Personalizing Your Looks And Boost Your Confidence

It is a nature for human to want to look good and it is one of the way to gain confidence. However, it can be challenging because not everyone has the same level of confidence. It is common to feel anxious of what to wear even when you just need to go grocery shopping. Choosing your wardrobe ends up feeling like a daunting task because you feel so stress through it all. 

Full legs body size beautiful gorgeous adorable two lady isolated on yellow background in trendy casual street style stylish denim jeans wear glasses spectacles give heavy metal gesture play guitar

How to personalize your look 

You can express yourself through what you wear. However, most of the time people wear their best from the wardrobe is when they are going to meet other human beings. It means they try to impress others. Sometimes, it goes far to wear something they don’t even like just because they think it is what other people want to see from them. However, that is not entirely true.

Prioritize yourself

While you can impress others with your look, keep in mind that how you feel does matter. It is not always about making people like how you look but more about how comfortable you feel with what you choose for your look. Hence, it is a must to always put your thought and feelings first before others. Unless it is for formal occasion that requires certain outfits or looks, choose whatever you feel comfortable the most. 

Take inspiration but don’t go overboard

It is common to find inspiration from others when it comes to how you want to present or dress yourself. Today, it is easy to find inspiration from the internet where countless influencers give their opinion and insight of fashion, lifestyle, etc. However, make sure that you don’t take what they as as gospel. Take good points you can apply to yourself so it becomes your personalized look instead a copy from others.

Highlight your unique point

To personalize your look, you can find the unique point you have. Sometimes, the thing you see as flaws is interesting point for others. Hence, do not judge yourself too harshly just because you feel different from how the others look. Maybe you have long, slender legs that you can show off with your outfits. Or, maybe you have unique eye color then you can make it more standout with a little bit of makeup. The more unique you look, the more interesting you will be for others. 

Be simple and don’t overthink

When you are feeling so stressed out about choosing your wardrobe or how to present yourself, take a deep breath. Make sure to choose your wardrobe in a calm state. Also, it is recommended to not choose outfit in the last minute because it might put you into panic instead. If you feel overwhelmed, think simply. Choose something simple and comfortable to wear. If it is about jewelry, the less is more. You don’t have to go overboard with it since it is just accessory to complement your look. Try to make the process as fun as possible so you stay relax when making your choice.

Liveaboard diving, Embark Your Komodo’s Underwater

Are you looking for a Komodo liveaboard for your next vacation? The secret is out, and divers from all over the world are rushing to the Komodo Islands, one of Indonesia’s most popular diving locations. Many visitors come to see the gorgeous rolling hills, stunning beaches, and ferocious dragons, but they also come to see the diverse aquatic life. Komodo National Park is a famous dive site, with crystal blue seas teeming with sharks, manta rays, corals, and huge fish. While you can spend your time doing day dives, liveaboard diving is the ideal way to see the many top-notch dive locations.

Liveaboard diving, Embark Your Komodo’s Underwater - living area

What you need to know before do liveaboard diving

One of the most crucial aspects of picking a liveaboard is deciding when to go. You’ll need to pick one that works with your schedule.

If you want to get the most out of your diving vacation, head to Komodo during its peak season, which is from March to October. Although some liveaboards operate all year, November to January has the best visibility.

The busiest months are April through August. The months of December to February are ideal for seeing manta rays. During your Komodo sailing trip in August, you were able to swim with almost 15 manta rays. August is the greatest month to see mola molas.

The Komodo Islands are notable for their powerful currents, which also contribute to the abundance of marine life.

The liveaboard boat crews are all trained to read the tides and will select each dive site carefully based on the weather and water conditions.

One of the best things about being on a liveaboard is that you have an advantage over all the other day trip diving boats. To avoid the crowds, go diving early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The islands of Komodo and Rinca act as a bottleneck between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, creating a rollercoaster of currents and waves in Komodo National Park. Always put your trust in your divemaster and pay attention to what they say about currents and water patterns.

In case the current sweeps you off course, it’s a good idea to keep a neon diving flag or collapsible pole stored in your BC pocket. Due to the strong currents, reef hooks and gloves are also recommended.

