Embark Your Sailing with Luxury Yachts Indonesia

Everything you’ll need to make your dream Indonesian boat charter a reality. Indonesian luxury yachts charter provide a stunning combination of untamed natural beauty, unmatched dive locations, and unique cultural experiences.

They are currently experiencing a resurgence as luxury boats for high-end tourists. As you cruise amongst the Indonesian islands, you will be astounded by the diversity, culture, and personalities of each island. Indonesia’s national motto is “Unity in Diversity” for a reason.

4 recommended luxury yachts

Lonestar liveaboard

Lonestar is a roomy 85-foot catamaran designed by Van Peteghen & Lauriot Prévost, a renowned racing sailing boat architect. It is fast, comfortable, and luxurious. Lonestar will be an ideal alternative for anyone seeking a private sailing experience in Indonesia, with 6 staterooms to accommodate up to 12 persons and all creature comforts.

Lonestar liveaboard luxury yacht - lounge


  • 4 double bed cabins
  • 2 twin bed cabins
  • Outdor deck
  • lounge & bar
  • air conditioning
  • how water
  • Leisure equipment
  • snorkling gear
  • diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • standup paddle
  • speedboat
  • finishing gear
  • wakeboard

Alexa liveaboard

Alexa has a carefree romantic style that invites people to follow their dreams and go wherever they want to go. The happy couple will rest on the expansive deck, which is equipped with shaded sun loungers. Guests can tailor their dining experience by dining indoors in the air-conditioned lounge, outside on the deck under the stars, or at a table for two on a private beach. Meals are prepared according to the preferences of the guests and are made with fresh local products.

alexa liveaboard


  • 1 suite cabin
  • open-air dining area
  • lounge
  • sunbeds
  • tv lounge
  • library

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling & diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • paddleboards
  • fishing gear

Mahodaya liveaboard

The custom-built Mahodaya, formerly known as the Amanikan, enters a new age while keeping its original style, unique service, and crew. With only three staterooms and ten crew members, the Mahodaya offers a personal experience with great service, making it ideal for a family or small group.

mahodaya liveaboard

On the foredeck of Mahodaya, you’ll find an outdoor dining and bar area where you may enjoy an a la carte dinner prepared with fresh local products. Each cabin has a deck where you may relax and take in the sights of the Indonesian archipelago.


  • master suite
  • cabin with queen bed
  • stateroom with 2 twin beds
  • wine cellar
  • lounge & bar

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling & diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • stand up paddles
  • speedboat
  • finishing equipment
  • WIFI

Aliikai liveaboard

Aliikai’s hull began to take shape in 2005, at the same time the keel was built, using the strongest ironwood from Sulawesi and wisdom passed down through generations. The project was finished in 2007. Aliikai has two 28-meter masts and seven sails, with a total sail area of roughly 450 square meters. Aliikai is equipped with cutting-edge technology and comfort to provide travelers with an unforgettable trip.

aliikai liveaboard - master cabin


  • 2 master cabins with private terrasse
  • 2 double bed
  • 1 double & single bed
  • 2 double bed cabins
  • “Zen” area
  • dive centre
  • camera room
  • lounge room
  • outdoor deck
  • indoor dining area

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling equipment
  • nitrox
  • diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • standup paddle
  • beach games
  • speedboats
  • wakeboard

Amazing Tips For Health Conscious Travelers

Amazing Tips For Health Conscious Travelers

Today, many people have become more aware of the importance of maintaining health and fitness. It shows by how the gym studios keep opening in many places. It is not hard to find one especially in big cities around the world. And what about health conscious travelers who want to maintain their health even during their adventure? Is it possible to maintain health while having fun as well?

Best tips for health conscious travelers

The good news is that, the facilities for health maintenance has increased now. It shows by how hotels now provide amenities that cater to the needs of health conscious travelers. They offer indoor gyms, mini bar fruits, personal trainers, complimentary bike rentals, and even running shoes rentals. So generally, it is not hard to maintain your health and fitness during a vacation now. And here are some tips for you who are health conscious travelers:

Find out information about jogging maps

During your trip, you can stick to your jogging routine and have a wonderful time jogging while exploring new places. Ask for a jogging map to the hotel staff and see if you can explore the routes for morning run while enjoying great views. 

