Liveaboard diving, Embark Your Komodo’s Underwater

Are you looking for a Komodo liveaboard for your next vacation? The secret is out, and divers from all over the world are rushing to the Komodo Islands, one of Indonesia’s most popular diving locations. Many visitors come to see the gorgeous rolling hills, stunning beaches, and ferocious dragons, but they also come to see the diverse aquatic life. Komodo National Park is a famous dive site, with crystal blue seas teeming with sharks, manta rays, corals, and huge fish. While you can spend your time doing day dives, liveaboard diving is the ideal way to see the many top-notch dive locations.

Liveaboard diving, Embark Your Komodo’s Underwater - living area

What you need to know before do liveaboard diving

One of the most crucial aspects of picking a liveaboard is deciding when to go. You’ll need to pick one that works with your schedule.

If you want to get the most out of your diving vacation, head to Komodo during its peak season, which is from March to October. Although some liveaboards operate all year, November to January has the best visibility.

The busiest months are April through August. The months of December to February are ideal for seeing manta rays. During your Komodo sailing trip in August, you were able to swim with almost 15 manta rays. August is the greatest month to see mola molas.

The Komodo Islands are notable for their powerful currents, which also contribute to the abundance of marine life.

The liveaboard boat crews are all trained to read the tides and will select each dive site carefully based on the weather and water conditions.

One of the best things about being on a liveaboard is that you have an advantage over all the other day trip diving boats. To avoid the crowds, go diving early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The islands of Komodo and Rinca act as a bottleneck between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, creating a rollercoaster of currents and waves in Komodo National Park. Always put your trust in your divemaster and pay attention to what they say about currents and water patterns.

In case the current sweeps you off course, it’s a good idea to keep a neon diving flag or collapsible pole stored in your BC pocket. Due to the strong currents, reef hooks and gloves are also recommended.

We suggest you take Komodo diving insurance for peace of mind throughout your diving activities in case of medical issues.

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Tips For Youngster To Convince Parents To Let You Travel Solo

It is recommended for youngsters to build courage to travel around the world. There are so many life lessons to get from travelling they won’t get from school. Of course, travelling can be costly depending on your travel style, accommodation, etc. You can save money to help you with your travel budget. However, one of the most difficult things is to convince your parents to let you travel alone. All parents will worry their kids but it is not impossible for you to convince them. 

Tips For Youngster To Convince Parents To Let You Travel Solo

Convincing your parents to let you have a trip on your own

It can be challenging for you to broach a subject of going on a solo travel to your parents. The key is to put their mind at ease and convince them that you are capable of taking care of yourself. And here are some tips to do it successfully:

Broach a subject of your safety

One of the most concerning things for your parents to let you travel alone is your safety, especially when it is your first time to go out of your house and venture alone. Before deciding to travel and book tickets and everything, you may consider getting travel insurance for yourself. It is one of the most important keys to ensure your safety. Once you get it, leave a copy with your parents so they know you have protection to cover you from the unexpected during travel. 

Get the best safety gears

Travelling all your own means you need to rely on yourself more. You need to be prepared for the trip including the unexpected. To make sure you are well prepared, get the best safety gears. Those gears will be tools to help you navigate your trip more smoothly. 

Start off with ease and safe destination

For your first solo trip, it is more recommended that you choose relatively safe and easy destination. It can be a place that is not too far from your own hometown where you can get the best experience of travelling solo without going too far from your own house. If you choose high risk destinations for your first time, it will only set your parent’s nerves into overdrive. If you really want to start off with travelling abroad, choose neighbor countries which are relatively safe and accessible. 

Develop self-defense skills

Regardless of whether you are boys or girls, self-defense is important skill to learn to protect yourself from any harm and danger, especially when you are only relying on yourself. Join a self-defense class that you like. By mastering self-defense skill, your parents know you are capable of taking care of yourself. 

Promise your parents a good communication system

Convince your parents that you are going to stay in touch with them during your trip. You can both agree on type of communication system to establish such as through a phone call, email, text, etc. The point is to make it regular thing. Also, leave your itinerary with them so they know the schedule of your entire trip. 

