Planning Tips for Family Reunion in Bali Villas

Planning Family Reunion in Bali Villas Best Tips to Do It Right

With family expanding and young adults leaving town for career and love, family reunion become something special to reconnect and shared beautiful memories together. Bali is just one of the perfect places on earth to spend time with your big family. Yep, destination reunion is a thing and when it comes to Bali, best to have it in a villa. Staying in a villa not only simplifies the booking process, but it also provides a variety of facilities, many of which are tailored to families. When renting family-friendly villas in Bali, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of your stay.

Why Choose Bali Family Villas for Family Reunion

Why Choose Bali Family Villas for Family Reunion

There are many housing alternatives for family reunions, and some, such as an all-inclusive resort or hotel have distinct advantages. For example, no one needs to do the dishes or collect the trashes. However, Bali family villas become the most popular choice among families not for nothing. For starters, they are cost-effective. The average vacation rental is double the size of a hotel room for half the price. A home provides solitude and comfort; you won’t have to worry about disturbing other visitors with your noon pool antics or late-night Boggle tournament. Kitchens, BBQs, outside decks, living rooms, and dens provide opportunities for family members to meet informally throughout the day. Extra facilities such as private pools, gaming rooms, private Balinese spa, and even home theaters are available in certain villas to make your stay more memorable and enjoyable.

Pick the Date

Try organizing schedules for hundreds of people if you believe it’s difficult to find time for your family to take a vacation. Give yourself plenty of time (at least a year) and begin by setting your reunion dates. Pro tip: Once you’ve made your decision, don’t change it. After you’ve decided on a date, you can figure out the rest of the details. Usually, family reunion is arranged upon the birthday of paternal/ maternal figure of the big family, around holiday festivities, or following a big party (like someone’s wedding in the family).

Think About the Layout When Choosing Bali Family Villas

If you have a big family, choosing the right Bali family villas to accommodate everyone can be quite a challenging task. When picking a vacation house, consider the overall number of people it can accommodate as well as the bed configuration. Here’s some questions you need to answer when choosing a family villa:

  • Is it OK for adults to share a room with their children or other adults?
  • How many families are joining and how many rooms you need?
  • Do you need to separate by age so that up-late teens don’t end up bunking with up-early toddlers?
  • How would the shared areas will work for you?
  • Are there any rooms with bunkbeds where all the teen cousins could sleep in one room?
  • Will the elders in your family able to move around easily? Are there many staircases?

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A Small Note for Travelling with Children

When traveling with children, the style of your lodging is quite important. The optimal arrangement for your family will be determined mostly by the age of the children involved. Check to see if the villa’s layout is suitable for sleeping arrangements. If you have smaller children, you’ll want rooms for the adults that are near together so you can keep an eye on them. If you’re traveling with older children, a children’s room on the second floor could be the best option. Keep in mind that an exposed, slick stairway might be dangerous for little children.

Look for Family-Friendly Amenities in the Bali Villas

When traveling with a large group, having onsite amenities will make your life much simpler. It’s difficult enough to coordinate several age groups while still keeping the youngsters interested. Having onsite facilities will help alleviate some of the tension. There are a few items to consider depending on the length of your trip, such as washing facilities. When you have children, having entertainment choices in your villa is very vital.

Here is a simple checklist to give you some idea of amenities you might need.

  • Swimming pools
  • Air conditioner
  • Wi-fi
  • Kitchen equipment (toasters, coffee makers, oven, microwave, heater, wrc)
  • Diner equipment (forks, knife, plates, etc)
  • Television
  • Board games
  • Big parking

Plan for Activities, but Keep It Loose

Plan for Activities, but Keep It Loose

Providing a well-paced schedule of meals and activities offers everyone’s day just the right amount of structure and prevents children from continually asking, “What are we doing?” You could want to prepare a comprehensive schedule or provide a list of suggested activities based on your family members’ characteristics. You have the option of doing things as a group or meeting at specific times. Make sure your plan has a lot of diversity, since not everyone will like a five-mile trek or a trip to the outlet mall.

However, allow family members to participate as they choose, and avoid the urge to organize everything down to the last detail. The quiet, unexpected moments that come organically are some of the most memorable aspects of any reunion. Also, since no one has to adhere to a rigid timetable, everyone will feel lot more at ease and calm.

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Arrange Maids or Chauffeur Service, If Needed

If your reunion will be small and just a few relatives will be invited, you might be able to handle everything on your own. Having a larger group, on the other hand, generally entails soliciting the help of others. It’s a good idea to delegate responsibility for things like food, transportation, maintaining a family reunion Facebook page, and organizing activities that will keep the youngsters entertained. It’s virtually hard to go it alone with a huge group. Fortunately, the majority of individuals are eager to assist.