Look for special wellness perks

Some hotels provide variety of wellness perks you can take advantage of. Hence, do not be shy to find more information about it. Some hotels for example offer yoga classes or workout studios. Even if you don’t bring your own exercise gears, you can rent the ones provided by the hotels. If you like biking, some hotels also offer a bike rental you can use anytime. Find out about these information during booking so you know what to expect and make a plan. 

Research about local foods

Food is important part of maintaining your health because it what keeps your body functioning. Hence, research about the locals foods and dining setting prior the trip. You may want to look for local dining options, what kind of foods they usually have, or what produces they often use. Remember that healthy meals are not always about salads and plain chicken breast. There are so many healthy food selections you can choose if you have knowledge about it. Hence, you won’t struggles to find healthy menu wherever you go. 

Ensure the hotel policy about hygiene and safety

If you are very concerned about your health and overall safety, it is best to ask for more information about those to the hotel before making a reservation for a room. It is okay to ask questions related to these topics and the staffs will answer them for you. However, keep in mind that being too conscious about germs, bacteria and all may rise your anxiety so you may need to tone it down a little bit and enjoy the trip more. 

Making the most out of your trip while staying healthy is possible for conscious travelers. Enjoy your time without worrying too much over foods, hygiene, or workout schedule. Stick to your normal routine and you will be fine. 

How to Sell Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Fast

Bali is always in the eye of investors. Property in Bali will always be in demand, regardless of market conditions. For investors, Bali’s strong tourism position means high turnover rates for sub-leased homes and significant demand for for-sale properties. Not only that you can re-sell the property at higher price in the next few years, but you can also turn the property into a luxury villas and vacation rental and generate lucrative profit. However, selling property needs quite lots of efforts in itself. Save yourself from the headache of selling luxury villas for sale in Bali and follow these tips. 

Search the Competition of Luxury Bali Villas for Sale

This is the most crucial element. According to Bangkok property expert Anjana Arora, “look around the property and check what prices per square meter other villas or condominiums in the building or in that neighborhood are selling for.”

You may look at online listings or use resources like Fazwaz.com’s interactive maps to determine the average price per square meter in your building or in your neighborhood.

A Competing Offer that Stands Out 

How to Sell Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale Fast

The best way to sell a property fast is to set the price below the market price or make the unit stand out from other similar units for sale. This includes nicer views and better furniture and appliances.

Put An Effort to Be A Good Seller

There is more supply than demand when it comes to property market in Bali, and purchasers have a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing real estate. You can say that Bali is more on buyer’s market rather than a seller’s market. As a result, expensive houses are difficult to sell, and may take a long time to be sold. This is why having a right attitude is especially important when you are trying to sell something that cost hefty amount of investment. 

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Put Your Luxury Bali Villas for Sale in Property Listings

Work with Trusted Property Agents in Bali

Listing your home on internet property portals is a smart idea. These websites have a larger reach and give more publicity than just putting a “For Sale” sign in front of your property. You can try the Kibarer property website to put your luxury Bali villas for sale in the list. 

Work with Trusted Property Agents in Bali 

If you are having a hard time selling your luxury Bali villas for sale, you can try working with experienced agents in Bali. They know how to market every type of property in Bali and target the right buyers for you. Property agents could also give more exposure to your property through their website listings, social media, and even Youtube virtual tour! You should find an agent that you can trust and work with. Check the reputation and reviews from their previous clients.

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Think About Lowering the Price

Finally, the price is the most important aspect in selling quickly. Only projects that are popular and in attractive locations can maintain their pricing in price sensitive markets. However, it’s important that the property is still reasonably priced.

Save Big While Booking Hotel Room For Your Trip

Accommodation is essential for your trip. It ensures you will stay in a safe, and comfortable place during your trip. It is not a problem to find a  hotel in majority of countries around the world now. Even if there is no hotel, there are many other options you can choose for your stay during your trip. However, anyone can book a hotel room but not everyone can save big doing it. You can be a savvy traveler who get big and save big. 