Unnecessary Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Trip

It is true that regardless how meticulous you are with your travel plan, there are going to be mishaps here and there. However, more preparations and cautions allow you to reduce the risks of making mistakes or encounter major mishaps. Also, it is better to avoid making mistakes then feeling unbothered but you face the consequences later. There are some unnecessary or dumb mistakes you can actually prevent from happening from the start. And here are several of them:

Image Resource: travelweekly

Risking your life just for a selfie

There have been many reports about accidents and death due to taking selfie in not-so safe ways. Many travelers died for taking a selfie. Some of the causes are travelers being washed away by waves on the beach, taking pictures in too close to running train, or snapping photos at the edge of the cliffs. Those are dumb ways for you to die. Keep in mind that interesting travel photos can be taken in so many ways without risking your life. Always prioritize your safety first during your trip.

Not preparing the requirements of your visa and passport

Just imagine you plan your trip for months just to cancel it in the last minute when you get to the airport because you don’t have the visa requirements you need to enter the country. This is one of the worst nightmares of travelers. Hence, always check your passport and visa requirement at the very beginning of your travel preparation to ensure you have everything ready. If you forget items such as body lotion, razor, or t-shirt, you can buy them during your arrival. So focus more on what matters the most with your travel plan. 

Overpacking your schedule

It is understandable that you don’t get to travel many times in a year so once you have the chance to do it, you want to make the most out of it. However, overscheduling is not the answer for that. Instead of trying to see as many places as possible, you may consider adopting slow travel approach. You only select few attractions to visit and see them thoroughly to fully get the best experience. It allows you to fully enjoy your trip and appreciate the little things on your surroundings. 

Not checking bedbugs

You will regret it the time when you wake up with red marks all over your body and constant itchiness. Bedbugs are something you should not take as a joke because they are really nasty and hard to handle. It is best to read the reviews before booking a hotel room to see what the previous guests have to talk about the condition of the room. And when you arrive at the hotel room, make sure to investigate the mattress headboards, and box spring to see if there are any bedbugs chilling out. If there are signs of bedbugs, ask for different room and tell the reason to the hotel staff. Also, wash your belonging immediately once you return to your home to avoid bedbugs infested into anything in your house.

Amazing Tips For Health Conscious Travelers

Amazing Tips For Health Conscious Travelers

Today, many people have become more aware of the importance of maintaining health and fitness. It shows by how the gym studios keep opening in many places. It is not hard to find one especially in big cities around the world. And what about health conscious travelers who want to maintain their health even during their adventure? Is it possible to maintain health while having fun as well?

Best tips for health conscious travelers

The good news is that, the facilities for health maintenance has increased now. It shows by how hotels now provide amenities that cater to the needs of health conscious travelers. They offer indoor gyms, mini bar fruits, personal trainers, complimentary bike rentals, and even running shoes rentals. So generally, it is not hard to maintain your health and fitness during a vacation now. And here are some tips for you who are health conscious travelers:

Find out information about jogging maps

During your trip, you can stick to your jogging routine and have a wonderful time jogging while exploring new places. Ask for a jogging map to the hotel staff and see if you can explore the routes for morning run while enjoying great views. 

Look for special wellness perks

Some hotels provide variety of wellness perks you can take advantage of. Hence, do not be shy to find more information about it. Some hotels for example offer yoga classes or workout studios. Even if you don’t bring your own exercise gears, you can rent the ones provided by the hotels. If you like biking, some hotels also offer a bike rental you can use anytime. Find out about these information during booking so you know what to expect and make a plan. 

Research about local foods

Food is important part of maintaining your health because it what keeps your body functioning. Hence, research about the locals foods and dining setting prior the trip. You may want to look for local dining options, what kind of foods they usually have, or what produces they often use. Remember that healthy meals are not always about salads and plain chicken breast. There are so many healthy food selections you can choose if you have knowledge about it. Hence, you won’t struggles to find healthy menu wherever you go. 

