Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Some people can’t help but have frequent travel from time to time due to various reasons. One of the most common transport is air travel since it is one of the faster alternative to get to your destination. It is also considered as the safest transport to help you reach your destination. However, frequent air travel also has negative effects for those who have it frequently. Frequent air travel has its own risks which can put your health in jeopardy especially when you are not aware of what the risks are and what you are getting into. 

The health risks of frequent air travel

Flying can be uncomfortable because you are stuck in limited space, deal with turbulence, and many more. Aside from those inconveniences, there are also health risks you should be aware of so you can avoid them. Here are health risks caused by having frequent air travel.

Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Deep-vein thrombosis is considered as one of the most serious health risk of frequent air travel. It is not only caused by the manifestation of frequent long haul flights. It can be triggered by other factors as well such as pregnancy and other health issues. Traveler’s thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form during long periods of cramped immobility. It usually leads to the clots dissolving in the bloodstream. However, in some cases the clots can travel to the heart or lungs, which can result in more fatal situation. 

Hearing loss is also considered is one of the biggest health risks coming from frequent air travel. Your hearing is at risk of being damaged when it is often exposed to noise over 85 decibels. Being in long haul flight too frequent means you are more exposed to the noise. It can lead to permanent hearing damage. Thus, try to sit closer to the front or use noise-cancelling headphones that you can use during long haul flights. 

Jet lag might be considered as minor inconvenience caused by air travel especially when you are travelling overseas required long haul flights. Somehow, it disrupts your body’s circadian rhythms where you can have troubles sleeping or resting. Frequent jet lag can lead to more serious health troubles rather than minor inconveniences. Frequent jet lag is often linked to heart disease, mood disorders, and cognitive decline. Thus, try to adjust to your new schedule even before the trip. Do something that can help you rest easily such as drinking herbal tea, wearing comfortable outfits, etc. 

Picking up illness from other travelers is also considered as one of the risk of frequent air travel. Keep in mind that your immune system is already compromised just by sitting in pressurized plane cabin for hours. Then, add it with the fact that you are somehow stuck with other passengers with various health condition. Spreading germs is expected at this point. Thus, try to keep your fitness especially if you travel frequently. Minimize your risk of catching illness from others by keeping your own hygiene. You can also bring travel hand sanitizer to minimize catching germs during your flight.