Personalizing Your Looks And Boost Your Confidence

It is a nature for human to want to look good and it is one of the way to gain confidence. However, it can be challenging because not everyone has the same level of confidence. It is common to feel anxious of what to wear even when you just need to go grocery shopping. Choosing your wardrobe ends up feeling like a daunting task because you feel so stress through it all. 

Full legs body size beautiful gorgeous adorable two lady isolated on yellow background in trendy casual street style stylish denim jeans wear glasses spectacles give heavy metal gesture play guitar

How to personalize your look 

You can express yourself through what you wear. However, most of the time people wear their best from the wardrobe is when they are going to meet other human beings. It means they try to impress others. Sometimes, it goes far to wear something they don’t even like just because they think it is what other people want to see from them. However, that is not entirely true.

Prioritize yourself

While you can impress others with your look, keep in mind that how you feel does matter. It is not always about making people like how you look but more about how comfortable you feel with what you choose for your look. Hence, it is a must to always put your thought and feelings first before others. Unless it is for formal occasion that requires certain outfits or looks, choose whatever you feel comfortable the most. 

Take inspiration but don’t go overboard

It is common to find inspiration from others when it comes to how you want to present or dress yourself. Today, it is easy to find inspiration from the internet where countless influencers give their opinion and insight of fashion, lifestyle, etc. However, make sure that you don’t take what they as as gospel. Take good points you can apply to yourself so it becomes your personalized look instead a copy from others.

Highlight your unique point

To personalize your look, you can find the unique point you have. Sometimes, the thing you see as flaws is interesting point for others. Hence, do not judge yourself too harshly just because you feel different from how the others look. Maybe you have long, slender legs that you can show off with your outfits. Or, maybe you have unique eye color then you can make it more standout with a little bit of makeup. The more unique you look, the more interesting you will be for others. 

Be simple and don’t overthink

When you are feeling so stressed out about choosing your wardrobe or how to present yourself, take a deep breath. Make sure to choose your wardrobe in a calm state. Also, it is recommended to not choose outfit in the last minute because it might put you into panic instead. If you feel overwhelmed, think simply. Choose something simple and comfortable to wear. If it is about jewelry, the less is more. You don’t have to go overboard with it since it is just accessory to complement your look. Try to make the process as fun as possible so you stay relax when making your choice.

How to Create A Wonderful Day For Yourself

How to Create A Wonderful Day For Yourself

It is not surprising to find people who live a busy life and forget to enjoy it. There are so many things in life that require us to stay busy while spending time meaninglessly. However, it is not right to blame on your busyness when you can have a wonderful day. It is because you are not supposed to be controlled by those things. You need to be the one that have full control on your life. Hence, it is very possible that you are also the one who can create a great day for yourself. Is there a way to make a great day for yourself? Here are several ways you can make your day wonderful:

Be aware of how you start your day

There are many ways people do to start they day. Some of them like to wake up late as possible close to the time they have to go to work. It ends up of them being in a rush, feeling groggy, and in a bad mood for the rest of their day. There are also some others who prefer waking up early to have time to do more meaningful things. And this is the better option for you to start your day. By waking up early, you have time to prepare yourself, making plan, and stay in control. No need to feel like you are chased by time. 

Get a good night’s sleep

Some people are difficult to wake up early sometimes because they didn’t get enough sleep at night. They wake up feeling groggy and more exhausted. Hence, it is recommended that you prepare your bedtime to have good night’s sleep. Try meditation or breathing exercise if you have difficulty to relax before bedtime. Or ask professional if your lack of sleep is getting worse and affects your life. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts

This is pretty challenging because every person must have their negative thoughts especially when you are facing a new day. It requires practice to consistently fill your mind with positive thoughts. However, it is important to build self-discipline for you to think positively. It will result in lighter mood where you get to enjoy your day better. 

Practice gratitude

To help yourself navigate toward positivity, you need to count your blessings often to remind yourself that you are fortunate. The more you feel grateful with your life, the more burden lifted off of your shoulders. It will uplift your spirit significantly, and it will show in your overall attitude. 

Imagine good things to happen

Instead of worrying for tomorrow, it is best that you try to imagine good things that will happen instead. Imagine yourself a wonderful day where everything turns out to be okay. Put your mental state in something that make you feel relax and happy. Affirm positive statement to describe the goals you want to achieve for the day. Try to  believe in yourself more. And see what a wonderful day you get to experience later.

