Would You Travel With Strangers You Just Met?

Travel lets you open your eyes to the abundance of new environments, experiences, cultures, languages, and so many more. It also gives you the experience to always meet people new. Solo travel is possible and it is fun to do. However, you are not really alone when you do it because you meet fellow travelers along the way. Is it possible then to travel with strangers you just met during dinner or from your social media group?

The concept of travelling with strangers

Travelling with strangers can be daunting especially if you are not really a social butterfly. You might think of the worst scenarios first and foremost. However, remember that travel itself can bring you closer to the people you just met and it might result in lasting friendship. Of course, it is important to weigh down the pros and cons of travelling with strangers as well and here they are:

By travelling with strangers, you meet someone who you would never otherwise meet. Hence, it can be your great chance to be introduced to their culture that is new to you. It results in different travel experience. You may also get to have unplanned experiences along the way and it just makes your trip even more interesting and memorable. You may make friend for life after getting along with each other throughout the trip. Also, you can still have your space because you don’t have to attach to the hips all the time. 

Of course, there are also some cons of travelling with strangers such as they may not be a perfect travel buddies for you. There are also differences that can be a barrier for you to truly get along with each other. If the other have different travel budget than yours then it may result in some clashes here and there. Also, your alone time will get rarer with a companion even though they are strangers. 

Finding the perfect strangers to be your perfect travel buddies can be challenging somehow. You don’t want to have travel companion who have weird habits for example. Or, you want to find someone with similar travel budget as yours. You can find strangers to travel with via social media groups, websites, and apps. 

It is also possible for you to find travel companions when you are already out there travelling by yourself or with your friends. You may meet fellow travelers during your stay in a hotel or hostel. You can try to get along during your stay and see if you can travel together especially if you have the same destinations and stuffs. 

Remember that travelling with strangers is a bit of a gamble. It is possible that they just get on your nerves instead of being a lovely companion. However, there is also the unpredictability that makes your travel even more amazing to experience. Those memories will make good stories in the long run you can share with the people you love at home.