Tips to save big while booking hotel room

Travel can cost a lot. Hence, it just makes senses that you try anything to keep everything under control. Booking a hotel room is essential but you can still save big and allocate your money to other things. And here are some tips and tricks to save big while booking a hotel room for your dream trip:

Try direct booking from the hotel sites

Avoid paying commissions to sites and have direct booking with the hotels. Many hotels now offer variety of options you can choose. They also provide information even for the lowest possible rate on their official website. Hence, you can just book directly from the hotel instead of visiting other sites. Also, you may get some loyalty points by booking directly from the hotel. 

Try booking early

Just like how you book early flight with lower prices, there is higher chance of you getting lower rate for hotel room as well by booking it early. Even if the price drops between when you book and when you stay, you will get refunded. You may visit booking sites such as Pruvo or Service to find various hotel deals with affordable rates especially when booked early. 

Time your booking accordingly

Different type of accommodation may have different busy days. For example, downtown hotels may have their busy days during weekdays since they draw lots of business travelers on weekdays. Hence, they often offer more affordable rates for the weekends. Meanwhile, BnB tend to lower their rates during weekdays because they specialize in providing romantic getaway during weekends. 

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi the hotel provides

Most hotels now provide free Wi-Fi to all their guests. However, there are also some of them that only provide access to free Wi-Fi only to the guests who sign up loyalty program. You can confirm it prior the deal. And if your chosen hotel only provides free Wi-Fi through loyalty program then you may consider signing up. 

Do it yourself 

Do things by yourself during your stay in the hotel instead of using their service that tend to be expensive. For example, you can make your own breakfast if your hotel doesn’t provide it instead of having a room delivery. Then, you can also do your own laundry. It is simple to do your laundry during your trip and doesn’t take much time. You may also consider skipping hotel bars and make your own cooler using bathroom sink, with ice and water to keep your beverages cold.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Exploring Remarkable Diving Spots

Labuan Bajo, a majority of whom work as fishermen, is located at the western tip of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This super-priority destination saves spectacular natural beauty and world-famous ancient animals. As a storied port city, Labuan Bajo offers views of the rolling green plains. Open trip Labuan Bajo tourism is synonymous with island hopping, diving, and snorkeling activities. This one destination is also a destination for photography lovers because of the iconic Padar island with its hill-shaped island and the gradation of the blue sea in the background. Labuan Bajo trip is definitely the only way for you to reach the many islands in Komodo National Park and its surroundings.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Exploring Remarkable Diving Spots

Open trip Labuan Bajo, Gateway to Heaven on Earth

A boat is a means of transportation that helps tourists explore each island. Open trip Labuan Bajo by boat have quite a variety of prices, depending on the destination, comfort, and facilities you get during the trip. For diving lovers, the Labuan Bajo liveaboard will certainly be very comfortable because you will arrive right at many dive spots. Labuan Bajo cruises provide sharing/private cabins, meals, and even snorkeling and diving equipment. Then, where does the open trip to Labuan Bajo take you to the best destination spots?

Labuan Bajo trip to Komodo island

Komodo Island is a tourist spot that has the greatest attraction among tourists. Tourists will see the life of the endangered Komodo dragon by doing trekking. 3 trekking options, short track, medium track, and long track. Open trip Labuan Bajo usually does not include Komodo island entry fees, and you must prepare cash. Rangers will accompany tourists and direct tourists to explore the best spots during trekking. The expanse of the savanna and the blue sea will amaze you. The panoramic beauty of Komodo island and its rare animals is perfect for photographer lovers.

Open trip Labuan Bajo to Rinca island

Rinca Island is included in the Komodo National Park area and is not far from Komodo Island. This island is also a habitat for rare animals, Komodo with a super beautiful view that is not inferior to its neighboring islands. Tourists can also do trekking activities with the assistance of a ranger, of course with a more challenging exploration path.

