Bali Tattoo Studio Tips: Things Your Tattoo Artists Wish Your Know

Stepping your feet into a Bali tattoo studio is certainly unlike stepping foot into just any other shop. The process of getting a tattoo in general is a complex one. It involves finding the artist and a reputable tattoo studio. What are some of the things that are useful for you to know when it comes to getting tattooed? 

Bali tattoo studio reminds that it’s a collaboration 

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You think that you could simply dump an image or a description and then your Bali tattoo studio will immediately know just The One design that would suit you perfectly? Purchasing for a tattoo service is not like ordering a pizza. There isn’t one recipe that fits all. So what should you do? What does your tattoo artist expect from you in order to actually create? 

Work together with your Bali tattoo artist! 

Since your tattoo artist is working on your piece, based on what you have envisioned, the next natural course of action would be you working together creating that awesome ink work; one that would be permanently etched onto your skin. 

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Studio tattoo Bali: what should you do? 

  • Consult with your tattoo artist. While small pieces can usually be discussed over mails or be covered in one appointment before your inking appointment, large pieces take more work than this. And not just 
  • Know your artist’s process. Don’t just assume that once you put down that deposit, your artist will sit on it until you’re there at the appointment time. Nope, there’s a lot of work to be done. Each artist work differently; artwork is a highly individual process and this of course applies to Bali tattoo studio. One of the best effort that would pay off is to ask your artists directly about what’s their process.
  • Many artists will be happy to provide you with their sketches when you ask. This isn’t exactly standard practice, as tattoo projects highly varies. Make sure that you ask your tattoo Bali in order 

Communicate well, but don’t tell your tattoo artist what to do 

As we’ve established so far, communication is an extra important part in creating your very own tattoo experience. But is there anything like over-communication? Yes, and it’s called micro-managing, and none of the Bali tattoo studio likes clients who micro-manage. Don’t tell your Bali tattoo artist what to do. 

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The best thing to do when getting a Bali tattoo once you’ve consulted with your tattoo artist is to simply let them be an artist. Remember why you pick the Bali tattoo studio and the artist in the first place and why you like them. With a good communication that started off your tattoo project, the best thing you could do next is to let them do their job. 

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Becoming a tattoo artist takes time 

And many clients underestimate the process. You don’t just jump into becoming a successful tattoo artist that’s permanently a part of a shop. Most tattoo artists spend a long time as an apprentice, and that means long hours and months of unpaid work. They needed to build portfolio, connections, and continuously get their work out there. So tip your artists, it helps them a lot in the long run.