Best Tattoo in Bali: Popular Designs Inspirations

Essentially, you could go anywhere to get any tattoo you want. Tattoo designs are not limited by geographical boundaries—it’s heavily relied on artists’ skills. But we can’t deny that some places in the world has some designs entirely unique to them. Bali, Thailand, and Japan are some of the examples. Thailand, for example, is famous for the traditional Sak Yant tattoo, a hand drawn talisman mantra tattoo. Bali is no different. Though you can always request modern tattoo almost anywhere, it feels special to leave Bali with bits of Bali special characteristic embedded on your skin. Something to always connect you back to good memories on this island of God. Here’s some best tattoo ideas which will instantly remind you of the beach, the salty wind, and the captivating spirituality. 

Mandala, one of the best tattoo design in Bali

Most Popular Designs: The Mandalas Tattoos

When you think of something both contemporary and traditional that conveys the spirit of Bali perfectly, you might think of Mandala. In fact, the Mandala is one of the most popular design in this Island. Derived from Sanskrit word of circle, Mandala is a perfect tattoo for someone who want to tell their life story and send anyone who stare into it to trance. It reflects harmony, balance, and eternity. The best Mandalas tattoo designs is Bali usually feature intricate details and geometry patterns in which the pattern usually radiates from the center to outwards. Balinese carvings and sacred temples draws big inspirations for Mandala. Nowadays, Mandala doesn’t have to be circle. Full bloom flowers, half flowers, square, and triangular shapes makes a lot of appearances in Mandala designs. 

Best Tattoo in Bali to Show Inner Peace: Sanskrit Tattoo

Bali is thick with Hinduism energy and that’s why Sanskrit is HUGE in this island. Bali Sanskrit tattoo is the best choice if you want something to reflects your inner peace, or something to always remind you to be grounded. Sanskrit symbolise something sacred and divine, while looking beautiful and elegant at the same time. Thet popular sanskrit tattoos are the Om symbol, the lotus flower (Padma), and Shiva’s Trishula. We personally love small sanskrit tattoo—it looks highly personal and relatively inexpensive!

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Strongest Beach Vibes: Palm Trees and Waves

One thing that identical with Bali on the early days of its popularity and still resonate today: the palm trees and the beaches. You simply can’t picture Bali without palm trees. If you want something to always remind you of the relaxing beach vibe, palm trees might be the best tattoo choice to have in Bali. It could be a small cute tattoo on your wrists or the ankle. Or if you desire, make it bigger to fit the whole inner arms or the back leg. 

The Tropical Scenes: Banana Leafs

Nothing could transfer the vibe of tropical island more than lines of banana leaves! In fact, banana leaves is currently rising as one of the trendiest in the world of designs after the boom of monstera leaf. It’s now one of the staple designs to reflect tropicalia and a sense of being in an eternal summer. Banana leaves is a continuous patterns filled with a lot of line strikes, which looks absolutely gorgeous on the arms or the ribcage.

What the Best Surf Camp Option For You?

If you are now thinking about the sport holiday packages, one best choice that I can really recommending you is to take part in a surf camp. This type of package will be possible for everyone so you haven’t a chance to think that it will be too old for you to involved in.

When you are looking for the best surf camp to choose, most of what you are going to find seem to be for those younger people or those who still got an enough energy to move, possible to survive in water, or simply for they who have not more than 35 years old.

Surf camp to choose for holidays

But in reality, there have been many surf camps you can choose that are even provided for those with certain ages and conditions. Later, riding waves won’t be as a fun travel idea alone, but it will also be the therapeutic camp that can be a medium for us to feel better and healthier.

How to choose the best surf camp for you?

If you are still struggling to find the best holiday inspiration to give for yourself as well as the way to spend it in a better and healthier way, you are now knowing that a surf camp is the worthy option to choose.

But you may are wondering not to be caught with the teenagers since you are old enough to start knowing about how to surf even though it won’t really a matter.

Therefore, here are some useful tips to know in finding the best surf camp to choose for all of you (young, adult, and old people).

1. Define your main purpose in finding the surf camp to choose

The first thing you need to know before choosing the surf camp is what your main purpose really is. If you are simply want to know how to surf, then almost surf camps in the world are possible for that.

But, if you are intend to make a surf camp activities as the ways to heal yourself from traumatic life experiences, as a way to deal with your Thalassophobia or any certain mental ills, then you have to know that the surf camp you are going to choose has the relevant surf instructors with professional health certifications.