We suggest you take Komodo diving insurance for peace of mind throughout your diving activities in case of medical issues.

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How to Create A Wonderful Day For Yourself

How to Create A Wonderful Day For Yourself

It is not surprising to find people who live a busy life and forget to enjoy it. There are so many things in life that require us to stay busy while spending time meaninglessly. However, it is not right to blame on your busyness when you can have a wonderful day. It is because you are not supposed to be controlled by those things. You need to be the one that have full control on your life. Hence, it is very possible that you are also the one who can create a great day for yourself. Is there a way to make a great day for yourself? Here are several ways you can make your day wonderful:

Be aware of how you start your day

There are many ways people do to start they day. Some of them like to wake up late as possible close to the time they have to go to work. It ends up of them being in a rush, feeling groggy, and in a bad mood for the rest of their day. There are also some others who prefer waking up early to have time to do more meaningful things. And this is the better option for you to start your day. By waking up early, you have time to prepare yourself, making plan, and stay in control. No need to feel like you are chased by time. 

Get a good night’s sleep

Some people are difficult to wake up early sometimes because they didn’t get enough sleep at night. They wake up feeling groggy and more exhausted. Hence, it is recommended that you prepare your bedtime to have good night’s sleep. Try meditation or breathing exercise if you have difficulty to relax before bedtime. Or ask professional if your lack of sleep is getting worse and affects your life. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts

This is pretty challenging because every person must have their negative thoughts especially when you are facing a new day. It requires practice to consistently fill your mind with positive thoughts. However, it is important to build self-discipline for you to think positively. It will result in lighter mood where you get to enjoy your day better. 

Practice gratitude

To help yourself navigate toward positivity, you need to count your blessings often to remind yourself that you are fortunate. The more you feel grateful with your life, the more burden lifted off of your shoulders. It will uplift your spirit significantly, and it will show in your overall attitude. 

Imagine good things to happen

Instead of worrying for tomorrow, it is best that you try to imagine good things that will happen instead. Imagine yourself a wonderful day where everything turns out to be okay. Put your mental state in something that make you feel relax and happy. Affirm positive statement to describe the goals you want to achieve for the day. Try to  believe in yourself more. And see what a wonderful day you get to experience later.

Building Better Ubud Vacation House: 7 Simple Decoration Tips

Building Better Ubud Vacation House- 5 Simple Decoration Tips You Can Do

With the rise of short-term holiday rentals in Ubud, Bali, experienced hosts understand that increasing bookings and rentals is the key to increasing revenues. If you want to have a popular villa, you’ll need to stand out in a crowded field of competitors! Great design is one of the most effective ways to do this. In this article, we’ll see how to decorate and design your Ubud holiday villa rental in the simplest way.

Decorate with Comfort in Mind

While some visitors search for the ideal villa or amenities, many others book solely on the basis of the look of your villa. They can be looking for something contemporary, charming, or comfortable. Your vacation rental should be comfortable, cozy, decluttered, and quite ‘Instagram-worthy’ to win guests’ heart. 

Decorate the Villa Ubud How Guests Would Like It

When you host on Airbnb, you want to make sure your guests enjoy the greatest possible experience. You can often make a great difference in a guest’s experience by decorating the way how people who want to relax like it. With this in mind, be sure to provide:

  • Ample of personal space
  • Multi-functional spaces
  • Comfy seaters
  • Plenty of storage spaces for storing clothes and things!

Painting the Villa

Improves the appearance of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is inexpensive, can be completed in a weekend, and can transform your room. If you want to give your home some character, stick to neutral hues. Don’t use too bright colours like hot pink or yellow. You can also look at Sherwin-Williams’ Timeless Color collection for ideas that will appeal to a wide audience.

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Give Your Ubud House A Personality

Give Your Ubud House A Personality

Give your villa and it rooms a character by employing a preferred decorating as a theme. One item can be used to inspire color schemes, wall art, window treatments, and lighting, among other things. Choose a theme that you enjoy or are passionate about. Alternatively, keep it local by combining images of your favorite trips and pieces from local craftsmen to decorate with a traditional Balinese motif.

