The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

When you think about tattoo, you are thinking about self-expression. It’s about something completely personal; something about engraving what’s on your heart to your skin. Here in Canggu, tattoo is mode. It rises as an inseparable part of the town’s artistic culture. It’s no longer associated to tough men or the undergrounds—it’s simply a lifestyle. And just like any other kinds of lifestyle, you couldn’t deny difference of tastes and styles between men and women. 

This time, we are going to explore some of the most popular tattoo styles for girls you could get while in this beach town. This is not to say that other styles are not suitable for women, though. You are free to get any tattoo you want—and this is just some inspiration. 

Tattoo Canggu for Women Inspiration

The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

Cute Small Tattoo 

If you loves anything cute, then cute small tattoos would be the finest thing to happen on your skin. Small tattoos has been rising in popularity in recent years among women—it’s almost like a cult. You could hide it easily whenever you are feeling modest. It flaunts your beauty in its cute charm, too. Last year, small tattoos like constellations, star signs, and simple symbols make a lot of appearances on many tattoo Canggu designs. 

Canggu “Beach Vibes” Tattoo

Some people loves to get a tattoo that reminds them of a certain area. We think beach-y designs are among the best tattoo canggu bali to get when you are on the area! Think about waves, palm fringe, nautical creatures, banana leaf line arts, or anything tropical. Whenever you look at these tattoo, you are going to remember fondly about your great times on the beach town.  

Buddhism/ Hinduism Symbols 

What makes Bali so charming is not merely its holiday destinations. Any tropical islands can have that. The thing that this set this island apart from mainstream holiday destination is its spiritual charms, that’s deeply rooted to Balinese’s daily life. We have seen many tourist touched by these spiritual sense and start to ingrain it to their life, too. Buddha statues, hindu sarongs, and Ganesha t-shirts—tattoo is not an exception. Mainstream Hindu and Buddha symbols like the swastikas, lotus flower and all the variations, and devanagari are among the most popular design in Canggu—and they look super charming in women.  

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Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos is one of the most favourite design among women. It’s obvious, and it’s gorgeous. Roses and wildflowers are some of the most requested design—and they are time lasting, too. Just remember that there’s many type of flowers to choose. So start thinking and browse the one that you like. 

Hand Tattoos

This is one of the new trend in tattoo Canggu and they look super cute! Hand tattoos is essentially a line art tattoo picturing hands in various poses, such as love signs, peace, and pinky promise. The simpleness of this tattoo is what make it very lovely! You could make it bolder by adding some sparkles or star around the hands. 

There’s still many tattoo ideas for girls you can get out there! Just be creative and think outside the box!