When the Wanderlust Kicks In: Inspirations and Finding Ideas for Your Travel

Why do you want to travel? Many people often do not ponder over this. Especially the impulsive kind. But the whys may be important for you who still don’t know whether travel is the best option for you at the moment. So figuring this out may be an important step for you. 

Think, where or how the idea first strike? Is it when you’re just idly browsing some stuff during work? Is it because you’re intrigued by your friends’ trip? Are you inspired by a stranger on the internet? Or maybe you simply need a reprieve from your everyday routine and you’ve decided travel is the way to escape for a bit? Figuring out why you want to travel may help you answer some important questions in the process of your travel planning. 

Where do you want to go? 

Are you one of those people who want to go somewhere, but you don’t know where? This often happens to both veteran travelers as well as the average folks who simply wish for a memorable vacation. Whether it’s a week-long holiday, a month-long, or simply a weekend getaway, finding out where to go can be a bit stressful sometimes. But finding out your motivations (or the source of your impulses) can help. Aside from figuring out why you want to travel in the first place, like what we’ve addressed above, you can also try some of these methods: 

Browse forum websites for ideas, one of the most resourceful ones out there is Reddit. There’s a subreddit /r/travel that is full of treasure and information not just about where to go, but wha to do in the destinations as well. This particular method is useful for those who love to go to places off the beaten path. This is where you can get insights from real people. 

Browse some inspiration from visuals on sites like Pinterest. it’s a great place to collect ideas and look at some travel pictures that may pique your wanderlust. Create a board and pin some images to store away and research. Once you’ve gotten around to finding out the destination, you can decide if it’s your kind of trip or not. 

Another way to decide your travel destination is by searching Google Flights and find out costs of flying to random destinations. You may be surprised at what you find. It’s also a neat way to find some deals you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten if you have a fixed destination in mind. You may even end up going to amazing places you wouldn’t have otherwise considered before. 

The next step? Deciding how much you can afford to spend 

Your budget often dictates how long you can travel and many other factors. This can even be something you decide first thing—if you don’t find it way too limiting. Understanding your budget and planning things around it would create a realistic plan for you. You can also set a plan in saving up. Save as early as possible. Travel can be so overwhelming for you if you’re pressed for budget at the last minute.