of villas and vacation rentals in Bali, homeowners are doing everything they can to maximise bookings. Villas with larger spaces could improvise with gardens, outdoor patio, or unique pool to win guests’ hearts—especially when they need to compete with hundreds other villas on a listing. Other villa owners might concentrate in gaining positive reviews, and the best way to get this is through excellent guest experience. These five simple hotelier tips could help you to create the best villa experience in Bali. 

Respond Quickly to Any Inquiries 

Guests love rental manager that responds quickly to their email, chats, or calls. Initiating communication before to the guest’s arrival gives them a positive first impression that ensures there won’t be any problems when they arrive. The visitors’ security will be provided by being able to respond to calls or texts right away during their stay since they won’t have the protection of a hotel employee for queries. The last thing visitors want to consider is that they arrived at a lifeboat-less island.

Give Guests A Non-Stop Service

Give Guests A Non-Stop Service

Being the best villa in Bali sometimes is not about building the most luxurious property (though it does counts), but giving your best in service. Once a visitor signs a guest book, that doesn’t mean you cease providing them with service. To help with requests or guest services, we offer in-person pre-arrival correspondence. Guests can ask last-minute queries about the house or the neighborhood over the phone. This offers a practical service and demonstrates your domain knowledge.

Make Sure Your Toiletries is Stocked Up

Toiletries is the expected amenities in every lodging—from budget hostels to five-stars overwater bungalows. Make sure your toiletries are not lacking. If anything, go beyond the standard toothbrush and toothpaste. Purchase essential toiletries like tissues, soap, lotions, and oral care products at a discount retailer to get best price for bulk buying. Keep all of those items in a basket on your guest room’s nightstand. In this manner, a substitute item might be close at hand if a fatigued traveler finds he or she has forgotten something crucial.

Provide information About Your Local Area

Provide information About Your Local Area

Keep in mind that the guests might not be familiar with your neighborhood. Consider making a information card that provides advice to your guests. Does the shower, for instance, typically take at least a minute to heat up completely? Do you have a home security system that requires a code to be disarmed? Is there any nearby cafe, gelateria, or attractions near your Bali villas you would like to recommend to your guests? This is one of the simplest and best way to build a meaningful experience in your Bali villas.

Keep Your Vacation Rental Bugs Free

The likelihood of pest infestations, such as bed bug issues, increases whenever you often have guests in your villas Bali. Bed bug infestations do not always indicate a dirty house. Bed insect problems can occasionally be found in four-star hotels.

Bed bugs can spread from one location to another by hopping onto items of clothes or belongings like bags. You might discover bed bugs in your home if there’s a likelihood that a recent house guest slept in an area where they were present.

Why is villa development Bali industry so lucrative

The villa development Bali has become popular among investors, particularly foreign investors. A location that has a lot of potential in the tourism sector, make a lot people come to visit. This area is very strategic and there are many famous tourist attractions and unique culture. Bali’s construction company is currently not controlled by locals only, since many foreigners are also benefiting from Bali’s rapid real estate boom. Many builders in Bali, especially foreigners, regard starting a building firm as a great financial opportunity for a variety of reasons.

Why is villa development Bali industry so lucrative

Reason why invest villa development in Bali

Price continues to rise villa development Bali

One piece of real estate whose selling price keeps rising year is the villa. Of course, if you decide to purchase a villa going forward, this is a profitable time. The Villa is unquestionably required as a place to live, therefore there is no need to be terrified about losing it. Additionally, it’s likely that you’ll be able to sell Villa for a lot more money in the future. This is the main motivator for people to purchase development villa Bali.

Can be leased

Villas may be hired out for events like weddings or gatherings, so they are one area that will never be empty of guests. Villas are not simply a place to rest while on vacation. Villa investments can, in fact, yield large gains in a relatively short period of time. This benefit is gained not only from the villa rental industry, but also from the rising land prices that are on the rise daily.

Best international travel destination

Bali is renowned for its stunning and extraordinary natural attractiveness. Many travelers from all over the world continue to visit this Island of the Gods because of the presence of this charm. Bali is a well-known international tourism destination, so it makes sense. Because of this, finding lodging on this island is a given. It can be used to open up business opportunities in the real estate sector, which relates to eco friendly construction.

