Planning A Safe And Joyful Solo Travel As A Woman

Even though we are living in such a modern society now, travelling safely as a woman is still considered as challenging. Women travelers don’t receive equal treatment especially when they are travelling solo. There are different risks and dangers that make why some women refuse to travel alone. However, this should not discourage you from having a great adventure of your life as female traveler. You can rock your trip safely by planning it well.

A young woman kayaks through the backwaters of Monroe Island in Kollam District, Kerala, South India.

How to travel safely and comfortably as a woman

It is not impossible for female travelers to have a great experience travelling all around the world without putting themselves in danger. The key is to have a good plan and follow guide from seasoned travelers. So here are some useful tips for female travelers to venture the world safely:

Consider getting a travel insurance

If you don’t have travel insurance, might as well consider buying one now especially if you plan on having a trip. It is indeed expensive but it is very reliable for a trip that is mostly unpredictable regardless how meticulous you are with your preparation. You should expect for the unexpected and travel insurance is what can cover the expenses during unpredictable times throughout your trip.

Get vaccinated in advance

Prior the trip, make sure to get vaccinated especially if you are planning on visiting high-risk destinations. You don’t want to return with a disease or virus hijacking your body. Find more information about needed vaccinations for each country then talk to your doctor. 

Prepare all necessary documents

Prepare all document needed for smooth travel. Also, make sure to have copy of them both in electronic and physical forms. It is to anticipate if you lose your documents during your trip. Also, it will be beneficial to download useful apps on your phone prior the trip. Hence, you can navigate your trip better. 

Get the best travel gears

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to buy some basic travel gears. The most important thing is that you choose the ones you really need. Pack light and smart so that you won’t end up dragging a huge luggage through the entire trip. 

Learn basic self-defense

It will be very helpful if you learn self-defense. It helps you to keep your confidence while exploring new places. You know how to defense yourself and get out of dangerous situation. You will feel more assured when you have self-defense skill because you know you can handle yourself even when you are alone and no one to rely on. 

Educate yourself and stay in safe zone 

Educate yourself about your destination, its culture, potential risks, threats, transport, travel scams, etc. This helps you to feel more prepared because you know what to expect. Always stay in the safe zone such as avoiding secluded places, booking the best accommodation, dressing appropriately, etc. Also, trust your gut since it is your most powerful compass to rely on in any given situation so you are able to make the right decision.