Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Scuba diving Komodo has something and won’t let you down. Komodo national park diving is included in the top 10 best dive spots in the world. Surprising isn’t it? The popularity of Komodo dive sites not only attracts local tourists but also foreign tourists. More and more Komodo island scuba diving operators have emerged and offered a variety of options to choose the best, experienced, and trusted operator.

Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Komodo diving daily trip

Is it possible to have daily trips on Komodo island? Of course, I can! Your limited vacation time makes many operators offer daily trip dives to the best dive spots. Komodo national park diving spot is perfect for your day dives.

Komodo National Park has more than 1000 species of fish and 250 species of reef-building corals, as well as 50 dive sites. Another important piece of information is that the underwater conditions of the Komodo National Park have large currents. In fact, most of the Komodo dive sites are not suitable for beginner divers. Make sure you tell your dive level to prevent any unwanted things.

3-5 days diving trip

3-4 days diving trips are perfect for professional divers. Diving at a depth of more than 30 meters at the Komodo national park diving offers spectacular underwater views. A 3-4 days diving trip allows you to find a variety of unique marine life, large animals, such as sharks and manta rays.

One of the factors that make Komodo scuba diving so unique is that it is located on the equatorial border of 2 oceans. Komodo National Park is a migratory route for many cetaceans and it is very likely that you will see dolphins, dugongs, species of sharks, manta rays, and hundreds of fish in groups.

Komodo diving season

If you are planning to do scuba diving in Komodo, then you need to know when is the best time to dive. Komodo diving can be done all year round.

January: Technically January is the rainy season. January is the perfect time to see Manta rays and the many amazing sites south of Rinca Island and Komodo Island that you can access by phinisi boat. Komodo dive sites also offer amazing macros.

February: Still included in the rainy month, offers the opportunity for divers to explore the southern location. You’ll find plenty of manta rays and the opportunity to dive at their lowest point. Divers can also spot hammerhead and thresher sharks.

April: The start of the dry season but the wind season has not yet started which means the seawater is calm and allows you to scuba dive the Komodo dragons. If you want to dive in April, you can switch to other spots such as Castle Rock, Batu Bolong.

June & July: Komodo diving season this month in the Central and northern regions offers visibility of up to 30 meters and a water temperature of 29 degrees. In this month it will be a little difficult to meet the manta ray. This month is the Komodo dragon’s mating season, and you will find it difficult to meet a rare animal, Komodo.

October: This month the Manta Rays return to the central Komodo area. October could be the start of the Komodo scuba diving season, a favorite for professional divers. After the high season, you might consider taking a dive and exploring a little further south.

December: The beginning of the rainy season and dive sites in the south open with increased temperatures and visibility. If you want to do scuba diving in Komodo, you can go to the central area.

What Foods Should You Try When Visiting Taiwan?

Taiwan has one of the best cuisines in the world and worth travelling for. If you are planning to visit Taiwan after the pandemic is fully contained, you need to consider their food scene since there are so many wide selections of mouth-watering delights made with authenticity. Taiwanese cuisine is also influenced by many factors especially the colonizers of Dutch and Spanish, the Japanese, and the Kuomintang from China. No wonder their food options are varied in flavors and appearances. You won’t be running out of ideas of what to eat for sure. And here are some of the most recommended Taiwanese foods to try during your visit:

Danzai Noodles

This noodle dish was first introduced by Taiwanese fisherman named Hong Yu-Tou in 1895 and has become a hit since then. You can find this in various restaurant in Taiwan especially those located in Yongkang Street. There is a restaurant run by the fourth generation of Hong’s family serving the most delicious Danzai Noodles. This dish consists of chewy noodles, hot broth made with various herbs and spices, and topped with minced, braised pork, bean sprouts, bok choy, shallots, and boiled shrimp. 

Gua Bao

This is more like a food to snack on when exploring Taiwan. Gua Bao is pork buns in a palm size stuffed with braised pork, pickled cabbage called suancai, and peanuts ground. This food is also often called as Chinese hamburger especially by travelers from around the world. It is more known as street foods and you can find it almost in every corner of the street in Taiwan. Enjoy it while it is still warm and let everything melt in your mouth. 