Infrastructure Development

The advantages of real estate investment are significantly influenced by the infrastructural development of the surrounding area in addition to the very high rental potential. The cost of a property increases with the level of infrastructural development. If you pay attention, Bali villa prices tend to go up every year. This comes as a result of the local government’s involvement in the construction of Bali’s increasingly advanced infrastructure. The increase in property prices in Bali is mostly being caused by this infrastructure improvement.

How To Manage Unexpected Growth Of Your Business

How To Manage Unexpected Growth Of Your Business

Today, it is pretty easy for things to get viral due to the fast growth of social media. It is not uncommon to find certain products get viral after being spread in social media platform. It causes fast and unexpected growth that not every business owners ready to face with. It is possible for your products or services to get hugely popular unexpectedly. This is a very challenging situation and you need to plan your strategy to keep your business in manageable level. 

Managing unexpected growth of your business

Growth in business should be planned and expected. The more growth means more revenue to come. The downside is that not every revenue leads to higher profits. That is why being unprepared for sudden growth can be damaging as well. You may be struggling to keep your business afloat instead. Here are several ways you can manage sudden growth of business:

Be prepared

It is true that business world is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you can just sit and wait. The best thing to do is to always be prepared for every situation. You need to make comprehensive plan involving your business production, server space, transport, etc. Begin asking questions of what you are going to if sudden growth happens from now. 

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Find the reason of the sudden growth

There must be a reason why your products or services are suddenly popular. Finding out the reason behind it can help a lot in figuring out the ways to manage the situation. After identifying the cause, compound on it. If the reason is part of your business, it is something worth celebrating for because it means you have such unique selling points or USP. It is key element that can help you gather and retain larger market share later. 

Monitor your finances

As mentioned earlier that sudden growth means higher revenue but that doesn’t always lead to higher profit. Hence, it is important to keep tracking your finance. Manage your finance comprehensively so you will be able to find if there is something wrong with all your business ingoings and outgoings. This way, you won’t be too overwhelmed when being hit with sudden growth.

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Consider hire more people

With a sudden growth, it can be overwhelming to handle everything by small team. Your business develops in size so more people will be needed to manage various aspects of it. Add knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced members to help you manage the growth. It might cost you more but it is important for you to keep up with the growth without damaging  your bottom line. 

Drop problematic clients when needed

With the sudden growth, you are working with more customers. It means you have to deal with more varied individuals. Some of them might be problematic and you don’t have to keep up with them. Drop problematic clients if you think they give more problems than revenue to your business. Holding on to this clients will only make you lose focus of other clients. 

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

You think that you have done every digital marketing efforts you can do to promote your vacation rental business in Bali. Building a website? Done. Taking good photos for Instagram and write clever caption? Check. Running social media ads campaign? Also check. You have done everything down to researching the right hashtags, but you haven’t get the sales you want. Maybe it’s time to start writing a blog to further promote your luxury villa rental Bali. 

The creation of a blog is an essential component of a vacation rental’s digital marketing strategy.

Writing great blog posts, on the other hand, appears to be a lot of effort for a busy vacation rental manager. If you’ve ever tried your hand at writing a blog worth reading, you’ll know that it’s easier said than done, and finding an engaging topic for your target audience is even more difficult.

So, why you need to start writing a blog for your luxury vacation rental? 

Increase Direct Booking Website Traffic 

Nothing beats quality content provided on a regular basis for improving your search engine position and driving traffic to your website.

Why You Need to Start A Blog for Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

According to a recent HubSpot survey, 44 percent of online customers start their search with a search engine. Your potential guests are unlikely to be familiar with you. They begin arranging a trip by conducting a Google search for the destination they desire. As a result, your website must be ranked in search engines, particularly Google, in order for potential guests to locate you. Regularly posting useful information on your vacation rental blog will improve the exposure of your website.

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Get Your Website Visitor into Leads to Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

The traffic that comes to your website will be converted into conversions if you have an engaging blog full of good vacation rental blog post ideas. Your visitors will be more interested in communicating with you if your blog content is appealing. It will create a community around your vacation rental business, causing your customers to visit your blog on a regular basis and trust you. As a result, whether they’re looking for a place to stay for their vacations or business trips, your brand will be at the top of their list, depending on your target demographic. 

