Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Scuba diving Komodo has something and won’t let you down. Komodo national park diving is included in the top 10 best dive spots in the world. Surprising isn’t it? The popularity of Komodo dive sites not only attracts local tourists but also foreign tourists. More and more Komodo island scuba diving operators have emerged and offered a variety of options to choose the best, experienced, and trusted operator.

Scuba Diving Komodo Season & Best Time To Visit

Komodo diving daily trip

Is it possible to have daily trips on Komodo island? Of course, I can! Your limited vacation time makes many operators offer daily trip dives to the best dive spots. Komodo national park diving spot is perfect for your day dives.

Komodo National Park has more than 1000 species of fish and 250 species of reef-building corals, as well as 50 dive sites. Another important piece of information is that the underwater conditions of the Komodo National Park have large currents. In fact, most of the Komodo dive sites are not suitable for beginner divers. Make sure you tell your dive level to prevent any unwanted things.

3-5 days diving trip

3-4 days diving trips are perfect for professional divers. Diving at a depth of more than 30 meters at the Komodo national park diving offers spectacular underwater views. A 3-4 days diving trip allows you to find a variety of unique marine life, large animals, such as sharks and manta rays.

One of the factors that make Komodo scuba diving so unique is that it is located on the equatorial border of 2 oceans. Komodo National Park is a migratory route for many cetaceans and it is very likely that you will see dolphins, dugongs, species of sharks, manta rays, and hundreds of fish in groups.

Komodo diving season

If you are planning to do scuba diving in Komodo, then you need to know when is the best time to dive. Komodo diving can be done all year round.

January: Technically January is the rainy season. January is the perfect time to see Manta rays and the many amazing sites south of Rinca Island and Komodo Island that you can access by phinisi boat. Komodo dive sites also offer amazing macros.

February: Still included in the rainy month, offers the opportunity for divers to explore the southern location. You’ll find plenty of manta rays and the opportunity to dive at their lowest point. Divers can also spot hammerhead and thresher sharks.

April: The start of the dry season but the wind season has not yet started which means the seawater is calm and allows you to scuba dive the Komodo dragons. If you want to dive in April, you can switch to other spots such as Castle Rock, Batu Bolong.

June & July: Komodo diving season this month in the Central and northern regions offers visibility of up to 30 meters and a water temperature of 29 degrees. In this month it will be a little difficult to meet the manta ray. This month is the Komodo dragon’s mating season, and you will find it difficult to meet a rare animal, Komodo.

October: This month the Manta Rays return to the central Komodo area. October could be the start of the Komodo scuba diving season, a favorite for professional divers. After the high season, you might consider taking a dive and exploring a little further south.

December: The beginning of the rainy season and dive sites in the south open with increased temperatures and visibility. If you want to do scuba diving in Komodo, you can go to the central area.