This is such a unique Taiwanese food you must try. It is like a staple at night markets across Taiwan. To buy this, you will be given a small basket then you can help yourself buffet-style to a variety of foods served. There are marinated meats, tofu, and vegetables to choose. What you choose will be cooked by the sellers and you wait. Most recommended places to enjoy Luwei include Linjiang Street Night Market and Shida Night Market. 

Shaved Ice

This is the ultimate item for dessert lovers. This dessert treat is quite simple. It is made from ice shaved off into massive slabs of ice. The ice pile up precariously high into the bowl. You can choose many toppings such as condensed milk, tropical fruits, and red beans. Or, you can also try the creamier version of this dessert called xue hua bing which resembles snow. 

Stinky Tofu

If you want to go a little bi more extreme, might as well trying the infamous stinky tofu which is also widely known in China and Hong Kong aside from Taiwan. The stinky smell comes from the fermentation process. You can choose stinky tofu that is fried, steamed, stewed, or barbecued. It usually served with toppings such as pickled cabbage or chili sauce. Have a cup of bubble tea to freshen up your mouth.

Papua Trip, Explore 4 Super Priority Destinations

Raja Ampat is not just a diving spot with its spectacular underwater charm. Papua trip is a unique and memorable adventure experience. Super priority destinations are presented in Papua and West Papua.

Papua Tour, Surfing experience on Wafor Island

Papua is indeed famous for its extraordinary forest and mountainous landscapes. Did you know that Papua diving in Raja Ampat is not the only water activity? Wafor Island is predicted to be a competitor to Kuta Bali beach to hone your surfing skills. The position of Wafor Island is directly facing the Pacific Ocean with challenging waves in the morning and evening.

Wafor Beach is not an empty beach without residents, you can find facilities ranging from resorts, cottages, or hotels. Papua trip to Wafor Island offers a unique and challenging adventure for surfers to conquer the waves.

Papua Diving Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay National Tourism Park

For diving lovers, Cenderawasih Bay National Park is a common Papua diving. The icon that always makes Cenderawasih Bay the best diving destination is the presence of the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus).

This type of whale shark gets full protection status, relating to the entire life cycle and body parts of the whale shark. Your Papua dive trip to Cenderawasih bay will bring you to see the enormous and amazing underwater creatures.

Papua trip, The Mystery of a Pair of Lakes

Papua trip to West Papua, you must visit the Arfak mountains. Arfak mountains offer tourist attractions ranging from lakes, bird watching spots to cultural tours.

Arriving in the mountains of Arfak, tourists can find 2 lakes that are believed by local residents to be male and female. The local indigenous people named the male lake, Anggi Ginji and the female lake, Anggi Gita.

You can reach Lake Ginja by off-road vehicle in 3-4 hours. During the rainy season, the Papua trip to Lake Ginji is a bit dangerous because your trip is hampered by landslides. The lower Gita lake with clear watercolor bright blue.

Papua Tour visits Bihewa Waterfall

The location of the Bihewa waterfall is in the Makimi district, Nabire Regency, Papua. To enjoy Bihewa waterfall, you have to cut through the wilderness. Bihewa waterfall has a height of approximately 40 meters and has seven levels. The rumble of water is very soothing with the cool air and automatically makes you linger.

Komodo Liveaboard Diving, What To Know Before Start Your Journey

Maritime tourism is an advantage that Indonesia has. Komodo Island is one of the destinations for tourists to dive while enjoying the scenery and exploring the surrounding islands. In fact, each marine tourism destination has its own characteristics. To reach Komodo Island is not difficult. For tourists from outside Bali, you can take a flight to Labuan Bajo, transit Bali or a direct flight. Komodo liveaboard diving is the right choice for diving and exploring other areas such as Padar Island, Rinca Island, Sebayur Island, Pink Beach, and others.