Building Trust Meter with Your Potential Guests

Building Trust Meter with Your Potential Guests

Build trust by freely sharing what you know or have gathered via research with your web visitors and serving as a reliable source of information. Your readers will enjoy interacting with you and gaining knowledge from your blog. For the first thing, you can talk about your vacation rental. If you have a luxury villa with private pool in Bali, for example, you can write about how relaxing it is to spend a day of leisure in your property. 

However, you don’t have to talk about your villa rental all the time. You can also talk about things around your area, recommended restaurants to visits, best beaches around the area, itinerary ideas, and many other topics!

We know starting out is the hardest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of vacation rental blog post ideas to assist you in deciding what to write about and getting started with your short-term rental blogging journey. 

Have Luxury Villas in Bali? It’s Time to Put Blog in Your Website

Tempting Readers to Book Your Property 

Do you know how many travelogues start their travelling journey from reading a blogpost when sitting in their cubicle? 

Your blog has the unique ability to pique your readers’ interest in travel and inspire them to arrange a vacation even if they had no intention of doing so. A properly worded description of your location and destination can make people want for and fantasize about your luxury villa rental Bali.

Being the Source for Your Social Media Content

To create a successful marketing plan, you must use all of the resources available to you in a way that highlights and complements one another. Sharing a link to your interesting blog entries on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will encourage your followers to read your blog and contribute to your social media feeds.

Building Better Ubud Vacation House: 7 Simple Decoration Tips

Building Better Ubud Vacation House- 5 Simple Decoration Tips You Can Do

With the rise of short-term holiday rentals in Ubud, Bali, experienced hosts understand that increasing bookings and rentals is the key to increasing revenues. If you want to have a popular villa, you’ll need to stand out in a crowded field of competitors! Great design is one of the most effective ways to do this. In this article, we’ll see how to decorate and design your Ubud holiday villa rental in the simplest way.

Decorate with Comfort in Mind

While some visitors search for the ideal villa or amenities, many others book solely on the basis of the look of your villa. They can be looking for something contemporary, charming, or comfortable. Your vacation rental should be comfortable, cozy, decluttered, and quite ‘Instagram-worthy’ to win guests’ heart. 

Decorate the Villa Ubud How Guests Would Like It

When you host on Airbnb, you want to make sure your guests enjoy the greatest possible experience. You can often make a great difference in a guest’s experience by decorating the way how people who want to relax like it. With this in mind, be sure to provide:

  • Ample of personal space
  • Multi-functional spaces
  • Comfy seaters
  • Plenty of storage spaces for storing clothes and things!

Painting the Villa

Improves the appearance of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is inexpensive, can be completed in a weekend, and can transform your room. If you want to give your home some character, stick to neutral hues. Don’t use too bright colours like hot pink or yellow. You can also look at Sherwin-Williams’ Timeless Color collection for ideas that will appeal to a wide audience.

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Give Your Ubud House A Personality

Give Your Ubud House A Personality

Give your villa and it rooms a character by employing a preferred decorating as a theme. One item can be used to inspire color schemes, wall art, window treatments, and lighting, among other things. Choose a theme that you enjoy or are passionate about. Alternatively, keep it local by combining images of your favorite trips and pieces from local craftsmen to decorate with a traditional Balinese motif.

Dress Up the Living Room

The way you decorate your living space makes a big difference. Pillows can be placed on the couch, a rug can be placed on the coffee table, and perhaps even the walls can be painted. You don’t have to go over budget to do this, and there are a variety of options. If your villa Ubud Bali have a private pool, you can out some elements from the living room o the pool side to maintain the continuity of the theme.

Decorating the Most Important Part: The Bedroom

Decorating the Most Important Part- The Bedroom

Choosing a theme that will appeal to your desired target audience, buying durable furniture that can be readily changed, segmenting and outfitting the room, and finally adding carpets, lighting, and artwork are all part of a successful bedroom décor. Constructing a bedroom for a villa Ubud Bali differs significantly from designing an apartment for a single person.

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Give Special Attention to the Kitchen

If you’re renting a villa, you’re probably aware that the kitchen comes equipped with all of the required culinary gear, but dinnerware selection is as crucial. Choose dinnerware that complements your color palette to suit your décor style. If you match your dinnerware to your kitchen accessories, such as utensil holders and tablecloths, you may get a matched effect.

