Best Tattoo in Bali: Notice the Signs!

World’s popular destination for tropical trip, Bali, Indonesia, is infamous as one of Asia’s leading station for getting your skin tattooed. It’s not hard to find a tattoo parlour in this island—you can practically find a tattoo studio thorough the island’s main streets. However, finding the best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be that easy. You don’t want to walk into a random parlour and leave with a tattoo that you would regret for the rest of your life. It’s easy to get confused with the presence of 100+ tattoo parlour who each boasts their original portfolio on their walls. Here, we have prepared you some useful guide upon choosing a tattoo parlour you can trust. 

Clean and Tidy: First Indicator of Best Tattoo in Bali

The best tattoo in Bali know how to keep the studio to their standard. You want to get a tattoo where the environment is tatt tthis n, well laid out, and the needles are new. If they have sterilising equipments on site, this would add value to the studio. As the tattoo needles and the ink would be penetrating your skin, it’s important to put hygiene and cleanliness into your top priority. A quick indicator of a clean tattoo parlour are shiny floors, gloves on the artists’ hands, and sealed packages of new needles. 

Signs of the Best Tattoo in Bali

Experienced Tattoo Artists

Getting a tattoo removal and cover-up could be expensive, so make sure you are in good hands. Don’t get inked by apprentices or a self-taught artists with minimum experiences. Because tattoo is not something that you can learn by theories. Most tattoo parlours displays their artist on the house, their previous works, and a bit about them. Whether it’s on the wall or in the website, you should be able to get informations about them. 

You Could Find Them Online

In a world where everything goes digital, every professional tattoo studio should be there too. The best place to get a tattoo in Bali should be easy to be find online. You should be able to have some research about the tattoo studio. Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be compared as having a culinary adventure. You cannot just stop into a parlour to get a tattoo here and now.

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You’ve Heard People Talking About It

One sure indicator of the best tattoo parlours is positive reviews. In social media and website, a mediocre tattoo could be polished into a good one. But reviews won’t lie. Do people leave satisfied comments on their social media page? Peek into their TripAdvisor profile. Do their previous clients give positive stars and reviews? 

You Could Get Their Portfolio Easily

Let the works speak for themselves. The best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be shy to display their best works both offline and online. They are proud of their portfolios and will happily share it with you. From their portfolio, you can see whether they could draw precise lines, fill shadows that looks ‘alive’, or color the tattoo correctly. 

Good luck on finding the right tattoo parlour!