Komodo liveabaord diving, the right choice enjoy your holiday to explore underwater

Komodo Liveaboard Diving & Important Things that must be considered

For travel during the Pandemic, you will definitely have to do the PCR test with a negative result. The next stage is to find information about the Komodo liveaboard diving package that suits your holiday time. What facilities can you get when you decide to take a liveaboard trip?

  • Live onboard with an air-conditioned cabin
  • Food and Drink
  • Open dining area
  • Deck to enjoy sunrise & sunset
  • Beanbag
  • Ship crew (the number of crew depends on the size of the ship)
  • Diving guide
  • Diving equipment (make sure you don’t pay additional fees)

The cost of the Komodo liveaboard diving trip that you pay must be in accordance with the facilities and comfort of the trip. For that, don’t be afraid to look for detailed information on all the facilities you can enjoy during your trip, and what is not included in the liveaboard package.

komodo liveaboard diving facility

An important thing before diving on Komodo Island

Considering that each diving spot has its own characteristics, you have to be more vigilant when diving.

Characteristics of the waters of the Komodo National Park

The waters in this location have extraordinary natural beauty under the sea. Several spots such as Manta Point, Yellow wall, Batu bolong, and Tatawa Besar are famous diving spots. You need to know that the waters of Komodo National Park have strong underwater currents and many foreign divers do not know the dangers of diving without a guide. Its location is flanked by the Pacific Ocean & the Indian Ocean is one of the reasons why the Komodo dive spots are dangerous.

Diving Certificate

A diving certificate is essential to ensure that you are trained to dive to a certain depth. Several institutions that issue diving certificates such as PADI have various levels from beginner to professional. To be able to dive in the waters of Komodo, at least you must have a certificate with an advanced level or even a master. Divers with advanced and master levels have been taught to do self-rescue. 

But don’t worry, when you go on a Komodo liveaboard diving trip and just have a beginner level certificate, you can still dive safely. Several dive spots for beginner divers such as Sebayur Kecil, Turtle City – Siaba Besar, Sabolong Kecil, China Shop – Cauldron, and Crystal Bay. Make sure your dives are guided by advanced or master certified divers.

Would You Travel With Strangers You Just Met?

Travel lets you open your eyes to the abundance of new environments, experiences, cultures, languages, and so many more. It also gives you the experience to always meet people new. Solo travel is possible and it is fun to do. However, you are not really alone when you do it because you meet fellow travelers along the way. Is it possible then to travel with strangers you just met during dinner or from your social media group?

The concept of travelling with strangers

Travelling with strangers can be daunting especially if you are not really a social butterfly. You might think of the worst scenarios first and foremost. However, remember that travel itself can bring you closer to the people you just met and it might result in lasting friendship. Of course, it is important to weigh down the pros and cons of travelling with strangers as well and here they are:

By travelling with strangers, you meet someone who you would never otherwise meet. Hence, it can be your great chance to be introduced to their culture that is new to you. It results in different travel experience. You may also get to have unplanned experiences along the way and it just makes your trip even more interesting and memorable. You may make friend for life after getting along with each other throughout the trip. Also, you can still have your space because you don’t have to attach to the hips all the time. 

Of course, there are also some cons of travelling with strangers such as they may not be a perfect travel buddies for you. There are also differences that can be a barrier for you to truly get along with each other. If the other have different travel budget than yours then it may result in some clashes here and there. Also, your alone time will get rarer with a companion even though they are strangers. 

Finding the perfect strangers to be your perfect travel buddies can be challenging somehow. You don’t want to have travel companion who have weird habits for example. Or, you want to find someone with similar travel budget as yours. You can find strangers to travel with via social media groups, websites, and apps. 

It is also possible for you to find travel companions when you are already out there travelling by yourself or with your friends. You may meet fellow travelers during your stay in a hotel or hostel. You can try to get along during your stay and see if you can travel together especially if you have the same destinations and stuffs. 

