Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Hotel experience is one of the good parts of travelling, you get to relax in a comfortable room along with variety of amenities and services provided. Great views, fresh sheets, delicious foods, and kin-scale room service are all too good to be true sometimes. However, you may also waste our money on just a subpar hotel experience. Sometimes, you regret what you have booked of. Travelers sometimes come with different horror stories about their hotel experience due to their mistake in making choices. 

Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Downplaying safety measure

One of the most common mistakes travelers do during their stay at the hotel is downplaying safety measure. Hotel theft is not uncommon so it is advised to always lock up your valuables or electronics as safety precaution. Set reminder to grab your belongings before checkout. Do not put your items especially the expensive ones out in the open. Also, always lock the door with the bar or chain above the door handle.

Assuming clean room

Next common mistake is assume that the room is clean. It is true that usually hotel staff clean the room after the guest checkout for the next guest to check in. However, with the numbers of guests stay in the hotel room doing god knows what, it has become a pool of germs. You don’t have to clean the room yourself since housekeeping service has done that. Wipe out remote control, switch lights, or toilet handlers with disinfectant wet tissue. 

Not knowing that the minibar charges

The minibar in your hotel room is a good place to find refreshment. However, you should know that the price of each item can be ridiculously expensive. Therefore, be mindful with what you take if you are budget travelling.Minibar usually have movement sensor to detect which items taken out. Even if you just move the items, you might be charged even if you didn’t even consumed any of them. 

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Next mistake is to not taking advantage of the amenities the hotel provide for their guests. Many travelers often forget about the overall amenities they have by booking a room at a hotel such as gym facility, spas, pools, laundry, game rooms, etc. Hence, make the most of your hotel experience by checking out all hotel amenities and services including free meals. 

Forgetting toiletries

Forgetting toiletries is one of common mistakes travelers do during their trip. However, do not rush into a a drugstore to buy all travel-sized toiletries you forgot. Instead, ask the front desk of your hotel and check the bathroom vanity kit. Every hotel usually provides basic toiletries such as new toothbrush, soap, lotions, shampoos, combs, and even razors. They are usually available for free. 

Leaving valuables

Leaving behind valuables in the hotel room is also one of the most common mistakes done by many travelers. To avoid this mistakes. Pack everything a night before checkout. Do a quick sweep before leaving your room to ensure you are not forgetting anything. It will only take few minutes to do it. This simple act can save you from forgetting your valuables.