Dress Up the Living Room

The way you decorate your living space makes a big difference. Pillows can be placed on the couch, a rug can be placed on the coffee table, and perhaps even the walls can be painted. You don’t have to go over budget to do this, and there are a variety of options. If your villa Ubud Bali have a private pool, you can out some elements from the living room o the pool side to maintain the continuity of the theme.

Decorating the Most Important Part: The Bedroom

Decorating the Most Important Part- The Bedroom

Choosing a theme that will appeal to your desired target audience, buying durable furniture that can be readily changed, segmenting and outfitting the room, and finally adding carpets, lighting, and artwork are all part of a successful bedroom décor. Constructing a bedroom for a villa Ubud Bali differs significantly from designing an apartment for a single person.

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Give Special Attention to the Kitchen

If you’re renting a villa, you’re probably aware that the kitchen comes equipped with all of the required culinary gear, but dinnerware selection is as crucial. Choose dinnerware that complements your color palette to suit your décor style. If you match your dinnerware to your kitchen accessories, such as utensil holders and tablecloths, you may get a matched effect.

Other small things that makes your villa’s kitchen looks better:

  • Keep your countertop clean
  • Use high-quality material for kitchen sinks so it won’t rust for a long time
  • Remove stains from the kitchen

Planning A Safe And Joyful Solo Travel As A Woman

Even though we are living in such a modern society now, travelling safely as a woman is still considered as challenging. Women travelers don’t receive equal treatment especially when they are travelling solo. There are different risks and dangers that make why some women refuse to travel alone. However, this should not discourage you from having a great adventure of your life as female traveler. You can rock your trip safely by planning it well.

A young woman kayaks through the backwaters of Monroe Island in Kollam District, Kerala, South India.

How to travel safely and comfortably as a woman

It is not impossible for female travelers to have a great experience travelling all around the world without putting themselves in danger. The key is to have a good plan and follow guide from seasoned travelers. So here are some useful tips for female travelers to venture the world safely:

Consider getting a travel insurance

If you don’t have travel insurance, might as well consider buying one now especially if you plan on having a trip. It is indeed expensive but it is very reliable for a trip that is mostly unpredictable regardless how meticulous you are with your preparation. You should expect for the unexpected and travel insurance is what can cover the expenses during unpredictable times throughout your trip.

Get vaccinated in advance

Prior the trip, make sure to get vaccinated especially if you are planning on visiting high-risk destinations. You don’t want to return with a disease or virus hijacking your body. Find more information about needed vaccinations for each country then talk to your doctor. 

Prepare all necessary documents

Prepare all document needed for smooth travel. Also, make sure to have copy of them both in electronic and physical forms. It is to anticipate if you lose your documents during your trip. Also, it will be beneficial to download useful apps on your phone prior the trip. Hence, you can navigate your trip better. 

Get the best travel gears

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to buy some basic travel gears. The most important thing is that you choose the ones you really need. Pack light and smart so that you won’t end up dragging a huge luggage through the entire trip. 

Learn basic self-defense

It will be very helpful if you learn self-defense. It helps you to keep your confidence while exploring new places. You know how to defense yourself and get out of dangerous situation. You will feel more assured when you have self-defense skill because you know you can handle yourself even when you are alone and no one to rely on. 

Educate yourself and stay in safe zone 

Educate yourself about your destination, its culture, potential risks, threats, transport, travel scams, etc. This helps you to feel more prepared because you know what to expect. Always stay in the safe zone such as avoiding secluded places, booking the best accommodation, dressing appropriately, etc. Also, trust your gut since it is your most powerful compass to rely on in any given situation so you are able to make the right decision.

Labuan Bajo Open Trip, Explore the Charm of East Indonesia

Choosing an open trip to Labuan Bajo can be said to be difficult and easy. Open trip Labuan Bajo service providers are already widely scattered on Instagram and on the Google search engine. However, news of open trip scams often haunts adventurers. How to choose an open trip Labuan Bajo and explore the charm of east Indonesia?

Labuan Bajo Port with Phinisi Boat and speedboat transportation

A credible Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Cheap prices are often deceptive, so the first thing to pay attention to is the credibility of the open trip. Professional or not an open trip, not only seen from the website page.