Ensure the hotel policy about hygiene and safety

If you are very concerned about your health and overall safety, it is best to ask for more information about those to the hotel before making a reservation for a room. It is okay to ask questions related to these topics and the staffs will answer them for you. However, keep in mind that being too conscious about germs, bacteria and all may rise your anxiety so you may need to tone it down a little bit and enjoy the trip more. 

Making the most out of your trip while staying healthy is possible for conscious travelers. Enjoy your time without worrying too much over foods, hygiene, or workout schedule. Stick to your normal routine and you will be fine. 

Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

When you travel, you have your own goals of what you want to do once you get there, where to visit, what food to eat, etc. If you are bike lovers, might as well choosing bike-friendly places. There are plenty of bike-friendly cities around the world that can be your destinations for your next travel plan. Cycling or biking are not only healthy but also fun to do especially if the places are enjoyable and beautiful. 

Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

Ideal places around the world to bike

The most ideal places to bike is those with better weather, safe trails, and pretty views. These kind of places are most sought by bike-enthusiasts and here are some of the most recommended cities around the world enjoyable for biking:

Paris, France

This city is full of romance and many lovers come to visit it each year. It has become one of the most popular cities int he world especially because lots of travelers who want to see Eiffel Tower. However, it is not the only destination you can visit when it comes to Paris. There are many sites to explore from parks, beaches, street arts, to historic landmarks. Another best thing about the city is that it has implemented many eco-friendly initiatives which makes it more cyclist-friendly now. Green spaces and parks are not hard to find as well. It is also said that there have been active ban to certain vehicles that don’t meet the regulation. Hence, it makes it more enjoyable for this city to be explored by cycling. You can do it while travelling solo or with your travel buddies. 

Miami, The U.S.

The U.S sounds nothing like bike-friendly place to enjoy. Most of people though that it is a place where you will find only crowd and buzz of big cities. However, it is not always the case because the U.S . also has Miami, which is cyclist-friendly city for bike-enthusiasts. The weather of this city is warm enough for you to enjoy the wind while cycling. You can do it practically anytime of the year since the weather is warm and comfortable enough. You can get outside and explore various sites offered by the city from parks to modern landmarks. There are many bike routes you can follow during your visit to this beautiful city. Not to mention that Miami also has such picturesque view to bless your eyes while cycling. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place is one of the most ideal places for cycling. Thailand itself is such a beautiful country full of charms from many aspects such as culture, food, and art. This place is considered gorgeous due to its scenic routes that makes it ideal for biking. Follow those routes to lead you to the most stunning sites such as sacred temples and mountain ranges. When biking around this city, don’t forget to take a break and buy some street foods. There are plenty of them with affordable prices and rich flavors. Take your time exploring and enjoying the city with your loved bike. 

Types of Footwear Suitable For Hiking For Travelers

Shoes are essential for you daily activities. They are even more vital for a trip since they are what going to support your feet from any activities you’d like to do throughout your journey. Hence, choosing the right trip for a trip is crucial for any traveler to keep feet protected from any harms while stay looking so fabulous all the time. What about shoes for hiking?

Types of Footwear Suitable For Hiking For Travelers

Choosing the best shoes for hiking

Hiking is one of activities many people love during a trip to particular destinations.One of the essentials you must not forget is a pair of shoes. Hiking is pretty much extreme activity that can harm your feet if you don’t wear the right protection.  It is strongly suggested that you choose footwear that fit you with comfortable materials. Also, it’s important to pick the right cut of hiking shoes or boots suitable with the type of trek you undertake. And here are several types of footwear that are most recommended for your hiking plan:

Running shoes

Trail running shoes are already known to be preferred by many hikers due to their flexibility and light weight. You can wear them since they are good for running on trails, short hikes, and well maintained trails. If you don’t require much ankle support, a pair of trail running shoes can be your perfect option. If you plan to go for a short hikes during your trip, don’t forget to pack a pair of trail running shoes. They are comfortable while providing proper support for your feet. 

Day hiking boots

These kind of boots are designed specifically for hiking purpose, especially long -distance hiking that uses technical trails. Usually, hikers wear such heavy backpacks to make sure they have everything they need inside. And these boots are suitable for pro hikers because they give support and stability to the ankles. Day hiking boots come in different styles you can choose based on your preference. There are mid-cut and high-cut style to choose. The drawbacks of these boots are the weight that is heavier than trail running shoes and less breathable. 