Surfing itself is working as therapy in general, but since each of us have different levels of health stages, you will also need to find the best surf camp with more professionals that are not only capable to teach you how to surf.

2. For your information, there are so many surf camps for teenagers in the world

Have you got the teenagers that can’t be handling? I mean, the young ones that are difficult to talk with and won’t hear your voices at all? If yes, let’s see if you are affordable enough to send them to the surf camp in the next holiday.

This is because there are so many surf camps you can choose that are specially providing certain adventures for only the teenagers. You can’t handle the teens because you just don’t capable for that. I think that every parents are experiencing the same, they are unstable inside and we have been knowing that for years, right? We have been there before.

So, if you have got the young baby boys and daughters that quite the same of what I have been described on above, what stopping you to send them to a surf camp? It may an unforgettable adventure for them that can really change their life.

3. Where to go? The destination you need to be

So now, you have been known what your purpose to be in a surf camp for yourself and you have also known what to do with the difficult teenagers, then, where to go?

In answering this question, many people will mostly think about which the best country to choose if you are really have more holidays to spend. Surely that you have also a control to find one in your own country to save the money.

First, if you are truly need to go to the abroad country, Indonesia may will be your next favourite country. There are so many surf camps and spots to explore. Moreover, it is the tropical archipelagic country and what could be the best from that? Spain and Portugal are also the good choice while Australia need also be considered.

Think about what the vibe you’d like to experience and that may really helpful for deciding the surf destination to choose.

The last thing you will need to do is to compare what the surf camp are offering you. And I know that you are knowing how to do this, right?

The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

When you think about tattoo, you are thinking about self-expression. It’s about something completely personal; something about engraving what’s on your heart to your skin. Here in Canggu, tattoo is mode. It rises as an inseparable part of the town’s artistic culture. It’s no longer associated to tough men or the undergrounds—it’s simply a lifestyle. And just like any other kinds of lifestyle, you couldn’t deny difference of tastes and styles between men and women. 

This time, we are going to explore some of the most popular tattoo styles for girls you could get while in this beach town. This is not to say that other styles are not suitable for women, though. You are free to get any tattoo you want—and this is just some inspiration. 

Tattoo Canggu for Women Inspiration

The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

Cute Small Tattoo 

If you loves anything cute, then cute small tattoos would be the finest thing to happen on your skin. Small tattoos has been rising in popularity in recent years among women—it’s almost like a cult. You could hide it easily whenever you are feeling modest. It flaunts your beauty in its cute charm, too. Last year, small tattoos like constellations, star signs, and simple symbols make a lot of appearances on many tattoo Canggu designs. 

Canggu “Beach Vibes” Tattoo

Some people loves to get a tattoo that reminds them of a certain area. We think beach-y designs are among the best tattoo canggu bali to get when you are on the area! Think about waves, palm fringe, nautical creatures, banana leaf line arts, or anything tropical. Whenever you look at these tattoo, you are going to remember fondly about your great times on the beach town.  

Buddhism/ Hinduism Symbols 

What makes Bali so charming is not merely its holiday destinations. Any tropical islands can have that. The thing that this set this island apart from mainstream holiday destination is its spiritual charms, that’s deeply rooted to Balinese’s daily life. We have seen many tourist touched by these spiritual sense and start to ingrain it to their life, too. Buddha statues, hindu sarongs, and Ganesha t-shirts—tattoo is not an exception. Mainstream Hindu and Buddha symbols like the swastikas, lotus flower and all the variations, and devanagari are among the most popular design in Canggu—and they look super charming in women.  

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Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos is one of the most favourite design among women. It’s obvious, and it’s gorgeous. Roses and wildflowers are some of the most requested design—and they are time lasting, too. Just remember that there’s many type of flowers to choose. So start thinking and browse the one that you like. 

Hand Tattoos

This is one of the new trend in tattoo Canggu and they look super cute! Hand tattoos is essentially a line art tattoo picturing hands in various poses, such as love signs, peace, and pinky promise. The simpleness of this tattoo is what make it very lovely! You could make it bolder by adding some sparkles or star around the hands. 

There’s still many tattoo ideas for girls you can get out there! Just be creative and think outside the box!

Best Tattoo in Bali: Notice the Signs!