Manta Point

Manta point is one of the favorites and special dive spots. In this one dive spot, tourists will get to grips with a rare and protected animal, the manta ray. Diving and getting close to stingrays offers a unique and memorable experience. Of course, you have to dive under the supervision of a diving guide. The ocean currents in the Komodo National Park area are quite strong and will be dangerous because you are not familiar with the conditions of the dive area.

Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

When you travel, you have your own goals of what you want to do once you get there, where to visit, what food to eat, etc. If you are bike lovers, might as well choosing bike-friendly places. There are plenty of bike-friendly cities around the world that can be your destinations for your next travel plan. Cycling or biking are not only healthy but also fun to do especially if the places are enjoyable and beautiful. 

Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

Ideal places around the world to bike

The most ideal places to bike is those with better weather, safe trails, and pretty views. These kind of places are most sought by bike-enthusiasts and here are some of the most recommended cities around the world enjoyable for biking:

Paris, France

This city is full of romance and many lovers come to visit it each year. It has become one of the most popular cities int he world especially because lots of travelers who want to see Eiffel Tower. However, it is not the only destination you can visit when it comes to Paris. There are many sites to explore from parks, beaches, street arts, to historic landmarks. Another best thing about the city is that it has implemented many eco-friendly initiatives which makes it more cyclist-friendly now. Green spaces and parks are not hard to find as well. It is also said that there have been active ban to certain vehicles that don’t meet the regulation. Hence, it makes it more enjoyable for this city to be explored by cycling. You can do it while travelling solo or with your travel buddies. 

Miami, The U.S.

The U.S sounds nothing like bike-friendly place to enjoy. Most of people though that it is a place where you will find only crowd and buzz of big cities. However, it is not always the case because the U.S . also has Miami, which is cyclist-friendly city for bike-enthusiasts. The weather of this city is warm enough for you to enjoy the wind while cycling. You can do it practically anytime of the year since the weather is warm and comfortable enough. You can get outside and explore various sites offered by the city from parks to modern landmarks. There are many bike routes you can follow during your visit to this beautiful city. Not to mention that Miami also has such picturesque view to bless your eyes while cycling. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place is one of the most ideal places for cycling. Thailand itself is such a beautiful country full of charms from many aspects such as culture, food, and art. This place is considered gorgeous due to its scenic routes that makes it ideal for biking. Follow those routes to lead you to the most stunning sites such as sacred temples and mountain ranges. When biking around this city, don’t forget to take a break and buy some street foods. There are plenty of them with affordable prices and rich flavors. Take your time exploring and enjoying the city with your loved bike. 

Making Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront Attractive for Customers

Making Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront Attractive for Customers

In tropical island destination like Bali, beachfront houses is like the star of properties. Sits right in the beach and overlooking vast ocean, beachfront properties give the ultimate summer dream. Lapping waves, unobstructed sunbathe, breath-taking sunset, and views of clear water right from the window promise a wonderful life for any owner of the house. If you have beachfront property for sale in Bali, this is the secret to make sure a smooth selling.

Understand the Buyer Persona of Bali Property for Sale Beachfront

Understanding the buyer’s “persona” is critical when marketing to a specific demographic. The majority of purchasers looking for waterfront houses already have a firm idea of how they want to live in their new property. They may intend to go fishing or boating every day. In the morning, they might merely want to sit on the terrace and drink coffee. Even if you don’t know which of the possible scenarios a buyer is looking for, you can build a generic sales plan that covers the majority of them. Creating an image of the lifestyle the buyer desires is an important part of marketing a waterfront home. This can be accomplished by writing excellent real estate descriptions and using well-crafted photography.

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Clear Up the Beachfront Views

Clear Up the Beachfront Views

You know how dirty the beach can get if you own a waterfront home. The sea has a habit of dumping all sorts of debris onto your small coastline. You want to show purchasers the most beautiful beachfront possible so they’ll make an offer on the house. Before you start displaying the house, you might want to spend some time cleaning up the beach. Afterall, the strongest point of a beachfront Bali property for sale is the beach view! So, you want to make it as impressive as it can be for potential buyers.

Highlight the views

High-quality images and videos are essential for selling any property, but they are especially important for waterfront properties. When advertising your home, make sure to showcase those breathtaking sunsets and boats spotted across the bay.

