Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

When you travel, you have your own goals of what you want to do once you get there, where to visit, what food to eat, etc. If you are bike lovers, might as well choosing bike-friendly places. There are plenty of bike-friendly cities around the world that can be your destinations for your next travel plan. Cycling or biking are not only healthy but also fun to do especially if the places are enjoyable and beautiful. 

Most Stunning Cities Around The World To Bike

Ideal places around the world to bike

The most ideal places to bike is those with better weather, safe trails, and pretty views. These kind of places are most sought by bike-enthusiasts and here are some of the most recommended cities around the world enjoyable for biking:

Paris, France

This city is full of romance and many lovers come to visit it each year. It has become one of the most popular cities int he world especially because lots of travelers who want to see Eiffel Tower. However, it is not the only destination you can visit when it comes to Paris. There are many sites to explore from parks, beaches, street arts, to historic landmarks. Another best thing about the city is that it has implemented many eco-friendly initiatives which makes it more cyclist-friendly now. Green spaces and parks are not hard to find as well. It is also said that there have been active ban to certain vehicles that don’t meet the regulation. Hence, it makes it more enjoyable for this city to be explored by cycling. You can do it while travelling solo or with your travel buddies. 

Miami, The U.S.

The U.S sounds nothing like bike-friendly place to enjoy. Most of people though that it is a place where you will find only crowd and buzz of big cities. However, it is not always the case because the U.S . also has Miami, which is cyclist-friendly city for bike-enthusiasts. The weather of this city is warm enough for you to enjoy the wind while cycling. You can do it practically anytime of the year since the weather is warm and comfortable enough. You can get outside and explore various sites offered by the city from parks to modern landmarks. There are many bike routes you can follow during your visit to this beautiful city. Not to mention that Miami also has such picturesque view to bless your eyes while cycling. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place is one of the most ideal places for cycling. Thailand itself is such a beautiful country full of charms from many aspects such as culture, food, and art. This place is considered gorgeous due to its scenic routes that makes it ideal for biking. Follow those routes to lead you to the most stunning sites such as sacred temples and mountain ranges. When biking around this city, don’t forget to take a break and buy some street foods. There are plenty of them with affordable prices and rich flavors. Take your time exploring and enjoying the city with your loved bike.