In the past, websites with paid domains were a reference for trust, now websites with .com or domains can be dubious because the cost of making websites and domains is very cheap.

Tricks for choosing an open trip to Labuan Bajo

Don’t just look at the travel agent’s website. Pay attention to their social media. First, check your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account.

It’s not just looking at the high number of likes or followers. Most importantly, the engagement that the owner of the open trip builds with his followers. If the interaction is good, many give positive comments, the open trip service can be trusted for its credibility.

Don’t get hung up on cheap open trip prices

To note, normally, the price for an open trip to Labuan Bajo 3 days 2 nights ranges from IDR 2 million to 2.5 million for 8-12 people. Meanwhile, if there are only five of you, the cost is around IDR 3 million per person. The fewer the number of participants on the tour, the more expensive the price to be paid. The facilities and services provided also affect the price you pay.

The price you pay includes the cost of the ship live on board for 3 days (AC Cabin), meals during the trip on the ship, mineral water, tea and coffee, guide, life jacket, documentation, snorkeling equipment (masks and snorkel), standard first aid kit, admission ticket, pick up at hotel or airport.

Well, if you get an open trip price that is far from the normal price or even too expensive, it’s better to be vigilant.

Plan your itinerary

Most importantly, the itinerary. Itinerary or travel plans are crucial when on vacation.

Pay attention to which destinations are offered and adjust to your wishes. Usually, the open trip provides several choices of popular destinations such as Kelor Island, Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Manta Point, Gili Lawa, and Kanawa Island.

However, if you want a city & cultural tour, you should look for an open trip to Labuan Bajo that provides these destinations.

Contact the open trip admin to be more convincing

After you are sure of open trip service of your choice, contact the admin of the open trip. Well, from here you will know how professional the open trip is.

If the open trip admin replies to your message briefly, you should be suspicious. Because the service industry will provide the best service.

In addition, if you contact directly by telephone, then answer in a polite and friendly manner, you can trust the open trip service. However, stay alert.

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Unnecessary Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Trip

It is true that regardless how meticulous you are with your travel plan, there are going to be mishaps here and there. However, more preparations and cautions allow you to reduce the risks of making mistakes or encounter major mishaps. Also, it is better to avoid making mistakes then feeling unbothered but you face the consequences later. There are some unnecessary or dumb mistakes you can actually prevent from happening from the start. And here are several of them:

Image Resource: travelweekly

Risking your life just for a selfie

There have been many reports about accidents and death due to taking selfie in not-so safe ways. Many travelers died for taking a selfie. Some of the causes are travelers being washed away by waves on the beach, taking pictures in too close to running train, or snapping photos at the edge of the cliffs. Those are dumb ways for you to die. Keep in mind that interesting travel photos can be taken in so many ways without risking your life. Always prioritize your safety first during your trip.

Not preparing the requirements of your visa and passport

Just imagine you plan your trip for months just to cancel it in the last minute when you get to the airport because you don’t have the visa requirements you need to enter the country. This is one of the worst nightmares of travelers. Hence, always check your passport and visa requirement at the very beginning of your travel preparation to ensure you have everything ready. If you forget items such as body lotion, razor, or t-shirt, you can buy them during your arrival. So focus more on what matters the most with your travel plan. 

Overpacking your schedule

It is understandable that you don’t get to travel many times in a year so once you have the chance to do it, you want to make the most out of it. However, overscheduling is not the answer for that. Instead of trying to see as many places as possible, you may consider adopting slow travel approach. You only select few attractions to visit and see them thoroughly to fully get the best experience. It allows you to fully enjoy your trip and appreciate the little things on your surroundings. 

Not checking bedbugs

You will regret it the time when you wake up with red marks all over your body and constant itchiness. Bedbugs are something you should not take as a joke because they are really nasty and hard to handle. It is best to read the reviews before booking a hotel room to see what the previous guests have to talk about the condition of the room. And when you arrive at the hotel room, make sure to investigate the mattress headboards, and box spring to see if there are any bedbugs chilling out. If there are signs of bedbugs, ask for different room and tell the reason to the hotel staff. Also, wash your belonging immediately once you return to your home to avoid bedbugs infested into anything in your house.

