Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Exploring Remarkable Diving Spots

Labuan Bajo, a majority of whom work as fishermen, is located at the western tip of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This super-priority destination saves spectacular natural beauty and world-famous ancient animals. As a storied port city, Labuan Bajo offers views of the rolling green plains. Open trip Labuan Bajo tourism is synonymous with island hopping, diving, and snorkeling activities. This one destination is also a destination for photography lovers because of the iconic Padar island with its hill-shaped island and the gradation of the blue sea in the background. Labuan Bajo trip is definitely the only way for you to reach the many islands in Komodo National Park and its surroundings.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo, Exploring Remarkable Diving Spots

Open trip Labuan Bajo, Gateway to Heaven on Earth

A boat is a means of transportation that helps tourists explore each island. Open trip Labuan Bajo by boat have quite a variety of prices, depending on the destination, comfort, and facilities you get during the trip. For diving lovers, the Labuan Bajo liveaboard will certainly be very comfortable because you will arrive right at many dive spots. Labuan Bajo cruises provide sharing/private cabins, meals, and even snorkeling and diving equipment. Then, where does the open trip to Labuan Bajo take you to the best destination spots?

Labuan Bajo trip to Komodo island

Komodo Island is a tourist spot that has the greatest attraction among tourists. Tourists will see the life of the endangered Komodo dragon by doing trekking. 3 trekking options, short track, medium track, and long track. Open trip Labuan Bajo usually does not include Komodo island entry fees, and you must prepare cash. Rangers will accompany tourists and direct tourists to explore the best spots during trekking. The expanse of the savanna and the blue sea will amaze you. The panoramic beauty of Komodo island and its rare animals is perfect for photographer lovers.

Open trip Labuan Bajo to Rinca island

Rinca Island is included in the Komodo National Park area and is not far from Komodo Island. This island is also a habitat for rare animals, Komodo with a super beautiful view that is not inferior to its neighboring islands. Tourists can also do trekking activities with the assistance of a ranger, of course with a more challenging exploration path.

Manta Point

Manta point is one of the favorites and special dive spots. In this one dive spot, tourists will get to grips with a rare and protected animal, the manta ray. Diving and getting close to stingrays offers a unique and memorable experience. Of course, you have to dive under the supervision of a diving guide. The ocean currents in the Komodo National Park area are quite strong and will be dangerous because you are not familiar with the conditions of the dive area.