Remember that travelling with strangers is a bit of a gamble. It is possible that they just get on your nerves instead of being a lovely companion. However, there is also the unpredictability that makes your travel even more amazing to experience. Those memories will make good stories in the long run you can share with the people you love at home. 

The Benefit of Living in a Beach Villa Bali

If you are planning to spend your retirement on the beautiful island, Bali is highly recommended for you. Bali is well known for its magical temple, gorgeous beaches, and iconic cultural attractions. The island has almost everything to entertain the young to old. Having a second home in Bali is the dream of everyone. Nowadays, some people are leaning towards buying private villas in Bali. When looking for the perfect villa to stay in Bali, nothing beats the comfort of a beach villa Bali. Living in the beach view villas has definitely a lot of benefits. A serene villa by the beachside, away from all the hustle and bustle. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

beachfront villa bali

Enjoy a huge amount of privacy at the beach villa Bali

What could be more wondrous than being able to isolate yourself from hundreds of strangers and have the beautiful place all to yourself? A private villa with a beach view can be considered a personal luxury. Having your own villa means not having to share the kitchen, the lobby, and no shared swimming pool. Most beach villas provide a space where you can live your life without worrying about what the neighbors might say.

A comfort of living

Most beach villa Bali is designed in such a way that the dweller residing it is relaxed and comfortable. Several villas also have state-of-the-art facilities such as spacious bedrooms, an aesthetic bathroom, an open-air living room, and stunning dining areas. Start your day with a cup of coffee or lounging by the poolside as the sun sets is an experience only a beach view villa can provide. You will have an ultra-comfortable stay because of the scenic view.

Enchanting Beach View

One of the real benefits of any beach villa has to be the view. If you have your own beach villa, you could relish the feel of the ocean waves. Watching the ocean waves come out and in or breathing the fresh sea breeze brings serenity like nothing else in the world. A Beach Villa is an amazing place for people who love to surround themselves with nature.

Beach villa Bali is a great investment

Beach view villa is not just a gorgeous place to live in, but it also a great means of investment. The beach villa location won’t just have year-round demand, but it generally has a higher market value. If you have your own villa with a view to investing, it is a good return on your investment. Having a beach villa is one way to get your money working for you. Moreover, you have the chance to rent it out during the holiday season. It is an excellent way of paying off your dream villa. Beachfront villas will basically never lose value!

How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

There are tons of travel types that can bring joy and fun. One of them is a road trip. This is one of the most classic way to travel. You can do it without really having too much preparations. You can just drive to a nearby city with your travel buddy and just enjoy the ride. However, short road trip and the long one are different. You need more preparation because there is a risk of safety because of the fatigue. Hence, make sure to plan more thoroughly if you are going on a long road trip.

Make your long road trip more pleasant and fun

Plan a realistic schedule – With a long road trip, you may think you can put everything into the schedule. You feel like you have time to do so many things in a day. However, remember that you are on a long road trip which means you drive a lot. You may suffer from fatigue. The most important thing when making schedule is to make it as realistic as possible. Calculate the time when you need to take proper rest, have a toilet break, and so on.

Prioritize your safety – Make sure that your car is in good condition so that you won’t have a problems in the middle of nowhere. Also, bring necessary equipment or tools to helps you fix problems just in case. Do not forget to bring first aid kit which include your prescription method, health insurance cards, pain relievers, as well as antihistamines. Also, bring hand-sanitizer, masks, as well as antiseptic-wipes.

Take frequent breaks – It is important to take frequent breaks every two hours. Sitting for a long period of time. It can cause back pain, neck pain, and numbness. Hence, having frequent breaks can help you prevent those discomforts. Always stretch get relax, and drink enough water in every break. You can also refill your stomach with light foods if you don’t feel really hungry.

How to Make A Long Road Trip As Pleasant As Possible

Bring entertainment to make your road trip more fun and enjoyable. You can put convenient tech such as DVD player, so when you take a break you can watch some movies. Or, you can put your favorite songs in the a flash disk so you can get them played throughout the trip. You can also take puzzles, coloring books, games, and so on.

