Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

It is not so uncommon to tell yourself something to make you feel better during travel. It can be a little white lie you make to get rid of a guilty feeling. Even when ou know that those white lies are not totally true or at all, you choose to believe by telling them yourself to. Sometimes, it is not harmless and doesn’t affect yourself or the entire trip that much. However, it is possible that you go overboard with your little white lies that may put you in more inconveniences instead. 

Do you really burn that calories?

You tell yourself that you burned all the calories of unhealthy foods you consumed. Hence, you still can enjoy more foods. You even believe that you have lost some weight due to some walking during your visit to the museum. This little white lie might not be harmful to do once or twice. However, it is suggested to not make it a habit during your trip. You might end up getting sick due to the over-consumption of unhealthy foods in unfamiliar place. Gaining weight is not the only thing you should be concerned about in this. 

Not everything could fit in your backpack

Not everything could fit in your backpack

You tell yourself that everything will fit in your backpack. You are sure that you are a smart packer by stuffing everything inside to the point it looks like it is going to burst anytime soon. Stuffing too many items especially the ones you don’t necessarily need for your travel can put you in so much discomfort later. Always pack wisely and don’t go overboard with it. Make sure that you won’t have to dragging heavy luggage throughout the entire trip.

Will you really be okay sleeping on bus? 

Next thing you probably say during a budget travel is that you are going to be fine to sleep on the bus, train or plane so you don’t have to book a room at the hotel for your trip. However, be mindful with your itinerary even when it is a budget travel. Taking a proper rest and good night’s sleep is necessary regardless of the trip you are planning. That kind of resting will only cause your body to suffer even more. Hence, always consider a decent room of a hostel or hotel to ensure you get a well-deserved rest. 

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Not checking on email or DMs

You also often tell yourself during a trip that you won’t ever check your email. You even swear to yourself that you won’t do it all. You won’t even sneak a peak to your email, direct messages, or whatever. It is often that you absentmindedly just scroll down your phone and end up checking your email, replying some messages, and end up spending few hours to do so. It makes you lose the moment of the trip you have planned. It is recommended that you set a schedule to check your email if you are afraid something important come up. Then, you can also set an alarm to remind you that your time doing it is up. This way, you won’t forget the time to continue enjoying your trip.