What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

Beside Tulamben and Nusa Penida, Amed is a popular diving destination in Bali. Amed is especially popular among macro and muck dive fans, but the region appeals for all kind of divers. Thanks to the beautiful coral landscape underneath the water and some signature dive sites, the Amed Wall and Amed Pyramids, Amed grows into a lively small neighbourhood consisting humble dive shops and dive schools, quiet resorts, homestay, local restaurants, and some pampering spas for after-dive relaxation. This small town nestled in the north east Bali. Far from the hustle and bustles of mainstream tourism in the south. Amed offers not only great diving experience, but also tranquility and connectedness to the nature. 

What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

Amed’s underwater life boasts bursting corals, sea turtles, amusing artificial reefs, and dozen other attraction. Diving in Amed is vibrant and the community is supportive. This region is a must for every divers looking for a leisure yet fulfilling dive in Bali. And here are few of many things you can enjoy in Amed. 

Amed Wall Diving

The spectacular Amed Wall dive is located just 5 minutes away from the Amed beach. The wall start from 10 meters below the surface and descend to 35 meters down. White tip sharks often patrols around the wall, while napoleon wrasse and school of batfish get busy round and about the blooming coral wall. You will probably see some big trevally fishes hanging around, too. If you are certified for deep diving, you will have the chance to spot the rare pink pygmy seahorses between gorgonian fans after 30 meters depth!

The Big Fishes

Big fish lovers won’t be disappointed as Amed has plenty of them! Head to Bunutan and Gili Selang dive sites. The Bunutan is home to snappers and reef sharks as well as garden eels who like to hide around the corals. Gili Selang offers more challenging dive, with stronger currents and tides. However, stronger currents means richer nutrients and that attracts more pelagic such as reef sharks and hammerhead sharks, tuna, and barracuda. On rare occasion, Mola mola the sunfish are also spotted in this site, so test your luck!  

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Muck Diving

What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

With abundant sea critters living in the sandy bottoms, Amed diving offers outstanding muck dive that would please any macro enthusiast! The Ghost Bay gives top class muck diving experience. The site consist of brown, almost muddy sea floor with bits of broken corals and rocks. This is an ideal environment for sea critters to thrive and hide from predators. Highlight of the dive includes tiger shrimps, Harlequin shrimps, frogfish, nudibranchs on all colours, ornate ghost pipefish, mini octopus, and if you are lucky, the pigmy seahorses. Many divers also report seeing coconut octopus and bobtail squid!

Amed Pyramid Diving

The Pyramids are iconic to Amed. This is a shallow dive site with only 5 – 20 meters depth, which make it great for beginners, free divers, and snorkelers alike. The site is named after concrete  pyramids on Balinese style planted on the ocean floor, which act as artifical reefs for the corals. It was part of the conservationists and divers to attract more marine animals to the area. You’ll see that the mission succeed, as you’ll see plenty of snappers, pipefish, eels, and Harlequin sweet lips wander round and about the area. Sometimes you can even see sea turtles and the majestic rays passing, which is a delight to every diver!