Flores Komodo Tour, Guide to Island Hopping

Flores tour packages are a real adventure, staying on the boat for days, spanning islands big and small. It’s a few islands up the chain from Bali, and it’s the starting point for more isolated excursions. Flores Komodo tour, snorkeling in the protected waters of the 17 Islands Marine Park and climbing Mount Kelimutu’s sacred top are all options. Church spires punctuate Flores’ skyline amid volcanic mountains and clusters of thatched-roof dwellings, indicating that Catholicism is the main faith.

Flores Komodo Tour, Guide to Island Hopping

Flores Komodo Tour, How to see Komodo Dragon

If you plan to visit Flores, you should book a Flores tour package. In this essay, we’ll explain which Flores Komodo tour is best for seeing komodo dragons. The iconic pink beach, Komodo National Park, and breathtaking vistas from Padar Island are included.

Aside from vacationing in Bali or the Gili Islands, Flores is a must-see destination. You must visit if you want to observe rare creatures, breathtaking scenery, or spend a few hours on an isolated island.

Flores komodo boat tour

Yacht Labuan Bajo is always available and many boat providers offer attractive packages to explore Flores, Komodo National Park from Bali, and Labuan Bajo. Flying into Bali, which has good long-haul flight connections, is the simplest way to travel to Flores. After spending the night in Bali, take a local aircraft to Labuan Bajo on Flores’ western tip.

For solo traveling, you can go directly to the pier to take a fishing boat that design into a private boat. This ship will take you to explore Komodo National Park. You can be the first to put foot on shore the next morning if you moor near to the islands.

If you go with a group, renting a private boat from Labuan Bajo is highly recommend. A private boat gave us more flexibility. You can negotiate with the Flores Komodo tour provider to design an itinerary to reach popular tourist destinations with spectacular views. It is very possible if you want to try to negotiate prices with snorkeling facilities and diving equipment or other water activities.

Private boat Flores Komodo tour is the right choice for island hopping. You will save a lot of time to reach many small and big islands. You will stay for days on a private boat with complete facilities and as comfortable as a five-star hotel. If you land and trekking to see the Komodo dragon, do not turn your back on your guide. You are completely safe, and he knows where to find you and will defend you. A few tourists were assaulted by dragons after walking away from their escorts to grab a selfie or photograph.

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