Planning for A Smooth Hiking Trip

Planning for A Smooth Hiking Trip

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities loved by many regardless of age and gender. In addition, it is less risky outdoor activity to do during this pandemic. Destinations for a hiking trip are usually located remotely. It means, it is usually far from crowds, hence, the chance of interacting with too many people is little. However, hiking is pretty challenging because it demands your body to be in perfect condition. That’s why planning and preparation are still needed for a smooth hiking trip.

Preparing for your hiking trip

Hiking during this pandemic requires you to take extra miles in preparation because you have to consider the possibility of covid-19 infection or transmission. Being outdoor brings more risks than staying at home regardless of how safe you think your journey will be. So here are what you can plan and prepare for smooth, safe hiking trip:

Be informed of everything regarding to the current situation so you know which areas have green light and which ones don’t. Therefore, you won’t go hiking to high risk places. It is recommended to plan a hiking trip at the trails not very far from your home. Go local and you will still be able to gain the benefits of hiking.

Choose your trip style. There are different hike styles you can choose. It is recommended to choose the style that is less risky. Some people like building a tent and some others like staying in a luxurious lode. Some people like visiting more remote areas so they can be as far as away from the civilization. Meanwhile, some other love having some luxuries to make their hiking trip more convenient and enjoyable. When you have found where your destination is and how you want to explore it, next steps in planning and preparing will get easier.

If you plan to choose a hiking trip offered by a travel company, you have to dial in on them so you know what they offer and what they can do to meet your needs. However, you can also plan the trip on your own if your hiking destination is still local and located close to your home.

The next step is to assess your fitness. You have to be honest and objective. Hiking requires travelling on foot through a remote corner that can be taxing at times. Not to mention that you have to carry your backpack and other necessary gears. Prepare you fitness at least one or two moths before the trip so your body is getting used to more strenuous activities.

Make a list of things you need for hiking trip. You have to choose the right boots and clothes so they can protect and accommodate your body through strenuous activities. Breathable, waterproof clothing as well as proper hiking boots are strongly suggested. Always bring first aid kit and emergency gear in your backpack. Also, choose backpack that is comfortable to carry on your back. Make sure it has the feature to keep your items protected and dry.