Baliem Valley, Exploring the Wild Beauty of Papua

Baliem Valley

Papua is an incredible destination. Much of this area is covered in thick jungle, a land of rich traditions and fascinating tribal culture. It often referred to as Indonesia’s Last Frontier. The differences between Papua and the rest of Indonesia are stark.  Papua is part of the Melanesian ethnicity, some tribes have 250 different languages.  In addition, only a few Papuans really follow a modern lifestyle. One thing that makes Papua is so famous is the spectacular beauty of Raja Ampat.  But, it is not just about Raja Ampat. Papua has another amazing destination spot to enjoy, and that is Baliem Valley. There’s nowhere better to experience the wild beauty of Papua than visit this place.

Where is the Baliem Valley?

It is located in the highlands of Papua, on the easternmost side of Indonesia’s, and was only discovered in 1938 by Richard Archbold during an expedition on the island. The main town is Wamena which is the starting point for most tours and is the gateway to explore the most fascinatingly traditional tribal cultures into The Yali, Lani and Dani tribal lands.

Getting to the Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley tour is reach by taking a flight. Therefore,  you can fly from the Capital of Papua, Jayapura. It’s about 40 minutes. To reach Jayapura isn’t that difficult, the flights between Jayapura to Wamena are operated by Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, and Garuda Indonesia. To travel the Valley, you have to bring the special permit called a surat jalan. No Need to worry, it’s pretty easy to get one of these at Wamena or Jayapura.

Best Time to Visit?

As Papua is located on the east side of indonesia, this place is pretty dry and the climate between 20 to 30 c in the days. Isn’t it good news for travel enthusiasts? You can visit the valley feasible all year round. But, the right time to visit is probably between March to September. The best month to come here is August, at that time you can witness the famous Festival in Wamena.

Fun activities to do!

Learning history is a must thing to do here. For instance, you have the chance to see the centuries old mummy. The mummies are old around 200- 400 years old. The local people keep the mummies of an ancestor in the house for some ceremonies like marriage and funerals.

Another thing to do here is by attending the annual festival. The massive festival will be held in August at Walesi, Jayawijaya, it aims to introduce and preserve the culture of traditional tribes. Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

Additionally, the most popular to do here is travelers can trek through the tribal villages. Travelers are able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and make a new experience about the lifestyle of the Dani, Lani, and Yali tribal cultures. Visiting the marvellous area in the small villages filled with traditional lifestyle, will take you to the new world far away from the present time.

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