Day hiking shoes

These sound similar to hiking boots but there are some differences as well. These shoes are more similar to running shoes. The upsides of these shoes are they are more breathable, and come in different fabric types to choose. Hence, you can choose the type of fabric that is most comfortable to your feet. Also, these shoes are sturdier than running shoes but are not heavier than hiking boots. Another good thing of these shoes is they are more waterproof than running shoes. 

Backpacking boots

It is more recommended for you to wear backpacking boots if your hiking trails are rugged, gnarly, and heavy terrains. These pair of boots are often worn by pro and seasoned hikers who tend to carry such a heavy backpack. These boots provide support to the ankles and can endure even the toughest conditions of the trails. They can help prevent foot fatigue and are water-resistant. 

Planning Tips for Family Reunion in Bali Villas

Planning Family Reunion in Bali Villas Best Tips to Do It Right

With family expanding and young adults leaving town for career and love, family reunion become something special to reconnect and shared beautiful memories together. Bali is just one of the perfect places on earth to spend time with your big family. Yep, destination reunion is a thing and when it comes to Bali, best to have it in a villa. Staying in a villa not only simplifies the booking process, but it also provides a variety of facilities, many of which are tailored to families. When renting family-friendly villas in Bali, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of your stay.

Why Choose Bali Family Villas for Family Reunion

Why Choose Bali Family Villas for Family Reunion

There are many housing alternatives for family reunions, and some, such as an all-inclusive resort or hotel have distinct advantages. For example, no one needs to do the dishes or collect the trashes. However, Bali family villas become the most popular choice among families not for nothing. For starters, they are cost-effective. The average vacation rental is double the size of a hotel room for half the price. A home provides solitude and comfort; you won’t have to worry about disturbing other visitors with your noon pool antics or late-night Boggle tournament. Kitchens, BBQs, outside decks, living rooms, and dens provide opportunities for family members to meet informally throughout the day. Extra facilities such as private pools, gaming rooms, private Balinese spa, and even home theaters are available in certain villas to make your stay more memorable and enjoyable.

Pick the Date

Try organizing schedules for hundreds of people if you believe it’s difficult to find time for your family to take a vacation. Give yourself plenty of time (at least a year) and begin by setting your reunion dates. Pro tip: Once you’ve made your decision, don’t change it. After you’ve decided on a date, you can figure out the rest of the details. Usually, family reunion is arranged upon the birthday of paternal/ maternal figure of the big family, around holiday festivities, or following a big party (like someone’s wedding in the family).

Think About the Layout When Choosing Bali Family Villas

If you have a big family, choosing the right Bali family villas to accommodate everyone can be quite a challenging task. When picking a vacation house, consider the overall number of people it can accommodate as well as the bed configuration. Here’s some questions you need to answer when choosing a family villa:

  • Is it OK for adults to share a room with their children or other adults?
  • How many families are joining and how many rooms you need?
  • Do you need to separate by age so that up-late teens don’t end up bunking with up-early toddlers?
  • How would the shared areas will work for you?
  • Are there any rooms with bunkbeds where all the teen cousins could sleep in one room?
  • Will the elders in your family able to move around easily? Are there many staircases?

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A Small Note for Travelling with Children

When traveling with children, the style of your lodging is quite important. The optimal arrangement for your family will be determined mostly by the age of the children involved. Check to see if the villa’s layout is suitable for sleeping arrangements. If you have smaller children, you’ll want rooms for the adults that are near together so you can keep an eye on them. If you’re traveling with older children, a children’s room on the second floor could be the best option. Keep in mind that an exposed, slick stairway might be dangerous for little children.

Look for Family-Friendly Amenities in the Bali Villas

When traveling with a large group, having onsite amenities will make your life much simpler. It’s difficult enough to coordinate several age groups while still keeping the youngsters interested. Having onsite facilities will help alleviate some of the tension. There are a few items to consider depending on the length of your trip, such as washing facilities. When you have children, having entertainment choices in your villa is very vital.

