Komodo Liveaboard Diving, What To Know Before Start Your Journey

Maritime tourism is an advantage that Indonesia has. Komodo Island is one of the destinations for tourists to dive while enjoying the scenery and exploring the surrounding islands. In fact, each marine tourism destination has its own characteristics. To reach Komodo Island is not difficult. For tourists from outside Bali, you can take a flight to Labuan Bajo, transit Bali or a direct flight. Komodo liveaboard diving is the right choice for diving and exploring other areas such as Padar Island, Rinca Island, Sebayur Island, Pink Beach, and others.

Komodo liveabaord diving, the right choice enjoy your holiday to explore underwater

Komodo Liveaboard Diving & Important Things that must be considered

For travel during the Pandemic, you will definitely have to do the PCR test with a negative result. The next stage is to find information about the Komodo liveaboard diving package that suits your holiday time. What facilities can you get when you decide to take a liveaboard trip?

  • Live onboard with an air-conditioned cabin
  • Food and Drink
  • Open dining area
  • Deck to enjoy sunrise & sunset
  • Beanbag
  • Ship crew (the number of crew depends on the size of the ship)
  • Diving guide
  • Diving equipment (make sure you don’t pay additional fees)

The cost of the Komodo liveaboard diving trip that you pay must be in accordance with the facilities and comfort of the trip. For that, don’t be afraid to look for detailed information on all the facilities you can enjoy during your trip, and what is not included in the liveaboard package.

komodo liveaboard diving facility

An important thing before diving on Komodo Island

Considering that each diving spot has its own characteristics, you have to be more vigilant when diving.

Characteristics of the waters of the Komodo National Park

The waters in this location have extraordinary natural beauty under the sea. Several spots such as Manta Point, Yellow wall, Batu bolong, and Tatawa Besar are famous diving spots. You need to know that the waters of Komodo National Park have strong underwater currents and many foreign divers do not know the dangers of diving without a guide. Its location is flanked by the Pacific Ocean & the Indian Ocean is one of the reasons why the Komodo dive spots are dangerous.

Diving Certificate

A diving certificate is essential to ensure that you are trained to dive to a certain depth. Several institutions that issue diving certificates such as PADI have various levels from beginner to professional. To be able to dive in the waters of Komodo, at least you must have a certificate with an advanced level or even a master. Divers with advanced and master levels have been taught to do self-rescue. 

But don’t worry, when you go on a Komodo liveaboard diving trip and just have a beginner level certificate, you can still dive safely. Several dive spots for beginner divers such as Sebayur Kecil, Turtle City – Siaba Besar, Sabolong Kecil, China Shop – Cauldron, and Crystal Bay. Make sure your dives are guided by advanced or master certified divers.