Tips to Have Enjoyable Vacation in Caribbean

Caribbean is one of the most sought travel destination. Travel to Caribbean could be your bucket list and you can make it true by start planning the trip. Caribbean is like paradise you need for well-deserved getaway. The beaches, the people, the bars, and the whole package of Caribbean is what makes your escapade perfect. Of course, Caribbean also has its flows especially since it is one of touristy places. However, visiting this place for vacation is worth it.

Ways to enjoy your time during vacation in Caribbean

How to enjoy your time during your vacation in Caribbean

Basically, you can do anything during your vacation. You can be yourself and nobody judges. You can also challenges yourself to do things you’ve never been brave enough to do when you are at home. However, it is highly advised that you respect your surrounding be it people or places you visit. Being responsible traveler is a must. As for spending time in Caribbean for vacation, here are things you should and shouldn’t do:

Being ignorant to your skin

You see, visiting Caribbean means you can make the most of your time enjoying the beaches. However, you should not forget about your skin. If you are ignorant, your skin will be damaged due to sunburn specifically. Thus, avoid applying too little sunscreen when you are on vacation in Caribbean. Severe sunburn can cause severe pain and it can be avoided if you apply generous amount of sunscreen. It is even highly advised to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

It is possible for you to stumble across an empty beaches during your vacation in Caribbean

It can make you easily forget about warning flag or sign. Empty beaches don’t always be a good news. They may be empty due to strong currents or dangerous animals lurking below. That’s why they are empty and nobody dumb enough to dive in. therefore, always look for the warning flag and signs to ensure your own safety during your vacation.

Caribbean is one of the places with intense hurricane during its season

That’s why travelling to this place during hurricane season is not good idea. Hurricane season in Caribbean runs from June 1 through November 30. If you are planning to visit Caribbean during hurricane season or even peak hurricane season, make sure that you are insured. Do not wait until the hurricane is in the forecast to buy insurance.

Another thing to make the most of your time in Caribbean is to leave your resort

It is true that resorts in Caribbean are great to the point you don’t want to leave at all. However, there are many things to explore in Caribbean that it is such a shame if you spend your vacation in your resort only.

Try to explore more the place and mingle with the locals to learn more about their unique tradition and laws. Not to mention that the foods are worth trying. The best part is when you enjoy authentic dishes made by local chef with the presence of the scenery in your surroundings.