How To Choose Your Best Surf Camp Provider In 7 Steps

Who would have guessed that a surfing holiday can be luxury? Through a surf school or camp trip idea, getting to know how to ride the waves and knowing the other surfers while staying in a luxury accommodation are actually have been the real things. But, how you are choosing your best surf camp so you can really enjoy your holiday at its best?

How to choose the best surf camp for your holiday?

Surfing may not for everyone, but it is worth trying for all of us. Some of us may think that they don’t really need to know how to surf while the rest have felt the call to go out and surfing. If you have to answering that call but have no idea where to getting it started, then I will guide you in how to choose your best surf camp provider in some short steps ahead.

1. Find a surf camp provider with years of experiences!

Talking about quality in many aspects and perspectives, mostly time can be the only one prove that whether or not a service provider is qualified. So does in choosing the best surf camp provider for your holiday, you’d better searching for the long-established company.

It is also beneficial to ensure that the company will serving their surfers in more safer and more comfortable ways ever since years of experiences have been teaching the team to do so.

2. The surf camp provider should give the lessons in safer environment and so does when practicing on water

If you can find the nearby surf camp with your home, that can even be better since you may have been familiar with the environment and the sea and all the rocky stuffs inside it. Especially when you are the beginner that have to be safer while on water.

Surfing surely is fun but when the waves getting you below the surface and the beach is pretty much rocky, you know that will be a place you have never wanted it especially as a beginner surfer. You need safer spot to practice. And even though sometimes being injured can’t be avoided, at least it won’t be the worst one.

You will need a safer environment that can make you feel comfortable with the breaks and if will be possible, no tricky currents and rocky bottom at all.

3. A surf camp provider should have the certified instructors, all of them

We are living in a world where a teacher is not those who are teaching but those who have graduated from required education level with diploma on their names and find an institution like school and start teaching. I am sure that there are many surfers out there with years of experiences. But, do they even certified when they want to open a class or course?

It is questionable if a surf camp provider didn’t fully-licensed their professional surfers. And if a surf company is telling you that they are an international company, make sure that their professionals are accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

4. A surf class or course should haven’t featured with many surfers especially the beginner class

The funny thing about being a beginner surfer is you will feel special when an instructor is paying attention and guiding you as if in a private class while the other may are bragging about why you aren’t them. The more first-time surfers in a class, the worst for the instructors and the students won’t also get an effective surf lessons especially when someone or two need to ask questions and there will be a short discussion session.

Someone and could be many may are believing that a surf course shouldn’t features more than eight beginners to run an efficient and effective lessons and surf session.

5. A surf camp provider is allowing the surfers not to bring their own gears

Many surfers are traveling across the countries and even continents just to find a better course in a surf camp while spending their holidays. Imagine if you have to bring all your surf gears all the way to the destinations, that will cost you a lot of money for the flight luggage and can be the car rental as well to bring all of your gears.

But when a surf camp provider you are choosing is even promising you not to, that will be great.

6. The accommodation should be closer to the beach where the class is begun

Barefoot walking to the beach is amazing and if you can really experiences it especially if it is a place where a surf camp course is started. I mean, there may a surf camp activities that can be held in several places. If that will be the case, than it won’t be a problem as it is a trip package. But if the places are giving hassles without any different with the first place or beach, then why keep on moving?

It can also be better if in an accommodation itself has interesting stuffs or outdoor features that can be used for a camp activity or getting all the surfers together while doing some things.

7. Choose a surf camp that provides you the itinerary

As a surf camp itself is actually a travel package as well, I think that will be interesting if there will be the other things to do out of surfing activity and will be scheduled by the provider.

Surf camp focusing on a course to learn how to surf but sometimes it takes up to a week. That will the long days to spend without exploring and experiencing the area, culture, art, etc in your surf camp destinations.

What else do you need to know and do when choosing the best surf camp for your next holidays?