7 Extravagant Things to Do in Flores Island Tour

Flores Island Tour

Romance gateway, adventure, rest, and sport all come together in Flores Island Tour, perfect for all kinds of visitors. The island of Flores is part of Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It has a booming traveler population due to its famous Komodo National Park, fantastic dive sites, and little islands with pristine, beautiful beaches. Begin your trip to the hidden paradise with a comfortable flight from Labuan Bajo or Denpasar to Flores takes about one hour, taking in the sights of the deep blue ocean and the coral islands fringed with wonderful white sandy beaches. So, you are wondering what else to do for this trip? Here are 10 Extravagant Things for a thrilling holiday!

Visit the Riung 17 Islands

Flores has several marine parks, and one of these is the 17 Islands Marine Park is a vast stretch of azure waters that full of fish and turtles. Therefore, 17 Islands Marine Park is a popular destination for underwater lovers who enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling. But if you want to stay out of the water, you can also enjoy sunbathing on the white sandy beaches or trek through the jungle searching for fruit bats.

Watch the sunset from the Love Hill

Love Hill is made up of rolling chocolate hills located in Labuan Bajo; travelers flock to this place for the magnificent sunset. When you have already arrived at this hill, there is no better way to enjoy climbing to the tallest hill. You can find the tropical forests, the fantastic sea’s crystal water, and picturesque hills from the top of the hill.

Flores Island Tour take you to Bena

Bena Village, of the Ngada Tribe, is one of the traditional villages you can visit in Flores. This traditional village is on the top of a hill with Mount Inerie as a beautiful background. Here, you can find traditional houses built with high thatched roofs with the skulls of pig jaws and water buffalo.

Watch a Caci Dance

Caci is a traditional dance form of fighting, with a whip, and between the Manggarai tribe’s local people. Caci Dance will take around 2 hours, in which the dancers will take turns to whip each other. You should put this trip itinerary to Flores Island Tour.

Flores Island Tour

Enjoying the Tri-Color Lakes of Kelimutu

Lakes of Kelimutu located in the misty peaks of central Flores. What makes this lake fantastic, other than being a badass volcano, of course, there are three different color lakes at the summit. It happens because of the sulfur’s oxidation rates and makes the volcanic lakes periodically change color, from blue to black or red. To reach Mount Kelimutu, you can stay a night in the nearby village of Moni.

Encounter the famous Komodo Dragons on Flores Island Tour

Did you know that Komodo Dragons are the largest living species of lizard in the world? It is one of the 5 Natural Wonders on the earth. If you want to see these famous Komodo Dragons, you can visit Komodo Island or Rinca Island. But it’s pretty easy to find Komodo on the Rinca Island, then Komodo Island.

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Take to the water on Koka Beach

Koka beach is a hidden piece of tropical paradise in the city of Maumere of Sikka. As a nature enthusiast, Koka beach is the place where you want to be. This beautiful beach is perfect for strolling along the white sandy coastline, swimming, snorkeling, or even relaxing.