3 Adventurous Scuba Diving Spots in Bali for Beginners

Travellers may are thinking that the beginners aren’t perfectly suit to get the adventurous scuba diving experiences for spending their holidays. At first, it may caused by the safety priority for their self. But later on, it all depending on your guts and how good are you in getting to know about the diving world itself.

Paying attention to what the professional scuba divers are saying may still recommended, but to be honest, you will never know your diving limit if you have not been challenging yourself for the adventurous scuba diving holidays especially when you are the beginners.

The main reason why I am encouraging you to experience these adventurous scuba diving holiday spots is because there more safest place on earth for that. And it doesn’t matter if you are the beginner or a pro, you are always got a time to decide whether or not you are going for it someday.

Some of safely adventurous scuba diving holiday spots for even totally the beginners as below.

1. USAT Liberty shipwreck dive spot in Tulamben, Bali

USAT Linerty Bali - Scuba diving spot holidays for beginners

Tulamben is at Karangasem regency in Bali. It is a tiny fishing village located on the north-east coast of Bali and it is pretty much getting more exposure from travellers until today especially those who are a big fan of the wreck dive idea.

One of the reason why you and many other travellers will love about the dive spot is, there has been the sunk USAT Liberty sine before and has around 120 metres shipwreck at the dive spot. This spot is recommended for your next scuba diving holidays is because the the wreck is submerged in only around 20 metres of seawater that will make the beginners will also possible to experiencing it.

Not only that, this wreck dive spot in Bali is also accessible for any kind of divers. If many of you are thinking that it would be best for your first adventurous scuba diving holidays as the beginners, it is even truly recommended for the first-time diver as well.

To get more best and unique experiences in this wreck spot, you are always possible to book the night scuba diving experience to see how this spot will be transformed itself at night and meet with the other awaken creatures.

2. Japanese wreck in Amed beach

In average, the depth of the Japanese wreck is started from 6 to 12 metres under. There you will find the 20 metres shipwreck that only located around 35 or 40 metres from the beach. You can even see clearly the dive flag as the sign of this spot.

This Japanese wreck itself is very easy and safe to dive for even beginner scuba divers.

Japanese Wreck - Scuba diving holidays for beginners in Bali

Moreover, its depth is even less then our first candidate on above. You don’t also need to worry about the current here and the only thing you will need to know is the shipwreck itself is lies on a silty sand. So, the more divers, the high change they will increase the turbidity of the water.

Make sure that you are not diving at Japanese wreck in Amed beach or Banyuning village in high season or ensure that the travel package of scuba diving holidays for beginners you are going to book for the weekend will suggesting you the best time to visit the dive spot.

Another thing you need to know about the Japanese wreck dive spot is you’d better prepare your professional camera for its underwater beauty. Even, it is truly recommended if you are a big fan of the macro photography.

3. Coral Garden dive spot

Around 300 metres from the USAT Liberty wreck spot, you will find an exotic, wildlife and very diverse dive spot called as the Coral Garden that will spoiling your eyes to paradise for its beauty.

For the new beginners scuba divers, this is the perfect place to start your dive adventure. Not only that you are possible to visit 2 dive spots in a day, but in case you are requiring to see the anemonefish, man-made reef in shape of aeroplane that had been there for years, or many blue ribbon eels, but you can also meet the ghost pipefish, scorpionfish up to the reef shark.

On a perfect day, you are possible to get the visibility up to 40 metres ahead but knowing that this healthy water is rich of flora and fauna as well as the artificial aeroplane, it is also recommended that if you are spending your scuba diving holidays as the beginners in here, night will be the best moment to dive in.

Those are 3 adventurous scuba diving spots for your holidays in Bali as the first-time and beginner divers. Enjoy the dive site and let me know if you have more adventurous ideas you’d like to experience in Bali.