Ways To Entertain Yourself When Travelling Alone

Ways To Entertain Yourself When Travelling Alone

The downside of travelling solo is that it is easier for you to feel lonely because you are on your own. It is even worse when you have such a long-haul flight or get your flight delayed. You have to wait for hours at the airport and time feels like running so slowly. However, travel is worth all the little discomfort. You can find ways to entertain yourself when travelling alone. 

How to entertain yourself during solo trip

Feeling lonely during solo travel is common. You may feel it when you are at your hotel after exploring many new places. Or, you have to sit in narrow cabin to have a long-haul flight. Or, the line for the security check at the airport is so long that it takes even hours before your turn. What should you do when you feel bored, lonely, or a little bit down during solo travel? Find some entertainment and here are several ways to keep yourself entertained when travelling solo:

Watch pre-downloaded video or movies you like

Prior to your trip, download your favorite videos or movies just in case you feel bored later on the road. Even though you are sure that you can watch it later using internet connection, keep in mind that you are not always going to have stable internet access or at all. To avoid the possibility of not getting internet access, download movies and videos you love to entertain you when needed on your phone. 

Listen to your music playlist

Listen to your music playlist

Everyone loves music since it is one of the most accessible entertainment to find. You can arrange a playlist for your trip. You can listen to it anytime you feel like it. You can also save your favorite songs in your streaming platform such as Spotify or Joox. Whenever you feel bored, open the app and play all your favorite songs from your playlist. Even if you forget to make playlist at home, you can do it during a wait for your flight. You can also set different mood for the playlist such as a playlist that is relaxing, energizing, calming, or pumping. 

Take extra minute to make itinerary more detailed

Itinerary is like a guide you make for your trip. Hence, you will no longer confused of where to go when you arrive at your destination. You have clear plan to do your activities. You can also make more detailed version of your itinerary that includes everything you might have forgotten. When feeling bored during your trip, reread your itinerary and see if you miss anything. For example, write kind of souvenirs you want to buy, etc. 

Catch a quick nap or write a journal

A quick nap can be empowering for you to keep going during travel. You can do it during your flight so you will arrive feeling more arefreshed. If you have difficulty to fall asleep during a trip, try writing a journal.you can also draw, or paint to keep yourself entertained. No need to do it perfectly and just follow your mood.