Take Advantage of the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important for marketing any house, but waterfront estates offer a 360-degree curb appeal that stretches as far as the eye can see. In addition to making the front of the house as attractive as possible, make sure the back of the house is spotless, and consider doing some beach combing and cleaning before showings.

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Find An Agent that Can Sell Your Bali Property for Sale Beachfront

Selecting a capable real estate agent with experience marketing these types of properties is one of the most important components of selling speciality homes. For example, if you’re selling a high-end home, why would you choose an agent who doesn’t specialize in that type of property? Never underestimate the value of hiring a top-producing agent with a proven track record, like the Kibarer, to sell your Bali property for sale beachfront.

To sell a home, the top real estate brokers will have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Nothing shall be presumptively assumed. Accepting anything less would be a major blunder.

Reasons To Travel And Explore The World

Travel industry has been advancing more and more throughout the years. With technology and innovation, it is possible to explore the world. Access to visit many places around the world is easier now. Everyone from wherever they has the opportunity to get out of comfort zone and start discovering many wonderful things. 

Why you should travel more

Travelling is not only a matter of seeking out leisure. There are many benefits you can get from travelling to new places because it can be your learning experience. It can a moment for you to find not only the beauty of differences but also yourself. You get to know yourself better because through travel, you have more opportunity to self-reflect and find more potential in you. And here are several other reasons why you should travel and explore the world more:

Get opportunity to build long-term relationships

During a trip, you have higher chances of meeting people new. You learn about them especially when they have different cultures, view of life, characters, etc. It is possible to build long-term relationship from a trip. It is not only about romantic relationship but other types of relationships as well. You may find your bestfriend for life from unexpected meeting during your trip. Even after the trip ends, you can still maintain good relationship with the people you met. 

No reason to wait until you retire

Many people say they want to wait for travelling until they retire from their work. However, there is no guarantee that you will even reach an old age. The future is something that no one can predict accurately. You may have plan but things may turn out different. Hence, it is best to be at the present and enjoy the moment while you can by travelling to places you want to visit. Take some time out to see the wonder of the world while you are still young and capable of moving more freely. 

Gain more perspective

Through travel, you may see differences in many aspects. It opens your eyes and mind so you gain more perspectives. It can help build your personality and development. By seeing so many differences, you learn how to respect others, appreciate the beauty of uniqueness, compromise, and tolerance. A trip can be a learning experience for you to grow to be a better version of yourself. 

Opportunity to learn new skills

During travel, things can be unpredictable, requiring you to think differently and make hard decision. It happens sometimes and it is such a valuable experience to learn new skills and find your hidden potential. You can also use a trip as a moment to upgrade your skills or try new things you have never had the courage to do before. 

Travelling can be daunting in the beginning especially when you do it without any companion. You visit a place you never have known before and you need some times to adjust. But once you overcome your fear and doubt, you will be able to fully enjoy your adventure.

Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Scuba diving Komodo has something and won’t let you down. Komodo national park diving is included in the top 10 best dive spots in the world. Surprising isn’t it? The popularity of Komodo dive sites not only attracts local tourists but also foreign tourists. More and more Komodo island scuba diving operators have emerged and offered a variety of options to choose the best, experienced, and trusted operator.

Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Komodo diving daily trip

Is it possible to have daily trips on Komodo island? Of course, I can! Your limited vacation time makes many operators offer daily trip dives to the best dive spots. Komodo national park diving spot is perfect for your day dives.

Komodo National Park has more than 1000 species of fish and 250 species of reef-building corals, as well as 50 dive sites. Another important piece of information is that the underwater conditions of the Komodo National Park have large currents. In fact, most of the Komodo dive sites are not suitable for beginner divers. Make sure you tell your dive level to prevent any unwanted things.

3-5 days diving trip

3-4 days diving trips are perfect for professional divers. Diving at a depth of more than 30 meters at the Komodo national park diving offers spectacular underwater views. A 3-4 days diving trip allows you to find a variety of unique marine life, large animals, such as sharks and manta rays.