Other small things that makes your villa’s kitchen looks better:

  • Keep your countertop clean
  • Use high-quality material for kitchen sinks so it won’t rust for a long time
  • Remove stains from the kitchen

Have Luxury Villas in Bali? It’s Time to Put Blog in Your Website

Have Luxury Villas in Bali? It’s Time to Put Blog in Your Website

If you have luxury villas and vacation rental business in Bali, you will know how tight the competition will be. Every good and true luxurious villa in Bali have their own website aside of joining various vacation rental listings to boost their online presence and invite guests to know better about the property. And when you have website for the villa, it’s a good idea to spice it up with good blog posts. 

Blogs are not only good to maintain consistent traffic and strong search engine results on your vacation rental website. It’s also add your attractiveness among the audience particularly if you consistently write engaging and inspiring blog posts. People love to reads, and your potential customers might come from your blog posts! 

Starting A Blog Post for Your Luxury Bali Villas Website

Writing a regular blog post for your vacation rental in Bali doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking! You don’t have to produce lengthy blogs, and you don’t have to publish one every week. A blog article can be short and sweet, consisting of two or three paragraphs and a good photo. You don’t need to be a brilliant writer or an expert in social media. Simply post something useful and relevant for your audience a couple of times a week and share it on social media.

What to Write in Your Vacation Rental Blog

What to Write in Your Vacation Rental Blog

Your vacation rental blog can cover anything from the vacation rental itself to a new restaurant in the neighbourhood that just opened. You can write about local festivals to attend in Bali, schedule of weekly Sunday Markets, your recommendation of things to do around Bali, and many more. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some blog post ideas to start in your vacation rental website.

Ideas #1: Write About Your Luxury Bali Villas

It’s a great start to introduce your Bali villas to the audience and a great start if you don’t know anything to write. Here are some topic to write separately about your villas:

  1. A pictorial tour of your holiday rental house.
  2. Make a video of luxury Bali villas and share it on social media.
  3. Showcase a handful of the highlights from each guest’s journey.
  4. Share images of your vacation rental’s most recent guests having a good time.
  5. The most compelling reasons for guests to stay in your vacation rental.
  6. Give a few reasons why you enjoy having visitors at your holiday rental.
  7. Write a post dedicated to best features of your private villas in Bali.

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Ideas #2: Feature the Local Areas

It’s a good idea to highlight the local areas where your Bali villas are located. Many beach towns in Bali are destinations in itself, so you can reach to wider travel audience in general. For example, if you have villas in Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, or Sanur, you can highlight the uniqueness and must-do-things in the areas. Here are some ideas to write: 

  1. Feature beaches around Canggu/ Seminyak/ Kuta/ wherever your villa is. 
  2. Temples around the area. 
  3. Most popular cafes and restaurants around the area.
  4. Best cafes and restaurants for vegans. 
  5. Traditional Balinese dance and performance to see arounds. 
  6. Local hiking trails (if your Bali holiday villa is located around Ubud/ Kintamani/ Amed)

Ideas #3: Share Special Offers and Discounts

This is a fantastic method to get new guests to book your Bali holiday villas or to entice returning guests to return! Share a blog post that offers a discount, preferably during your off-season. For the best response, make sure to share it on social media and email it to your client base.

Ideas #4: Share your packing/organizing ideas

Assist your guests in packing for their trip by advising them on what to bring and how to do so efficiently. This would be a fantastic video!

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Ideas #5: Traveling tips with grown-up children and their children

Provide suggestions about traveling with your grown-up children and their own children to help your guests make the most of their trip. Provide general guidance as well as suggestions for how the entire family may enjoy the location.

Ideas #6: Make a post with a Q&A format

What are some of the most often asked questions, and what are the answers? Collect all of the questions you receive via email and respond to them in a blog post.

How to Sell Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Fast

Bali is always in the eye of investors. Property in Bali will always be in demand, regardless of market conditions. For investors, Bali’s strong tourism position means high turnover rates for sub-leased homes and significant demand for for-sale properties. Not only that you can re-sell the property at higher price in the next few years, but you can also turn the property into a luxury villas and vacation rental and generate lucrative profit. However, selling property needs quite lots of efforts in itself. Save yourself from the headache of selling luxury villas for sale in Bali and follow these tips. 

