Most Mouth-Watering Korean Street Foods To Try

Most Mouth-Watering Korean Street Foods To Try

South Korea has everything you need for an ideal travel destination. Many travelers visit this country might be because they are drawn to the K-pop culture. However, there is more to it when it comes to Korea. You may have watched or heard about Mukbang. It is an interesting eating show you can watch in Youtube. Many Korean Mukbangers deliver interesting eating show with variety of Korean cuisines. Not to mention that it seems Korean people eat very deliciously which can make whoever watching them get hungry. 

Korean street foods worth travelling for

If you have a chance to visit South Korea, you can eat your way through Seoul to try variety of Korean street foods worth travelling for. So here are some of the most mouth-watering street foods you can find in Seoul that you might have seen in various Mukbang on Youtube:


Tteokbokki - Korean street foods worth travelling for

Tteokbokki or spicy rice cake is like a must-try street food in Korea. It is very easy to find because almost every corner of the street in Seoul has food stalls selling this red snack. It is made from rice cake along with various sauces and onions. To find the best Tteokbokki, you can head to Gwangjang Market or Myeongdong Shopping street. Be careful if you are not used to eat spicy foods because Tteokbokki can be very spicy. 


Odeng or Eomuk is also another popular street foods in Korea. It is best to eat during chilly weather because the hot soup can provide needed warmth. It is fish cake skewered on a wooden stick. It is left to boil in a very hot broth that taste savory. You can find it in various food trucks or hawker stalls. Not to mention that it is relatively cheap. Namdaemun Market and Gwangjang Market also have the best Odeng you can try. 


Pajeon- Korean street foods worth travelling for

Pajeon or savory pancake is also a must-friend to have during chilly weather. It is best to enjoy while it is still hot. This pancake is not sweet or sticky. It is crispy and best served with a dipping sauce. The batter consists of wheat flour, rice flour, scallions, and eggs. You can find the best Pajeon around Hwigyeong-dong. 


Kimbap is basically rice roll. It has appearance similar to sushi. However, it is not. It is made by wrapping steamed rice, meat fillings ( such as crab, tuna, or chicken) into a sheet of roasted seaweed. All the ingredients are rolled into a cylindrical shape. Then, sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. It is usually sliced into one-bite portion. However, it is also often for Korean to directly eat the roll without cutting it into small pieces. You can eat it with a dipping sauce or just as it is. 


Mandu or dumplings are loved by Korean regardless of age. This Korean dumplings can have different meat fillings inside. You can opt the one with minced beef, shrimp, chicken, or vegetables. It is also easy to find around Seoul. Mandu can be prepared by boiling, steaming, or pan-frying.