How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

There are tons of travel types that can bring joy and fun. One of them is a road trip. This is one of the most classic way to travel. You can do it without really having too much preparations. You can just drive to a nearby city with your travel buddy and just enjoy the ride. However, short road trip and the long one are different. You need more preparation because there is a risk of safety because of the fatigue. Hence, make sure to plan more thoroughly if you are going on a long road trip.

Make your long road trip more pleasant and fun

Plan a realistic schedule – With a long road trip, you may think you can put everything into the schedule. You feel like you have time to do so many things in a day. However, remember that you are on a long road trip which means you drive a lot. You may suffer from fatigue. The most important thing when making schedule is to make it as realistic as possible. Calculate the time when you need to take proper rest, have a toilet break, and so on.

Prioritize your safety – Make sure that your car is in good condition so that you won’t have a problems in the middle of nowhere. Also, bring necessary equipment or tools to helps you fix problems just in case. Do not forget to bring first aid kit which include your prescription method, health insurance cards, pain relievers, as well as antihistamines. Also, bring hand-sanitizer, masks, as well as antiseptic-wipes.

Take frequent breaks – It is important to take frequent breaks every two hours. Sitting for a long period of time. It can cause back pain, neck pain, and numbness. Hence, having frequent breaks can help you prevent those discomforts. Always stretch get relax, and drink enough water in every break. You can also refill your stomach with light foods if you don’t feel really hungry.

How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

Bring entertainment to make your road trip more fun and enjoyable. You can put convenient tech such as DVD player, so when you take a break you can watch some movies. Or, you can put your favorite songs in the a flash disk so you can get them played throughout the trip. You can also take puzzles, coloring books, games, and so on.

Always keep your car fresh – Sometimes even if you are feeling fresh, your mood can get cranky if your car is dirty or messy. Therefore, it is best to clean and organize your car throughout the trip. Don’t pile up trash because it can make your car dirty and smelly. Bring necessary cleaning supplies. It is best to plug-in air freshener or traditional spray. You can also buy supportive accessories if necessary or if you need to make it more comfortable. Buy support pillow sets so you can avoid having cramp or numbness due to uncomfortable seat setting. Your spine will be more supported using proper pillows.