Most Amazing Islands For Special Vacations

Most Amazing Islands For Special Vacations

Island vacation is one of the most favorites amongst many types of getaway. There are island located more secluded with more serene vibes. There are also islands that lean more into party vibes. Regardless, there are countless number of islands around the world that deserve a visit. So if you are seeking for tropical getaway where you get to enjoy exotic beaches, distinctive cultures, and full of natural wonders, here are the most amazing islands you should put into your bucket list for your next travel plan:

Chiloe, Chile

Chiloe island is located in Chile, and the second biggest island in South America. Here you will be presented with beautiful scenery, colorful houses built on stilts above the water, and colorful wooden churches. Sixteen of them are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This is also a perfect place for trekking and kayaking.

St. Lucia, Caribbean 

This island destination is located in Caribbean and you must expect all good things from it. It is perfect for luxury vacation while enjoying peaceful vibe of all the surroundings. There are plenty of high-end resorts you can book for your stay on this island. They cater to your needs and preferences, allowing you to experience the real luxury getaway. 

Formentera, Spain

Located in Spain, Formentera is the neighbor of Ibiza, which is probably much more known. Located only a short boat ride from its neighbor island, Formentera offers stunning beauty of nature through its best beaches. It has 20 km of beaches from the ones with rocky coves to the one with white sand. J

Jicaro, Nicaragua

Jicaro Island Lodge is actually a private island located only minutes away from Granada. There are 9 ‘casitas’ or lodges to spend the night during your stay. The lodge is raised above the ground, making it look like a tree house from afar. Each casita has lake views. This island also has restaurant, pool, and wellness center. 

Laucala Island, Fiji

This is another luxury private resort you can book for your luxury getaway, located in Fiji. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and wild growing coconuts. It is also has one of the prettiest white sandy coastline. Not to mention it has pristine water with vibrant coral reef underneath. Plenty of celebrities have stayed here to enjoy a peaceful vacation such as George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. 

Pulau Tengah, Malaysia

Pulau Tengah or Tengah Island is located in Malaysia, and privately owned. It is stunning place where you get to stay at Batu Batu surrounded by coconut groves and rocky outcrops. Enjoy your time strolling around fine beaches and explore coral kingdoms of the South China Sea by snorkeling.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been known as paradise island or the island of Gods. From backpackers to surfers, this is such an ideal place to go to for perfect getaway. It has rice field terraces, pristine beaches, volcano, historical temples, world-class surf breaks, best diving spots, the hottest beach clubs, and of course, mouthwatering authentic cuisines.