Flores Komodo Tour, Guide to Island Hopping

Flores tour packages are a real adventure, staying on the boat for days, spanning islands big and small. It’s a few islands up the chain from Bali, and it’s the starting point for more isolated excursions. Flores Komodo tour, snorkeling in the protected waters of the 17 Islands Marine Park and climbing Mount Kelimutu’s sacred top are all options. Church spires punctuate Flores’ skyline amid volcanic mountains and clusters of thatched-roof dwellings, indicating that Catholicism is the main faith.

Flores Komodo Tour, Guide to Island Hopping

Flores Komodo Tour, How to see Komodo Dragon

If you plan to visit Flores, you should book a Flores tour package. In this essay, we’ll explain which Flores Komodo tour is best for seeing komodo dragons. The iconic pink beach, Komodo National Park, and breathtaking vistas from Padar Island are included.

Aside from vacationing in Bali or the Gili Islands, Flores is a must-see destination. You must visit if you want to observe rare creatures, breathtaking scenery, or spend a few hours on an isolated island.

Flores komodo boat tour

Yacht Labuan Bajo is always available and many boat providers offer attractive packages to explore Flores, Komodo National Park from Bali, and Labuan Bajo. Flying into Bali, which has good long-haul flight connections, is the simplest way to travel to Flores. After spending the night in Bali, take a local aircraft to Labuan Bajo on Flores’ western tip.

For solo traveling, you can go directly to the pier to take a fishing boat that design into a private boat. This ship will take you to explore Komodo National Park. You can be the first to put foot on shore the next morning if you moor near to the islands.

If you go with a group, renting a private boat from Labuan Bajo is highly recommend. A private boat gave us more flexibility. You can negotiate with the Flores Komodo tour provider to design an itinerary to reach popular tourist destinations with spectacular views. It is very possible if you want to try to negotiate prices with snorkeling facilities and diving equipment or other water activities.

Private boat Flores Komodo tour is the right choice for island hopping. You will save a lot of time to reach many small and big islands. You will stay for days on a private boat with complete facilities and as comfortable as a five-star hotel. If you land and trekking to see the Komodo dragon, do not turn your back on your guide. You are completely safe, and he knows where to find you and will defend you. A few tourists were assaulted by dragons after walking away from their escorts to grab a selfie or photograph.

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Get Fun Korean Experiences At This Little Cafe In Yogyakarta

Korean wave is everywhere since these pas few years. It might have started with the K-dramas and K-pop and now people have that Korean fever. Today, lots of people are more and more interesting on Korean culture. Almost in every country, there are places that offer Korean experiences such as hotels, cafes, etc. And if you are Indonesian and cannot afford travelling to South Korea yet, might as well visiting this one little cafe called Chingu in Yogyakarta.

Various Korean experiences to enjoy during your visit at Chingu Cafe

Yogyakarta itself is one of the most visited destinations for both domestic and international tourists. There are so many attractions you get to visit.  And for you who are a fan of Korean culture, there is this little cafe called Chingu in Yogyakarta worth visiting for. Here you will get to enjoy Korean vibes without travelling to Seoul. What kind of experiences are they? Here are the details:

Enjoy traditional Korean dining

South Korea is very famous for their unique foods. And in this cafe, you will get to experience Korean dining at its finest. There are three different Korean dining venues in this cafe you get to choose. If you like something more traditional, you can choose the traditional Bukchon Hanok Village where you will be seated on floor mats to enjoy your meals. Or, you can choose Chagiya Korean BBQ to of course enjoy Korean style BBQ but in more casual tradition with open grill and cook the meats together by yourselves. You can also hang out at the indoor Chingu Cafe to enjoy Korean desserts while enjoying beautiful views of Sakura tree. 

Experience how to dine at Myeong-Dong 

Myeong-dong is one of the most famous districts in South Korea especially because of their BBQ. At Chingu cafe, you get to experience how it is like to enjoy BBQ at the infamous Myeong-dong street. Grill your own meats of a comforting platter and dip them in a melted cheese. The special about this BBQ experience is the meats that are tender, fresh, and juicy. If you are spicy lovers, don’t forget to dip your wrapped meats into special spicy sauce that will absolutely kick some senses into your head. Also, do not skip the Korean street foods at this district. They are not only delicious but also hearty, and cheap. Odeng, Tteokbokki, and corndog are favorite Korean street foods you must try while visiting this cafe. 

