Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!

Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!
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The Komodo might still be one of Indonesia’s best hidden gem, but its fame has been circulating wide in the world. More people get interested with this dragon-inhabited islands, the last of its kind, and its exotic landscape has been bewitching many travelers with its otherworldly beauty. However, Komodo is still fairly new to international tourism. Not a lot of travelers know how to get there exactly. Does Komodo Island has its own airport? Could you fly directly to this Island?

Airport of Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of small islands in the coastal section of Flores Island, Eastern Nusa Tenggara province. Komodo Island, together with Rinca and Padar which makes up the Komodo National Park is the sanctuary of Komodo Dragons, the only largest lizards live in the wild. There’s no way that the airport build on the Komodo Island itself—it would be very disruptive for the dragons. So where is Komodo Island airport exactly? 

Airport of Komodo Island
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The departure point for all tourists is on Labuan Bajo city, the coast town of Flores, and this where the airport is. Currently, this airport only serve domestic flights to and from Denpasar, Jakarta, and Bajawa. That means if you come from overseas, you need to come to either Bali or Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, before booking another flight to Labuan Bajo. Bajawa is another city in Flores, so that cannot be your option.

According to government’s plan, the Komodo airport will be an international airport soon. When it opens, they will serve direct international flights so more travelers could enjoy the beauty of Komodo.

Local Airlines in Komodo Airport

Since they currently only serve domestic flights, here are the local airlines that would take you to the airport. Whether you’re flying from Denpasar or Jakarta, you could choose from Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Nam Air, Wings Air, and Citilink. Prices vary with Garuda Indonesia generally being the most expensive. 

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Arriving at Komodo Airport

Arriving at Komodo Airport
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So, you cannot meet the mighty dragons once you arrived to Komodo airport. You need to get to Komodo Island and that means you have to book a transportation to get there. Usually travelers who book a yacht charter or liveaboard to sail around the Komodo will have their airport transfer arranged. You could also request airport pick-up form the hotel you are in. We highly suggest you to make all the booking arrangements—both hotel or liveaboard—before coming in. Tourism in Labuan Bajo is still at infancy, and you might be surprised that things might not go as smooth as you expected. 

Getting Around

The Komodo Airport was only recently renovated. It’s relatively small—think about Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, but divide it in half. Arriving at this airport won’t make you feel lost in the middle of nowhere. It has several small cafes within the airport complex where you can take some rests or wait for your pick-up. Taxis are available around the arrival gate—drivers are open for bargain but be careful; they can be quite aggressive.