Ensuring The Safety Of Your Belongings When Staying At Hostel

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Belongings When Staying At Hostel

Hostel is one of the easiest accommodation you can opt for when travelling. It is relatively cheap as well so you don’t have to worry too much about your travel budget. However, safety is another thing you should consider as well when choosing the right hostel for your stay. Even though it is pretty rare for theft, there is still a risk. Hence, it is best that you take precaution to ensure your safety.

Ways you can keep your belongings safe when staying at hostel

It is not easy for random people to get in hostel without being check by the security or front desk. To be able to check in, one must show passport. The chance of theft is slim but you need to lower the risk regardless. And here are some tips to keep your belonging safe during your stay at hostel for a trip:

Always read reviews when choosing hostel to book

Avoid booking hastily. Slow down your pace and choose two to three hostels first. Compared them all and read reviews of each previous guests. See if there is someone mention theft or security issue on the reviews. Also, find out more about the neighborhood of the the hostel whether it is safe or not. Get in-depth overview of what you expect from the hostel as well. Read as much reviews as possible because it is possible that you only read few of them from the beginning and miss the negative reviews.

Use lockers provided by the hostel

Use lockers provided by the hostel

The majority of hostels provide lockers so you’d better use them. You can also buy or rent a padlock. Hence, you can leave your belonging there before getting around places. Put valuable belongings in the locker while keeping the bag in the room. So even if someone rummage through your bad, they won’t find anything valuable to take. 

Bring your own padlock

Just in case the hostel you are booking doesn’t provide padlock, you can bring your own from home. Keep your backpack locked with your padlocks. To add more security, strap your backpack to the bedpost and use another padlock to secure it. Having multiple padlock will be useful for this reason. 

Keep valuable items in your pillowcase

Try keeping valuable items in your pillowcase. It is a great way to provide a peace of mind while you are sleeping. Hence, no one can snuck into your room to steal something from your bag. 

Keep everything attach to your body

If it is not possible for you to put your belongings in hostel room, might as well bring valuable items with you while exploring. The might be a bit burdensome but it is probably the safest way since you know exactly where they are. 

Don’t show off

Leave your valuable items at home to keep them safe. But if you have to bring valuable items with you, don’t show them off during your trip. You can also make some adjustment to make your valuable items looking less attractive to thieves.