Simple Rituals To Help You De-stress While On The Road

Travelling is fun but it can be stressful as well for various reasons such as delays, cancellations. Waiting, etc. Experiencing whole new culture is pretty amazing because you get to learn so many things but the process of the travel itself, be it by plane, train, cars, etc, can be draining for your body and mind. Therefore, you need to develop your own healthy habits to keep you centered throughout your trip. 

How to de-stress while travelling

Your senses can be overwhelmed when experiencing so many new things at the same times. It may cause discomfort from mild to severe to your body. Therefore, it is pretty common for travelers to fall sick during their first few days staying at new place. So here are several simple rituals you can do to wind down while on the road:

Develop a sleep strategy

Every traveler may have their own sleep problems while on the road. Most of them caused by jet lag and travel fatigue. Hence, you must develop your own sleep strategy to help combat sleep problems. If you are heading east, might as well having a nice sleep on the plane so you wake up feeling refreshed to explore. If you are heading west, book night flight to help you settle in easily. Make sure to have good night’s rest for the duration of your trip. 

Consider bringing your own favorite scent

Your sense of smell may affect your mood. You don’t want come back after tiring yourself out all day to a hotel room that smells terrible or not to your liking. Hence, it is best to bring your own aromatherapy to help loosen up yourself and sooth your fatigue. If you don’t have any favorite oils, consider buying one with lavender, eucalyptus, rose, or tree tea oil since they have soothing aroma. 

Stretch every once in a while

Your body is going through a lot during a trip. It is easy to develop back pain, muscle cramps, headache, etc due to the strain. Hence, make sure to do some stretches every once in a while even for ten to twenty minutes a day. You can find the tutorials online to see what kind of stretches that help relax the tension in your body. 

Dim the lights

Your body and mind need to shut down after draining all the energy. Hence, make sure to come to your hotel room ready to relax. You may also consider setting up mood lighting. Try for a softer, center-of-the room glow from a ceiling light. Town down the overall light level and let your body fully relax.

Have some tea

Instead of drinking coffee, tea is a better option to wind down while you are on a trip. Tea is a source of antioxidant which is good to combat free radicals in your body. It also has soothing, relaxing effect that can make you feel calmer. Hence, sipping a cup of tea in your hotel room after a tiring day can be a great stress-reliever.