Papua Trip, Explore 4 Super Priority Destinations

Raja Ampat is not just a diving spot with its spectacular underwater charm. Papua trip is a unique and memorable adventure experience. Super priority destinations are presented in Papua and West Papua.

Papua Tour, Surfing experience on Wafor Island

Papua is indeed famous for its extraordinary forest and mountainous landscapes. Did you know that Papua diving in Raja Ampat is not the only water activity? Wafor Island is predicted to be a competitor to Kuta Bali beach to hone your surfing skills. The position of Wafor Island is directly facing the Pacific Ocean with challenging waves in the morning and evening.

Wafor Beach is not an empty beach without residents, you can find facilities ranging from resorts, cottages, or hotels. Papua trip to Wafor Island offers a unique and challenging adventure for surfers to conquer the waves.

Papua Diving Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay National Tourism Park

For diving lovers, Cenderawasih Bay National Park is a common Papua diving. The icon that always makes Cenderawasih Bay the best diving destination is the presence of the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus).

This type of whale shark gets full protection status, relating to the entire life cycle and body parts of the whale shark. Your Papua dive trip to Cenderawasih bay will bring you to see the enormous and amazing underwater creatures.

Papua trip, The Mystery of a Pair of Lakes

Papua trip to West Papua, you must visit the Arfak mountains. Arfak mountains offer tourist attractions ranging from lakes, bird watching spots to cultural tours.

Arriving in the mountains of Arfak, tourists can find 2 lakes that are believed by local residents to be male and female. The local indigenous people named the male lake, Anggi Ginji and the female lake, Anggi Gita.

You can reach Lake Ginja by off-road vehicle in 3-4 hours. During the rainy season, the Papua trip to Lake Ginji is a bit dangerous because your trip is hampered by landslides. The lower Gita lake with clear watercolor bright blue.

Papua Tour visits Bihewa Waterfall

The location of the Bihewa waterfall is in the Makimi district, Nabire Regency, Papua. To enjoy Bihewa waterfall, you have to cut through the wilderness. Bihewa waterfall has a height of approximately 40 meters and has seven levels. The rumble of water is very soothing with the cool air and automatically makes you linger.