Dress up like a true Korean

In this cafe, you can also visit one section that is filled with traditional Korean dress called Hanbok. They are beautiful, colorful, and unique, dress like a Korean and stroll down the Koreatown at this cafe. Don’t forget to pose and take some Instagram-worthy pictures for your memory. While you are dressing up in Hanbok, visit other sections such as Dongdaemun Street and Cheonggyecheon River. Before going home, don’t forget to shop some K-beauty items to perfect your skincare routine and have that glass skin Koreans rave about.

Embark Your Sailing with Luxury Yachts Indonesia

Everything you’ll need to make your dream Indonesian boat charter a reality. Indonesian luxury yachts charter provide a stunning combination of untamed natural beauty, unmatched dive locations, and unique cultural experiences.

They are currently experiencing a resurgence as luxury boats for high-end tourists. As you cruise amongst the Indonesian islands, you will be astounded by the diversity, culture, and personalities of each island. Indonesia’s national motto is “Unity in Diversity” for a reason.

4 recommended luxury yachts

Lonestar liveaboard

Lonestar is a roomy 85-foot catamaran designed by Van Peteghen & Lauriot Prévost, a renowned racing sailing boat architect. It is fast, comfortable, and luxurious. Lonestar will be an ideal alternative for anyone seeking a private sailing experience in Indonesia, with 6 staterooms to accommodate up to 12 persons and all creature comforts.

Lonestar liveaboard luxury yacht - lounge


  • 4 double bed cabins
  • 2 twin bed cabins
  • Outdor deck
  • lounge & bar
  • air conditioning
  • how water
  • Leisure equipment
  • snorkling gear
  • diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • standup paddle
  • speedboat
  • finishing gear
  • wakeboard

Alexa liveaboard

Alexa has a carefree romantic style that invites people to follow their dreams and go wherever they want to go. The happy couple will rest on the expansive deck, which is equipped with shaded sun loungers. Guests can tailor their dining experience by dining indoors in the air-conditioned lounge, outside on the deck under the stars, or at a table for two on a private beach. Meals are prepared according to the preferences of the guests and are made with fresh local products.

alexa liveaboard


  • 1 suite cabin
  • open-air dining area
  • lounge
  • sunbeds
  • tv lounge
  • library

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling & diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • paddleboards
  • fishing gear

Mahodaya liveaboard

The custom-built Mahodaya, formerly known as the Amanikan, enters a new age while keeping its original style, unique service, and crew. With only three staterooms and ten crew members, the Mahodaya offers a personal experience with great service, making it ideal for a family or small group.

mahodaya liveaboard

On the foredeck of Mahodaya, you’ll find an outdoor dining and bar area where you may enjoy an a la carte dinner prepared with fresh local products. Each cabin has a deck where you may relax and take in the sights of the Indonesian archipelago.


  • master suite
  • cabin with queen bed
  • stateroom with 2 twin beds
  • wine cellar
  • lounge & bar

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling & diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • stand up paddles
  • speedboat
  • finishing equipment
  • WIFI

Aliikai liveaboard

Aliikai’s hull began to take shape in 2005, at the same time the keel was built, using the strongest ironwood from Sulawesi and wisdom passed down through generations. The project was finished in 2007. Aliikai has two 28-meter masts and seven sails, with a total sail area of roughly 450 square meters. Aliikai is equipped with cutting-edge technology and comfort to provide travelers with an unforgettable trip.

aliikai liveaboard - master cabin


  • 2 master cabins with private terrasse
  • 2 double bed
  • 1 double & single bed
  • 2 double bed cabins
  • “Zen” area
  • dive centre
  • camera room
  • lounge room
  • outdoor deck
  • indoor dining area

Leisure equipment

  • snorkeling equipment
  • nitrox
  • diving equipment
  • kayaks
  • standup paddle
  • beach games
  • speedboats
  • wakeboard