Always keep your car fresh – Sometimes even if you are feeling fresh, your mood can get cranky if your car is dirty or messy. Therefore, it is best to clean and organize your car throughout the trip. Don’t pile up trash because it can make your car dirty and smelly. Bring necessary cleaning supplies. It is best to plug-in air freshener or traditional spray. You can also buy supportive accessories if necessary or if you need to make it more comfortable. Buy support pillow sets so you can avoid having cramp or numbness due to uncomfortable seat setting. Your spine will be more supported using proper pillows.

What to Do If You Plan for Papua Diving

Papua Diving

With turquoise waters, powdery white-sand banks fringed with palm trees, and sunny blue skies, a trip to the West Papua archipelago is the perfect beach escape. Although the West Papua are known all over the world for spectacular beaches and turquoise waters symbolizing the tropical idyll, the life of these paradise islands below the Papua’s level is the main draw attracting thousands of scuba divers from around the world. This place has some good colorful coral reefs, but the abundance of sea creatures makes the area the world’s best diving destination. Papua diving is an incredible way to see an entirely different world. When you are thinking about planning a dive here, there are a few things you need to consider before booking the trip. This will make a huge difference between having a dive trip of your dreams and ending up disappointed.

Pick you Papua diving location

Choosing the right location is probably one of the most important factors in planning your diving trip. Your dive location will be dependent on your certified dive level and how competent you are in underwater. Preparing yourself to go to the right location it is good to know what dive conditions you can expect.

Book Diving Tour

Actually, there are basically three different types of trip to Papua. The scuba diving enthusiast, the non-diving holiday and both. If you have diving as the main holiday, make sure to book a local dive tour in West Papua. You can decide what you want to see, how much you want to dive everyday, or choose the best destination. So, book the diving trip according to your need.

Make sure you are qualified to dive in Papua

Scuba diving holiday can be a risky vacation. This is why you need to get diving certification to dive in open water and you should not attempt to dive without that. If you have your diving certification, you have a big chance to dive in different dive sites  where you will encounter pristine reefs teeming with vibrant corals, brightly colored fish, and a home of other marine.

Who is going along with you on Papua diving

If you are a solo traveler just looking for your next great scuba diving trip then a liveaboard diving holiday is a great choice. Wherever you go for scuba diving, it is important to stick with a dive buddy. You can’t dive alone, you need to find a dive buddy that you can trust from the way you dive into the water and then return to the diving boat at the end of your dive.

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Discover the Magical Underwater of Triton Bay

Baliem Valley, Exploring the Wild Beauty of Papua

Stay healthy

Well, scuba diving itself keeps you healthy. It is the best exercise for your body. You even burn more than 200 calories per one hour dive. Before your diving trip, nmake suke to pay attention to your diet. You need to drink as much water as you can. Being hydrated can prevent decompression sickness and getting cramps.

The Most Stunning Beaches in Bali

The Most Stunning Beaches in Bali

The beach is a destination that is always destined to be visited every time you visit Bali. There are so many beautiful beaches that you can visit in Bali, this article will explain some of the beautiful beaches that you can see during your stay in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Located in the south of the island of the gods, with a view of the Indian Ocean. This white sandy beach is very well known and is a pillar of the island of Bali, as a seaside resort, since the 70s. The tourist attractions of Kuta Bali, especially the beach, are still the main attraction for holidaymakers on the island of Bali. Especially young tourists from Australia and Indonesian tourists. Here you can also find lots of important destinations like turtle breeding. The breeding of green turtles on the island of Bali has now been moved to the beach of Tanjung Benoa in Bali. If you want to see green turtles, you can visit the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa using a glass bottom boat, while feeding the fish on the way to the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa.

Enjoy the beautiful beach of Sanur

While most of the white sandy beaches in southern Bali offer beautiful sunsets, this is different from the beach of Sanur. The attraction of Sanur Bali beach lies in the beauty of the sunrise. The location of the Sanur coast which is on the east coast of the island of Bali makes the view of the sunrise on Sanur beach very beautiful. Not only the view of the sunrise, Sanur beach also has white sand which is very clean and suitable for swimming activities.