One of the factors that make Komodo scuba diving so unique is that it is located on the equatorial border of 2 oceans. Komodo National Park is a migratory route for many cetaceans and it is very likely that you will see dolphins, dugongs, species of sharks, manta rays, and hundreds of fish in groups.

Komodo diving season

If you are planning to do scuba diving in Komodo, then you need to know when is the best time to dive. Komodo diving can be done all year round.

January: Technically January is the rainy season. January is the perfect time to see Manta rays and the many amazing sites south of Rinca Island and Komodo Island that you can access by phinisi boat. Komodo dive sites also offer amazing macros.

February: Still included in the rainy month, offers the opportunity for divers to explore the southern location. You’ll find plenty of manta rays and the opportunity to dive at their lowest point. Divers can also spot hammerhead and thresher sharks.

April: The start of the dry season but the wind season has not yet started which means the seawater is calm and allows you to scuba dive the Komodo dragons. If you want to dive in April, you can switch to other spots such as Castle Rock, Batu Bolong.

June & July: Komodo diving season this month in the Central and northern regions offers visibility of up to 30 meters and a water temperature of 29 degrees. In this month it will be a little difficult to meet the manta ray. This month is the Komodo dragon’s mating season, and you will find it difficult to meet a rare animal, Komodo.

October: This month the Manta Rays return to the central Komodo area. October could be the start of the Komodo scuba diving season, a favorite for professional divers. After the high season, you might consider taking a dive and exploring a little further south.

December: The beginning of the rainy season and dive sites in the south open with increased temperatures and visibility. If you want to do scuba diving in Komodo, you can go to the central area.

What Foods Should You Try When Visiting Taiwan?

Taiwan has one of the best cuisines in the world and worth travelling for. If you are planning to visit Taiwan after the pandemic is fully contained, you need to consider their food scene since there are so many wide selections of mouth-watering delights made with authenticity. Taiwanese cuisine is also influenced by many factors especially the colonizers of Dutch and Spanish, the Japanese, and the Kuomintang from China. No wonder their food options are varied in flavors and appearances. You won’t be running out of ideas of what to eat for sure. And here are some of the most recommended Taiwanese foods to try during your visit:

Danzai Noodles

This noodle dish was first introduced by Taiwanese fisherman named Hong Yu-Tou in 1895 and has become a hit since then. You can find this in various restaurant in Taiwan especially those located in Yongkang Street. There is a restaurant run by the fourth generation of Hong’s family serving the most delicious Danzai Noodles. This dish consists of chewy noodles, hot broth made with various herbs and spices, and topped with minced, braised pork, bean sprouts, bok choy, shallots, and boiled shrimp. 

Gua Bao

This is more like a food to snack on when exploring Taiwan. Gua Bao is pork buns in a palm size stuffed with braised pork, pickled cabbage called suancai, and peanuts ground. This food is also often called as Chinese hamburger especially by travelers from around the world. It is more known as street foods and you can find it almost in every corner of the street in Taiwan. Enjoy it while it is still warm and let everything melt in your mouth. 


This is such a unique Taiwanese food you must try. It is like a staple at night markets across Taiwan. To buy this, you will be given a small basket then you can help yourself buffet-style to a variety of foods served. There are marinated meats, tofu, and vegetables to choose. What you choose will be cooked by the sellers and you wait. Most recommended places to enjoy Luwei include Linjiang Street Night Market and Shida Night Market. 

Shaved Ice

This is the ultimate item for dessert lovers. This dessert treat is quite simple. It is made from ice shaved off into massive slabs of ice. The ice pile up precariously high into the bowl. You can choose many toppings such as condensed milk, tropical fruits, and red beans. Or, you can also try the creamier version of this dessert called xue hua bing which resembles snow. 

Stinky Tofu

If you want to go a little bi more extreme, might as well trying the infamous stinky tofu which is also widely known in China and Hong Kong aside from Taiwan. The stinky smell comes from the fermentation process. You can choose stinky tofu that is fried, steamed, stewed, or barbecued. It usually served with toppings such as pickled cabbage or chili sauce. Have a cup of bubble tea to freshen up your mouth.