Get Fun Korean Experiences At This Little Cafe In Yogyakarta

Korean wave is everywhere since these pas few years. It might have started with the K-dramas and K-pop and now people have that Korean fever. Today, lots of people are more and more interesting on Korean culture. Almost in every country, there are places that offer Korean experiences such as hotels, cafes, etc. And if you are Indonesian and cannot afford travelling to South Korea yet, might as well visiting this one little cafe called Chingu in Yogyakarta.

Various Korean experiences to enjoy during your visit at Chingu Cafe

Yogyakarta itself is one of the most visited destinations for both domestic and international tourists. There are so many attractions you get to visit.  And for you who are a fan of Korean culture, there is this little cafe called Chingu in Yogyakarta worth visiting for. Here you will get to enjoy Korean vibes without travelling to Seoul. What kind of experiences are they? Here are the details:

Enjoy traditional Korean dining

South Korea is very famous for their unique foods. And in this cafe, you will get to experience Korean dining at its finest. There are three different Korean dining venues in this cafe you get to choose. If you like something more traditional, you can choose the traditional Bukchon Hanok Village where you will be seated on floor mats to enjoy your meals. Or, you can choose Chagiya Korean BBQ to of course enjoy Korean style BBQ but in more casual tradition with open grill and cook the meats together by yourselves. You can also hang out at the indoor Chingu Cafe to enjoy Korean desserts while enjoying beautiful views of Sakura tree. 

Experience how to dine at Myeong-Dong 

Myeong-dong is one of the most famous districts in South Korea especially because of their BBQ. At Chingu cafe, you get to experience how it is like to enjoy BBQ at the infamous Myeong-dong street. Grill your own meats of a comforting platter and dip them in a melted cheese. The special about this BBQ experience is the meats that are tender, fresh, and juicy. If you are spicy lovers, don’t forget to dip your wrapped meats into special spicy sauce that will absolutely kick some senses into your head. Also, do not skip the Korean street foods at this district. They are not only delicious but also hearty, and cheap. Odeng, Tteokbokki, and corndog are favorite Korean street foods you must try while visiting this cafe. 

Dress up like a true Korean

In this cafe, you can also visit one section that is filled with traditional Korean dress called Hanbok. They are beautiful, colorful, and unique, dress like a Korean and stroll down the Koreatown at this cafe. Don’t forget to pose and take some Instagram-worthy pictures for your memory. While you are dressing up in Hanbok, visit other sections such as Dongdaemun Street and Cheonggyecheon River. Before going home, don’t forget to shop some K-beauty items to perfect your skincare routine and have that glass skin Koreans rave about.