Types of Footwear Suitable For Hiking For Travelers

Shoes are essential for you daily activities. They are even more vital for a trip since they are what going to support your feet from any activities you’d like to do throughout your journey. Hence, choosing the right trip for a trip is crucial for any traveler to keep feet protected from any harms while stay looking so fabulous all the time. What about shoes for hiking?

Types of Footwear Suitable For Hiking For Travelers

Choosing the best shoes for hiking

Hiking is one of activities many people love during a trip to particular destinations.One of the essentials you must not forget is a pair of shoes. Hiking is pretty much extreme activity that can harm your feet if you don’t wear the right protection.  It is strongly suggested that you choose footwear that fit you with comfortable materials. Also, it’s important to pick the right cut of hiking shoes or boots suitable with the type of trek you undertake. And here are several types of footwear that are most recommended for your hiking plan:

Running shoes

Trail running shoes are already known to be preferred by many hikers due to their flexibility and light weight. You can wear them since they are good for running on trails, short hikes, and well maintained trails. If you don’t require much ankle support, a pair of trail running shoes can be your perfect option. If you plan to go for a short hikes during your trip, don’t forget to pack a pair of trail running shoes. They are comfortable while providing proper support for your feet. 

Day hiking boots

These kind of boots are designed specifically for hiking purpose, especially long -distance hiking that uses technical trails. Usually, hikers wear such heavy backpacks to make sure they have everything they need inside. And these boots are suitable for pro hikers because they give support and stability to the ankles. Day hiking boots come in different styles you can choose based on your preference. There are mid-cut and high-cut style to choose. The drawbacks of these boots are the weight that is heavier than trail running shoes and less breathable. 

Day hiking shoes

These sound similar to hiking boots but there are some differences as well. These shoes are more similar to running shoes. The upsides of these shoes are they are more breathable, and come in different fabric types to choose. Hence, you can choose the type of fabric that is most comfortable to your feet. Also, these shoes are sturdier than running shoes but are not heavier than hiking boots. Another good thing of these shoes is they are more waterproof than running shoes. 

Backpacking boots

It is more recommended for you to wear backpacking boots if your hiking trails are rugged, gnarly, and heavy terrains. These pair of boots are often worn by pro and seasoned hikers who tend to carry such a heavy backpack. These boots provide support to the ankles and can endure even the toughest conditions of the trails. They can help prevent foot fatigue and are water-resistant.