Here is a simple checklist to give you some idea of amenities you might need.

  • Swimming pools
  • Air conditioner
  • Wi-fi
  • Kitchen equipment (toasters, coffee makers, oven, microwave, heater, wrc)
  • Diner equipment (forks, knife, plates, etc)
  • Television
  • Board games
  • Big parking

Plan for Activities, but Keep It Loose

Plan for Activities, but Keep It Loose

Providing a well-paced schedule of meals and activities offers everyone’s day just the right amount of structure and prevents children from continually asking, “What are we doing?” You could want to prepare a comprehensive schedule or provide a list of suggested activities based on your family members’ characteristics. You have the option of doing things as a group or meeting at specific times. Make sure your plan has a lot of diversity, since not everyone will like a five-mile trek or a trip to the outlet mall.

However, allow family members to participate as they choose, and avoid the urge to organize everything down to the last detail. The quiet, unexpected moments that come organically are some of the most memorable aspects of any reunion. Also, since no one has to adhere to a rigid timetable, everyone will feel lot more at ease and calm.

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Arrange Maids or Chauffeur Service, If Needed

If your reunion will be small and just a few relatives will be invited, you might be able to handle everything on your own. Having a larger group, on the other hand, generally entails soliciting the help of others. It’s a good idea to delegate responsibility for things like food, transportation, maintaining a family reunion Facebook page, and organizing activities that will keep the youngsters entertained. It’s virtually hard to go it alone with a huge group. Fortunately, the majority of individuals are eager to assist.

Ways To Entertain Yourself When Travelling Alone

Ways To Entertain Yourself When Travelling Alone

The downside of travelling solo is that it is easier for you to feel lonely because you are on your own. It is even worse when you have such a long-haul flight or get your flight delayed. You have to wait for hours at the airport and time feels like running so slowly. However, travel is worth all the little discomfort. You can find ways to entertain yourself when travelling alone. 

How to entertain yourself during solo trip

Feeling lonely during solo travel is common. You may feel it when you are at your hotel after exploring many new places. Or, you have to sit in narrow cabin to have a long-haul flight. Or, the line for the security check at the airport is so long that it takes even hours before your turn. What should you do when you feel bored, lonely, or a little bit down during solo travel? Find some entertainment and here are several ways to keep yourself entertained when travelling solo:

Watch pre-downloaded video or movies you like

Prior to your trip, download your favorite videos or movies just in case you feel bored later on the road. Even though you are sure that you can watch it later using internet connection, keep in mind that you are not always going to have stable internet access or at all. To avoid the possibility of not getting internet access, download movies and videos you love to entertain you when needed on your phone. 

Listen to your music playlist

Listen to your music playlist

Everyone loves music since it is one of the most accessible entertainment to find. You can arrange a playlist for your trip. You can listen to it anytime you feel like it. You can also save your favorite songs in your streaming platform such as Spotify or Joox. Whenever you feel bored, open the app and play all your favorite songs from your playlist. Even if you forget to make playlist at home, you can do it during a wait for your flight. You can also set different mood for the playlist such as a playlist that is relaxing, energizing, calming, or pumping. 

Take extra minute to make itinerary more detailed

Itinerary is like a guide you make for your trip. Hence, you will no longer confused of where to go when you arrive at your destination. You have clear plan to do your activities. You can also make more detailed version of your itinerary that includes everything you might have forgotten. When feeling bored during your trip, reread your itinerary and see if you miss anything. For example, write kind of souvenirs you want to buy, etc. 

Catch a quick nap or write a journal

A quick nap can be empowering for you to keep going during travel. You can do it during your flight so you will arrive feeling more arefreshed. If you have difficulty to fall asleep during a trip, try writing a can also draw, or paint to keep yourself entertained. No need to do it perfectly and just follow your mood.

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

It is not shameful to be cheap traveler because you can basically do anything with your hard-earned money. Paying extra for something mediocre is unnecessary as long as you can travel just as safe and comfortable. However, you might also consider paying for some of travel luxuries that can make your travel experience even better. 

