Must Try Foods When You Travel to Canada

While the situation regarding to the covid-19 is still on going, meaning we don’t really know when we will fully recover, we can still plan a well-deserved vacation. When the green light for travel is given, you already have plans in hand. Besides, this way you can plan your trip more thoroughly. There is no chance to forget including something in your itinerary. While waiting for the situation to get better and fully recover, we can check out these amazing foods Canadians enjoy the most:

Amazing foods Canadians enjoy the most!

Maple syrup is one of the most iconic foods in Canada. In fact, they produce 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Of course, many will argue that maple syrup is not authentically Canadian dish. However, this is such an iconic food that cannot be missed on the list since Canadians adore it so much. Some might think that maple syrup is only for sweet dish. However, it is pretty versatile that you can use it to make even savory dishes. The best place in Canada to find maple syrup with high quality is Quebec.

Donairs is next Canadian’s dish worth travelling for. This is basically beef dish where ground beef is used as main ingredient. Other things to add include diced veggies and garlic sauce. All ingredients are wrapped up in warm pita for more practical eating. The taste is spicy and salty. This dish is originally from Greece and introduced in Canada in 70s. Canadians enjoy this dish anytime but especially around midnight. If you like having midnight snack, this can be an ‘it’ dish for you.

Poutine is a must-try food in Canada worth travelling for. It is literally he combination of French fries and cheese curds and smothered in a tasty gravy. Vancouver is where you can find the tastiest Poutine in Canada. This can be your go-to snack when you are in Canada. However, it can be fulfilling for your stomach since it is basically made from potatoes.

Beavertails one of the most popular and favorite dishes in Canada. It is not actually beaver’s meat that you eat. Beavertails is practically deep-fried doughnut. It is usually topped with a butter and cinnamon sugar dusting. The texture of this dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The reason why it is called Beavertails might be because the way the dough is pulled by hand to resemble beaver’s tails. The best place to find warm Beavertails in Canada is at ByWard Market situated in Ottawa.

Nanaimo bars is another iconic dish from Canada. This is Canadian dessert consist of three layers. Each layer contain different ingredients. The first layer consists of a wafer, nut, and coconut crumb. The middle layer consists of custard icing. The layer on top consists of chocolate ganache. One interesting fact about Nanaimo bars is that it doesn’t require baking process to make one.