Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Stores

Houseplants are becoming trendy again with the raise in popularity for succulents and their adorable counterparts. Certainly it’s one of the favorite pieces of home decor stores whether in Yogyakarta or at any place. While plants are an inseparable part of human lives, surprisingly there are still a terrible lack of interior home decor that features plants, especially not as one of the main features of the room’s design. And we think it’s time to change that. 

Home decor stores – bring some green 

If there’s anything we’d refer to as the best piece of home decor, it would no doubt be plants! They don’t just look good—they are good for you. With numerous health benefits that may improve both your physical and mental health, having indoor plants is not just a home decor stores Yogyakarta option but it’s a must. Who doesn’t love some oasis readily available in their house?

Plants are good for you 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

There are numerous benefits to having plants inside your house. So the first thing after furnishing your rooms with your furniture of choice, the best thing your could do for your house is to choose your houseplant buddy. 

For a luxury home decor stores that make a dramatic change for your house, don’t be afraid to go big. Going small sometimes has less of the desired impact—not one that you’ll notice right away. In order to make “going big” work, when furnishing your house, it’s advisable to think of the layout of your furniture and think ahead of when you’re going to put your home decor plant. 

As a bonus, here are some recommendation for big house plants that should dramatically transform your space: 

  • Philodendron 
  • Ficus 
  • Dracaena 
  • Montsera 

Houseplants purifies indoor air 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

While you essentially need a lot of plants to actually make a considerable impact in terms of actually purifying your room, a little bit goes a long way, especially if you’ve just gotten started in incorporating plants into your house. With that said, houseplants do help remove pollutant indoor. But more noticeably, they help humidify the air. 

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Improves mood 

Aside from its obvious health benefits of improving your indoor air quality, plants in general are known to improve mood and overall mental health. Lack of exposure to plants is often linked to deteriorating mental state. Having the presence of plants inside your house has been proven to improve your moods, just as the presence of plants in your work desk, for example. Plants make you happier! 

Furnishing along with houseplants 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

So you’ve known all the benefits of plants inside your house. The next time you’re looking to furnish your house with houseplants, make sure to keep the integration of a houseplant in mind. Rather than thinking of these greens as home decor pieces, think of them as an integral part of your home. Create your furniture layout along with the ideas to showcase your plants. Want a statement look? Have vines covering a room divider or a screen. Bamboo or a bamboo-like plant is also an excellent way to create that gorgeous look of towering green that makes your interior feel more breathable.