World’s popular destination for tropical trip, Bali, Indonesia, is infamous as one of Asia’s leading station for getting your skin tattooed. It’s not hard to find a tattoo parlour in this island—you can practically find a tattoo studio thorough the island’s main streets. However, finding the best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be that easy. You don’t want to walk into a random parlour and leave with a tattoo that you would regret for the rest of your life. It’s easy to get confused with the presence of 100+ tattoo parlour who each boasts their original portfolio on their walls. Here, we have prepared you some useful guide upon choosing a tattoo parlour you can trust. 

Clean and Tidy: First Indicator of Best Tattoo in Bali

The best tattoo in Bali know how to keep the studio to their standard. You want to get a tattoo where the environment is tatt tthis n, well laid out, and the needles are new. If they have sterilising equipments on site, this would add value to the studio. As the tattoo needles and the ink would be penetrating your skin, it’s important to put hygiene and cleanliness into your top priority. A quick indicator of a clean tattoo parlour are shiny floors, gloves on the artists’ hands, and sealed packages of new needles. 

Signs of the Best Tattoo in Bali

Experienced Tattoo Artists

Getting a tattoo removal and cover-up could be expensive, so make sure you are in good hands. Don’t get inked by apprentices or a self-taught artists with minimum experiences. Because tattoo is not something that you can learn by theories. Most tattoo parlours displays their artist on the house, their previous works, and a bit about them. Whether it’s on the wall or in the website, you should be able to get informations about them. 

You Could Find Them Online

In a world where everything goes digital, every professional tattoo studio should be there too. The best place to get a tattoo in Bali should be easy to be find online. You should be able to have some research about the tattoo studio. Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be compared as having a culinary adventure. You cannot just stop into a parlour to get a tattoo here and now.

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You’ve Heard People Talking About It

One sure indicator of the best tattoo parlours is positive reviews. In social media and website, a mediocre tattoo could be polished into a good one. But reviews won’t lie. Do people leave satisfied comments on their social media page? Peek into their TripAdvisor profile. Do their previous clients give positive stars and reviews? 

You Could Get Their Portfolio Easily

Let the works speak for themselves. The best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be shy to display their best works both offline and online. They are proud of their portfolios and will happily share it with you. From their portfolio, you can see whether they could draw precise lines, fill shadows that looks ‘alive’, or color the tattoo correctly. 

Good luck on finding the right tattoo parlour!

Why You Need to Regularly Travel or Take a Vacation

Less and less people took their vacation or paid time off. At least, it’s that way in some countries. Americans are one of those people known to not take their time off. Time off is not just important, but necessary in order to maintain even a semblance of a healthy life. Or a life at all, for that later. Traveling is certainly one of the most popular methods of spending your vacation. And it’s quite effective too. Why do you need to not just take a vacation but also travel?

You’ll get burnt out sooner or later

And it’s usually sooner rather than later. Burning out is not something that you’d want to happen. Once you do, it’s going to take time to recover from it. A change of environment in the form of travel has been proven as one of the most effective ways of spending your time off. Traveling gives that sense of novelty you need when you’re at that state of mind. 

Beautiful tourist on an excursion in the unique limestone landscape at the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve in Madagascar

Traveling somewhere is one of the most effective ways to wind up 

A change of environment is one of the known ways that is proven to be quite effective when it comes to winding down. Especially if you travel out of the country, you’ll be required to adapt rather quickly to the differences you face in your destination. If that’s not one of the most effective distractions, I don’t know what is. 

Traveling has purposes beyond just winding down 

And that is, assuming that you wholly understand the importance of relaxing and taking that much-needed break. it does wonders for you. While relaxing is among the major reasons people travel, it could be so much more than that. Traveling is a chance to learn and immerse in a different culture and likely different customs. 

Emphasis on the aspect of making it a regular thing 

One vacation every five years isn’t going to cut it. While you may not always be able to afford traveling abroad every time you take a vacation, taking regular breaks off from work and making it a point of going somewhere is more than just beneficial for you. Your body and your mind require it. 

Don’t worry about the places or destinations of travel 

If you have that one favorite place or country you love to visit no matter how much you’ve been there, then don’t hesitate to go there again and again whenever you vacation. You may be afraid if you’ll get bored of it someday. But you don’t live there; and there’s a huge distinction of actually living in the place to simply visiting the place. 

There are also travelers who make it a point to visit places they haven’t been to whenever they vacationed. This one is also a good idea, especially for those who always crave a novelty and a sense of curiosity a whole new place brings. it doesn’t have to be a whole new country altogether. A new region, a different island, it all counts when it comes to the need to travel and discover. Or simply the need of taking that break.