Search the Competition of Luxury Bali Villas for Sale

This is the most crucial element. According to Bangkok property expert Anjana Arora, “look around the property and check what prices per square meter other villas or condominiums in the building or in that neighborhood are selling for.”

You may look at online listings or use resources like’s interactive maps to determine the average price per square meter in your building or in your neighborhood.

A Competing Offer that Stands Out 

How to Sell Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Fast

The best way to sell a property fast is to set the price below the market price or make the unit stand out from other similar units for sale. This includes nicer views and better furniture and appliances.

Put An Effort to Be A Good Seller

There is more supply than demand when it comes to property market in Bali, and purchasers have a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing real estate. You can say that Bali is more on buyer’s market rather than a seller’s market. As a result, expensive houses are difficult to sell, and may take a long time to be sold. This is why having a right attitude is especially important when you are trying to sell something that cost hefty amount of investment. 

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Put Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale in Property Listings

Work with Trusted Property Agents in Bali

Listing your home on internet property portals is a smart idea. These websites have a larger reach and give more publicity than just putting a “For Sale” sign in front of your property. You can try the Kibarer property website to put your luxury Bali villas for sale in the list. 

Work with Trusted Property Agents in Bali 

If you are having a hard time selling your luxury Bali villas for sale, you can try working with experienced agents in Bali. They know how to market every type of property in Bali and target the right buyers for you. Property agents could also give more exposure to your property through their website listings, social media, and even Youtube virtual tour! You should find an agent that you can trust and work with. Check the reputation and reviews from their previous clients.

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Think About Lowering the Price

Finally, the price is the most important aspect in selling quickly. Only projects that are popular and in attractive locations can maintain their pricing in price sensitive markets. However, it’s important that the property is still reasonably priced.

Making Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront Attractive for Customers

Making Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront Attractive for Customers

In tropical island destination like Bali, beachfront houses is like the star of properties. Sits right in the beach and overlooking vast ocean, beachfront properties give the ultimate summer dream. Lapping waves, unobstructed sunbathe, breath-taking sunset, and views of clear water right from the window promise a wonderful life for any owner of the house. If you have beachfront property for sale in Bali, this is the secret to make sure a smooth selling.

Understand the Buyer Persona of Bali Property for Sale Beachfront

Understanding the buyer’s “persona” is critical when marketing to a specific demographic. The majority of purchasers looking for waterfront houses already have a firm idea of how they want to live in their new property. They may intend to go fishing or boating every day. In the morning, they might merely want to sit on the terrace and drink coffee. Even if you don’t know which of the possible scenarios a buyer is looking for, you can build a generic sales plan that covers the majority of them. Creating an image of the lifestyle the buyer desires is an important part of marketing a waterfront home. This can be accomplished by writing excellent real estate descriptions and using well-crafted photography.

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Clear Up the Beachfront Views

Clear Up the Beachfront Views

You know how dirty the beach can get if you own a waterfront home. The sea has a habit of dumping all sorts of debris onto your small coastline. You want to show purchasers the most beautiful beachfront possible so they’ll make an offer on the house. Before you start displaying the house, you might want to spend some time cleaning up the beach. Afterall, the strongest point of a beachfront Bali property for sale is the beach view! So, you want to make it as impressive as it can be for potential buyers.

Highlight the views

High-quality images and videos are essential for selling any property, but they are especially important for waterfront properties. When advertising your home, make sure to showcase those breathtaking sunsets and boats spotted across the bay.

Take Advantage of the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important for marketing any house, but waterfront estates offer a 360-degree curb appeal that stretches as far as the eye can see. In addition to making the front of the house as attractive as possible, make sure the back of the house is spotless, and consider doing some beach combing and cleaning before showings.

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Find An Agent that Can Sell Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront

Selecting a capable real estate agent with experience marketing these types of properties is one of the most important components of selling speciality homes. For example, if you’re selling a high-end home, why would you choose an agent who doesn’t specialize in that type of property? Never underestimate the value of hiring a top-producing agent with a proven track record, like the Kibarer, to sell your Bali property for sale beachfront.

To sell a home, the top real estate brokers will have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Nothing shall be presumptively assumed. Accepting anything less would be a major blunder.

