Stay in Ubud Villas During These Important Ceremony

Villas and accomodation, especially Ubud Villas are preparing to tackle huge wave of tourism as more traditional ceremonies in Bali are closer to calendar.

Bali contributed to major percentage of tourism economy in Indonesia. Concerning Bali still hold its identical value and culture along with current globalization. Also Bali are globally recognize for its beautiful panoramas, its culture and traditional ceremonies.

Important Ceremonies in Bali

Balinese events and traditional ceremonies are open to public as it attract more tourist to gather and experience unique sightseeing. Most of these traditional ceremonies possessed a strong belief and values to Balinese Hindus. Every ceremonies have different concept values and purpose to take places.

Traditional ceremonies are celebrate in every corner of Bali. There are several areas that highly rated as it delivers more uniqueness. Also, area worth to mention is Ubud, where tourist spend their vacation and get in touch to local tradition. It happens during their stay in Ubud Villas.

Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan and Kuningan are balinese ceremonies that celebrating the victory of good over evil (Kemenangan Dharma melawan Adharma). This celebration are indicate by the installation of tall bamboo (Penjor) with its offering in front of every houses.

Galungan Kuningan

The celebration estimated to take around 2 weeks time with a series of ceremonies, symbolic events and prayers. Galungan and Kuningan generally marked every 6 months in calendar year.

Ubud marks as favourite spot to celebrate this ceremonies and get in touch with the vibes. There are many traditional villages near Ubud Villas that apply this ceremonies in more exclusive and they are opening for public.

Silent Day – Nyepi

Nyepi marks as the Balinese New Year within Bali lunar calendar. Nyepi identically known for its day of silence throughout Bali for 24 hours. Any kind of activity, lighting and work are prohibited during the silent day. Balinese people believe its the process of disappearance of all evil. Ngrupuk Day (The day before silent day) also held a parade of a giant puppet made in form of evil spirits named Ogoh-ogoh across Bali.

All people and tourist must adhere to the rules during the silent day. Silent day itself represents introspection and spiritual cleansing for everyone. Its a good opportunity for every tourist to try take a break from daily activities to recharge themself.

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This ceremony represent the day upon an ancient story which about the battle of good and evil take places. Pagerwesi posses the meaning of “iron fence”, symbolic celebration for Balinese people to strengthen their fortress against evil. 

The ceremonies start with a series of events called Soma Ribek and Sabuh Emas. Colorful offerings are made as dedication to the Lord of Jewelry. During the day, Balinese people present offerings to their God of Supreme Teacher as a gesture of gratitude. Other ceremonies are also made for the holy spirit of each family’s ancestors.


Ngaben is the ceremony that represent the Balinese’s method of funeral. Every Balinese’s Hindu are obligate to these cremation ceremony as the belief of the soul of dead person proceed to the upper realm. This ceremony go through an interim state where they bury the dead person into ashes. 

Upacara Ngaben

Several offerings in forms of a bull and cremation tower prepared during this ceremony. The process include to bring these offering on a parade to the funeral place called Setra. Combined with balinese music (baleganjur), traditional dances and performances makes this ceremony more unique.

Ubud Villas To The Rescue

Ubud has become top destination to engange with the Balinese culture. Generally Ubud known as cultural capital of Bali as it provide lots of artistic and famous bali sculpture. This adds a fresh atmosphere and vibes to the table to make the journey more memorable.

Ubud Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

All these ceremonies are too bad to miss, it shares an unique experience and values for your travelling journey. Ubud Villas location are still the favourites to witness some of important ceremonies. While staying in Villa Ubud Bali, tourist will have chance to capture the moment and live in it.

There are unlimited of private villa ubud choices to make tourist’s stay more engaging. Ubud Villas in diverse location help tourist get easy access to their most wanted ceremonies.