Planning A Staycation: The Difference from Planning A Vacation!

Is Planning For A Staycation Different From Planning A Vacation?

One of ways you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint is by taking staycation instead of regular vacation. Staycation can be more environmental-friendly especially if you choose your destination more wisely. You can avoid taking air travel (which is one of the biggest contributors of carbon emission) while still having your way to nourish your wanderlust. So how to plan for a staycation? Is it any different from regular vacation?

Planning a perfect staycation

You can actually turn your weekend at home to an unforgettable retreat in somewhere nice. Planning for a staycation is not really different from how you plan a regular vacation. You still have to mark those dates off your calendar and avoid making any commitments during this time. The most prominent difference is probably on how you are not going to have tours. However, you can still plan for more unique activities to experience and write them down on your itinerary. 

Booking a hotel room

One of the best destination for staycation is a hotel. Yes, you can simply book a hotel even near your home and have your staycation plan settled. The key of staycation is to get out of your house, enjoy your personal time, and come back feeling recharged and refreshed. You may have someplace in your city you have been eyeing for awhile. Book a hotel or explore unique Airbnbs to accommodate your staycation. 

Explore your city more

It is possible for you to be a tourist in your own city. There must be some places you have not taken the time to explore. Hence, consider explore those historical sites and landmarks. It allows you to see your city through fresh eyes. Take your camera and get amazing pictures the entire tour. You will come back to your hotel room feeling lighter. 

Find new way to get around

You can simply book a hotel room and then get around the city like you are new tourist. Consider taking different transport than you used to do even if it is not the fastest way. The point is to do something different. You might be interested to get around by bike, bus, or Uber. Try taking different path to give you new perspectives. Your eyes will be opened to places, things, and people that tend to be off your radar. 

Try new restaurant to dine in

During your staycation, try new restaurant in your own city you have never visited before. This can be considered as food travel as well because you experience something new in finding delightful treasure. Your city probably has lots of hidden gems so go outside and find them out. 

Steal some time for yourself

Staycation is where you can focus solely on yourself and make the most of it. Hence, plan for relaxation time during your staycation. You can find a local pool where you can relax while enjoying your favorite drinks. Lounge on the couch, sleep in late, read, and do whatever you like to get relaxed.