Property For Sale In Bali Indonesia And Investment Gains

The property market for sale in Bali Indonesia has decreased by the end of 2018 to reach 80-90%. One of the reasons is that the economic condition that continues to weaken has not been able to bring public interest to glance into the property business. In general, the property business, in fact, has never experienced a drastic decline. There will be a condition where the property for sale in Bali Indonesia has increased very sharply. Let’s see, how the investment returns from the property business in Bali.

Property for sale in Bali Indonesia

Why Property for sale in Bali Indonesia Good for Investment?

Property is an instrument that is currently in great demand. Particularly in Bali, there are many property requests, both in the construction of villas, hotels, housing or commercial buildings. Some locations such as Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran, and several other areas remain a favorite as a place to live. Don’t be surprised if the price of a property in Bali Indonesia is uneven.

Housing needs are constant as long as there is population growth. Now, who doesn’t want to live in Bali? Living in Bali is everyone’s dream. In fact, many tourists who vacation in Bali and decide to return a second time to settle down. A good property Bali is always the target of expats from various countries, most of them are targeting villas.

Bali property For Sale For Cash Flow

All over the world, not only in Bali is it true that property investment will always increase and you can make a profit when selling it in a few years. Property for sale business in Bali Indonesia, in general, is very fast. As a world popular tourist destination, certainly the need for temporary accommodation is urgently needed. This brings its own advantages when you decide to buy property for sale in Bali Indonesia. Bali property always offers lucrative capital gains.

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Investing in Bali can also provide continuous benefits to get cash flow. You can invest in a villa, apartment or house to rent back to tourists or expats. This will be a very interesting and profitable investment. You can get cash flow from the property you rent. The better property management, you will get greater profits.

Bali Sale Property Investment For Capital Gain

Buy property for sale in Bali Indonesia when it is at its lowest point. You must be good at seeing conditions when the property business experiences sluggishness. Maybe this is a strategy that most people doubt. When the economy weakens, the property business will automatically experience a decline. The advantage, you can get high capital gains if you sell when the economy starts to improve. This is the best long term investment for maximum profit.  Pay attention to the rules and procedures for leasing property in Bali if you want to invest in order to know the rights you can get and the obligations that must be obeyed.

Millennials And Their Interest In Entrepreneurship

We have known many rockstar entrepreneur in this era such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Alexis Ohanian, and many more. Well, entrepreneurs are seen to have huge potential success. This is one of the reasons why millennials are getting interested into entrepreneurship. Through many surveys, it is shown that most millennials has set their sight in entrepreneurial lifestyle. The most recent survey even shows that more than 60% of millennials had goals to start their own business. They are also interested to start a small business. They believe that starting and owning their own business will give them more stability and security in life. 

High level of interest to entrepreneurship

Many upcoming students have already set their goal to become entrepreneur because they believe that they can be successful by running their own business. However, high level of interest in entrepreneurship doesn’t make them aspired to pursue it. There are many factors which lead young generation to fail their attempt in entrepreneurship such as lack of financial support. Money is their primary obstacles in starting a business even if it is for small one. Besides, more than 50% of students still carry student loan. Meanwhile, finance is one of the most important factors to start a business. Without sufficient financial support, it is hard to start and run a promising business. Besides, those who are still tied with student loan can lose focus on business because they have another burden. 

Millennials And Entrepreneurship

Another obvious obstacle for millennials to start and run their own business is lack of experience. It is true that we can learn by doing. However, the more experience you have, the easier for you to run your business. Lack of experience is also the thing that hold them down from starting a business because they think that they will automatically fail if they start a business with no experience. It prevents them to truly pursue entrepreneurship. 

However, the fact about millennials is that they are transforming industries. The good thing about millennials who start their own business is that they are not afraid to fail. It is even amazing because they are not afraid to fail repeatedly. This type of positivity can lead millennials to a successful self-employment. Sure, they will face many challenges with their lack of experience and financial support. However, their motivation and spirit is still high. Thus, they are likely to be better in dealing with various obstacles throughout their journey in entrepreneurship. 

One of the most powerful tools that is beneficial for millennials to start and run their own business is social media. They may start business with a purpose of trying out or checking the water. They start a business that suits their passion and interest. They then build connection through social media where they can also build wider engagement to attract more people. Then, the business grows gradually and steadily. Therefore, millennials and their familiarity to advanced technology and social media can be good combination for a successful business. This is what is happening now.