Kri Island, The Best Snorkeling Spots in Raja Ampat

Kri Island

Have you set a plan for your next trip? If you don’t have one, visiting Kri Island may be the choice. The Island of Kri is located near Mansuar Island. It is a small island with incredibly white sand. Most parts of this island are covered by the jungle that stick out of the deep blue sea, surrounded by clear waters with incredibly colorful coral reefs. It is also a home to many species of sharks, manta rays, fish, turtles and others. This island has everything from the beautiful lush rainforest to long spectacular white beaches. If you’re looking for lots of interaction with locals, the island is the place for you. The local villages have been so kind, warm and friendly, you can walk around the villages and watch the local children playing. It’s known that Kri is one of the most visited Islands in Raja Ampat.

What is Kri Island Snorkeling Like?

When you visit the Kri Island, you must experience one of its highlight activities, that is snorkeling. Some say that Kri reefs are the best in Raja Ampat Island.  With the diversity of marine life, Kri Island is the ultimate destination for people who love underwater adventures. The best snorkelling is available from every Kri homestay beach and there are so many homestays with onsite dive centers on the island.  Needless to say, there is nothing like snorkeling in Kri. You can explore the clear waters with the varieties of fish species and swim alongside here. Snorkeling awaits here for you!

Snorkeling tips

Some of the snorkelling spots in Kri were more wild and free than anywhere else we’ve experienced! Let’s take a look, here are the first-hand tips to share with you.

  • Currents and safety guidelines: The island has been renowned for its strong currents. Keep in mind the currents are felt more so during a snorkel It is so important to know when the right time and safe to swim, as a strong current could lead to unpredictable reaction.
  •  Snorkel Clothing: The waters in the island are brimming with life! You can see a lot of swaying fire coral, plankton, and little stinging jellyfish. You need to cover up with full length rash guards to keep protecting your skin.
  •  Snorkel Gear: The essential items you must have for this trip is wearing fins while snorkeling. The fins not only help you to glide through the water, but if you are stuck in a current, it makes a huge difference. You need to bring fins for your own safety.

Best time of year to go for snorkeling

Snorkeling on this island is possible all year round. The best time for this trip is around October to April. That time is the busiest time snorkeling wise at The Island of Raja Ampat, because the conditions allow you to explore the majority of snorkel sites in the area. Furthermore, at this time you can see numbers of the Manta Ray because of the high levels of Plankton.

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