What to Do If You Plan for Papua Diving

Papua Diving

With turquoise waters, powdery white-sand banks fringed with palm trees, and sunny blue skies, a trip to the West Papua archipelago is the perfect beach escape. Although the West Papua are known all over the world for spectacular beaches and turquoise waters symbolizing the tropical idyll, the life of these paradise islands below the Papua’s level is the main draw attracting thousands of scuba divers from around the world. This place has some good colorful coral reefs, but the abundance of sea creatures makes the area the world’s best diving destination. Papua diving is an incredible way to see an entirely different world. When you are thinking about planning a dive here, there are a few things you need to consider before booking the trip. This will make a huge difference between having a dive trip of your dreams and ending up disappointed.

Pick you Papua diving location

Choosing the right location is probably one of the most important factors in planning your diving trip. Your dive location will be dependent on your certified dive level and how competent you are in underwater. Preparing yourself to go to the right location it is good to know what dive conditions you can expect.

Book Diving Tour

Actually, there are basically three different types of trip to Papua. The scuba diving enthusiast, the non-diving holiday and both. If you have diving as the main holiday, make sure to book a local dive tour in West Papua. You can decide what you want to see, how much you want to dive everyday, or choose the best destination. So, book the diving trip according to your need.

Make sure you are qualified to dive in Papua

Scuba diving holiday can be a risky vacation. This is why you need to get diving certification to dive in open water and you should not attempt to dive without that. If you have your diving certification, you have a big chance to dive in different dive sites  where you will encounter pristine reefs teeming with vibrant corals, brightly colored fish, and a home of other marine.

Who is going along with you on Papua diving

If you are a solo traveler just looking for your next great scuba diving trip then a liveaboard diving holiday is a great choice. Wherever you go for scuba diving, it is important to stick with a dive buddy. You can’t dive alone, you need to find a dive buddy that you can trust from the way you dive into the water and then return to the diving boat at the end of your dive.

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Stay healthy

Well, scuba diving itself keeps you healthy. It is the best exercise for your body. You even burn more than 200 calories per one hour dive. Before your diving trip, nmake suke to pay attention to your diet. You need to drink as much water as you can. Being hydrated can prevent decompression sickness and getting cramps.