Unnecessary Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Trip

It is true that regardless how meticulous you are with your travel plan, there are going to be mishaps here and there. However, more preparations and cautions allow you to reduce the risks of making mistakes or encounter major mishaps. Also, it is better to avoid making mistakes then feeling unbothered but you face the consequences later. There are some unnecessary or dumb mistakes you can actually prevent from happening from the start. And here are several of them:

Image Resource: travelweekly

Risking your life just for a selfie

There have been many reports about accidents and death due to taking selfie in not-so safe ways. Many travelers died for taking a selfie. Some of the causes are travelers being washed away by waves on the beach, taking pictures in too close to running train, or snapping photos at the edge of the cliffs. Those are dumb ways for you to die. Keep in mind that interesting travel photos can be taken in so many ways without risking your life. Always prioritize your safety first during your trip.

Not preparing the requirements of your visa and passport

Just imagine you plan your trip for months just to cancel it in the last minute when you get to the airport because you don’t have the visa requirements you need to enter the country. This is one of the worst nightmares of travelers. Hence, always check your passport and visa requirement at the very beginning of your travel preparation to ensure you have everything ready. If you forget items such as body lotion, razor, or t-shirt, you can buy them during your arrival. So focus more on what matters the most with your travel plan. 

Overpacking your schedule

It is understandable that you don’t get to travel many times in a year so once you have the chance to do it, you want to make the most out of it. However, overscheduling is not the answer for that. Instead of trying to see as many places as possible, you may consider adopting slow travel approach. You only select few attractions to visit and see them thoroughly to fully get the best experience. It allows you to fully enjoy your trip and appreciate the little things on your surroundings. 

Not checking bedbugs

You will regret it the time when you wake up with red marks all over your body and constant itchiness. Bedbugs are something you should not take as a joke because they are really nasty and hard to handle. It is best to read the reviews before booking a hotel room to see what the previous guests have to talk about the condition of the room. And when you arrive at the hotel room, make sure to investigate the mattress headboards, and box spring to see if there are any bedbugs chilling out. If there are signs of bedbugs, ask for different room and tell the reason to the hotel staff. Also, wash your belonging immediately once you return to your home to avoid bedbugs infested into anything in your house.