Discover the Magical Underwater of Triton Bay

Triton Bay

It is located at the heart of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area, Papua. Triton Bay is known as the Kingdom of Fishes. This place offers a wide variety of new species of fish, critter, and coral all the time. There are 30 known breathtaking dive spots here, the sites range from peak to shallow soft coral gardens, huge boulders covered with colourful corals, and wall and drift dives. The dive site feels like a time capsule from the past time, pristine, remote and awaiting exploration. Diving here is a rewarding water adventure in one of the regions in the world with rich biodiversity. Here, you also get the chance to see giant sea fans, Wobegon sharks, and a large school of fish. Also, there are several tiniest pygmy seahorses here.

Triton Bay Underwater

Most dive sites in Triton Bay lie in between 9 to 20 m or 30 to 65 feet. For some of the dives here, it is not necessary to go deeper than 20m as the shallower parts boast the best coral and beautiful fish action. Water temperatures remain very comfortable between 29C and 24C with very little difference throughout the year.

Best Dive Sites

Bo’s Rainbow is an island site with little to no current. The dive site is relatively shallow with an average depth of 52 feet. It has a soft coral garden and large boulders, which makes it perfect for both wide and macro photography. Here you will find that the more common underwater species, like damsels and fusiliers, ornate ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and the odd frogfish. You also can see the schools of colourful fish around the large boulders and make this a perfect spot for less experienced divers.

Christmas Rock is a dive site perfect for both wide-angle and macro photography. It is located towards the southern tip of Aiudma Island. Try to spend most of your time by drifting around to the south side of the rock. Where you will see the beautiful shallow reef, and find a few wobbegong sharks. For some macro lovers, you should dive down past the black coral bushes to head north to the small rock bommies and sandy area. You will see the Satomi’s pygmy seahorses, sawblade shrimp, the occasional frogfish, and tiny nudibranchs.

Also known as Pintu Aras, The Island of Saruenus lies in the middle of the strait. Saruenus offers four main dive spots. Every dive site has quite different characteristics.  There are darting schools of fish like damselfish, anthias, and fusiliers. This dive site is a good place if you like macro photography.

Little Komodo is one of the most sought-after diving sites in West Papua. The dive site has a strong current with its large boulders and soft, colourful corals. Here, you can find black corals and soft corals. You also can see the millions of fishes, like damsels, anthias and fusiliers as well as sweetlips and snappers. 

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