What travel luxuries are those?

When it comes to travel, every individual has their own priority. They also have different idea of what to call perfect travel experience or travel luxuries. The basic of travel luxuries are those that can make your travel more comfortable and here are some of them worth paying for:

High quality footwear such as boots are worth paying for especially if you are frequent travelers who also love outdoor destinations. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a landscape you are trekking to if your feet hurt then you won’t be able to enjoy the experience. High quality footwear is not cheap at all but they are more durable and offer more protection to your foot. Hence, look for travel shoes that have good arch support and waterproof coating. There are many reliable brands out there you can pick for more comfortable travel.

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

Waterproof clothing is such a blessing because you don’t know when bad weather will hit during your trip. You can always look up the forecast but there is no guarantee to be accurate. Weather can be unpredictable hence you need to always be prepared. Having water-resistant clothing is not enough if you are facing downpours. buy waterproof clothing so you will stay comfortably dry even under heavy rain. 

Versatile coat is worth paying for and can be your life safer when travel in cold or rainy season. A good coat is need to protect you when you are out exploring. Invest in versatile coats or jackets that have multiple layers you can customize following the day’s weather. Choose the one that also has waterproof outer shell and warm liner. Investing in this kind of travel luxury won’t make you regret. 

One of a kind travel journal is also travel luxury worth paying for. It will be precious to document your experience in a journal. Preserving your memories of travel in beautiful journal can add more to the sentiment. It is special thing that holed your memories of the trip you will cherish for life. 

Photo books maybe not something most travelers consider as travel luxury but it is for some. You can simply post your photos from the trip on social media and that’s it. However, it is more meaningful to have them organized in good quality photo book. it is a great place to preserve your memories of the trip. 

If you are frequent travelers who often travel from one country to another, you may consider invest in Global Entry. It is a little costly but worth it because you will be able to expedite security lane or bypass a snaking immigration line. 

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip

Bali has it all: gorgeous landscape, luxurious villa, and mind-blowing fun through all-night parties. Moreover, Bali and its surrounding islands offer some of the most breathtaking sights and memorable experiences. This island is the ideal location for romantic escape. Whether it is part of the honeymoon holiday or simply a magical add-on to a romantic Bali getaway. Booking a yacht rental Bali is one of the most romantic experiences you could enjoy. Yacht holiday can be a perfect vacation for couples that want to experience something exceptional. So, when you charter a yacht, be ready to discover some of the stunning places in a complete comfort and privacy!

Yacht rental Bali for a romantic sailing holiday!

Your honeymoon should be more than just a holiday. It should be a relaxing experience for you and your loved one to unwind after the hectic day after your wedding. Can you think of anything better than a romantic sailing with yacht rental Bali? So imagine you’re on a romantic trip to explore a beautiful island. Having your private beach for a sweet picnic. Or for hand in hand walk on the stunning beaches. Moreover, there is nothing more romantic than sipping champagne arm in arm while watching that many colors of sunset over the blue ocean. A honeymoon on a boat will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime. So, here are some reasons why take a yacht for your honeymoon!

Why take a yacht for your honeymoon?

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip
  • Zero stress. A wedding day typically involves a range of emotions, including stress. You and your loved one will likely appreciate a breather after your special day. A sailing trip is the best way to relax and unwind in a beautiful destination. Therefore, you can spend an entire day relaxing on the upper deck while drinking your morning coffee. Taking a honeymoon on a yacht rental bali with your own crew gives you the chance to be carefree!
  • Less planning. Taking a yacht requires very little planning compared to other types of vacation. Browse, pick your itinerary, and book it! Everything’s available on a yacht, from entertainment to fine dining and ​activities.
  • Many fun and interesting activities. Scuba diving is one of the most exciting locations in Bali. A huge variety of exciting water sports and watching the beautiful sunset from a beach bar. So, these are just some of many exciting activities that you can enjoy with your loved one.
  • Effortless romance. On your sailing trip, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and opportunities to connect with your loved one. For instance, you can watch the magical sunset from your private balcony or have a romantic dinner under the stars. On the yacht, you get plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company!

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