The Most Stunning Beaches in Bali

Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot beach has a popularity that is almost the same as Kuta beach in Bali. Every day is filled with sightseeing, both domestic and foreign. Due to the popularity of Tanah Lot Beach in Bali among domestic tourists, most Bali tour operators always include sightseeing tours in their Bali tours by visiting Tanah Lot Beach. The beauty of Tanah Lot Beach in Bali lies in the sunset view with the silhouette of a temple in the middle of the sea.

Wish to love the underwater beauty of Menjangan Island

The location of the beauty of the beach on Menjangan Island, west of Bali, is not on white sand or sunsets, but the beauty lies in the underwater panorama. Because of the beautiful underwater scenery of Menjangan Beach, such as the natural coral reefs, colorful fish and bluish sea water, Menjangan Island Beach is a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

7 Extravagant Things to Do in Flores Island Tour

Flores Island Tour

Romance gateway, adventure, rest, and sport all come together in Flores Island Tour, perfect for all kinds of visitors. The island of Flores is part of Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It has a booming traveler population due to its famous Komodo National Park, fantastic dive sites, and little islands with pristine, beautiful beaches. Begin your trip to the hidden paradise with a comfortable flight from Labuan Bajo or Denpasar to Flores takes about one hour, taking in the sights of the deep blue ocean and the coral islands fringed with wonderful white sandy beaches. So, you are wondering what else to do for this trip? Here are 10 Extravagant Things for a thrilling holiday!

Visit the Riung 17 Islands

Flores has several marine parks, and one of these is the 17 Islands Marine Park is a vast stretch of azure waters that full of fish and turtles. Therefore, 17 Islands Marine Park is a popular destination for underwater lovers who enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling. But if you want to stay out of the water, you can also enjoy sunbathing on the white sandy beaches or trek through the jungle searching for fruit bats.

Watch the sunset from the Love Hill

Love Hill is made up of rolling chocolate hills located in Labuan Bajo; travelers flock to this place for the magnificent sunset. When you have already arrived at this hill, there is no better way to enjoy climbing to the tallest hill. You can find the tropical forests, the fantastic sea’s crystal water, and picturesque hills from the top of the hill.

Flores Island Tour take you to Bena

Bena Village, of the Ngada Tribe, is one of the traditional villages you can visit in Flores. This traditional village is on the top of a hill with Mount Inerie as a beautiful background. Here, you can find traditional houses built with high thatched roofs with the skulls of pig jaws and water buffalo.

Watch a Caci Dance

Caci is a traditional dance form of fighting, with a whip, and between the Manggarai tribe’s local people. Caci Dance will take around 2 hours, in which the dancers will take turns to whip each other. You should put this trip itinerary to Flores Island Tour.

Flores Island Tour

Enjoying the Tri-Color Lakes of Kelimutu

Lakes of Kelimutu located in the misty peaks of central Flores. What makes this lake fantastic, other than being a badass volcano, of course, there are three different color lakes at the summit. It happens because of the sulfur’s oxidation rates and makes the volcanic lakes periodically change color, from blue to black or red. To reach Mount Kelimutu, you can stay a night in the nearby village of Moni.

Encounter the famous Komodo Dragons on Flores Island Tour

Did you know that Komodo Dragons are the largest living species of lizard in the world? It is one of the 5 Natural Wonders on the earth. If you want to see these famous Komodo Dragons, you can visit Komodo Island or Rinca Island. But it’s pretty easy to find Komodo on the Rinca Island, then Komodo Island.

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Take to the water on Koka Beach

Koka beach is a hidden piece of tropical paradise in the city of Maumere of Sikka. As a nature enthusiast, Koka beach is the place where you want to be. This beautiful beach is perfect for strolling along the white sandy coastline, swimming, snorkeling, or even relaxing.