Is it Possible to Travel with Social Anxiety?

Every individual has different situation which can make their lives a little bit more complicated than others. However, it doesn’t mean they are less than others. One of issues many people suffered from is social anxiety. It is when a person feels extremely anxious when being socially exposed, be it talking to strangers or being in new places.

Travel with social anxiety disorder

For some people, this issue is hard to overcome. Some people try to overcome this issue by going out more or travelling in hope to lessen the anxiety from being socially exposed. However, is it really safe t travel with social anxiety?

Travelling with anxiety disorder

This issue has different severity so every individual who suffer from it may have different symptoms or reaction. They may also need different treatment depending on their condition.

Some people with social anxiety can still travel with no major problems. However, some of them cannot travel at all especially alone. So if the question asked whether or not a person with social anxiety can travel smoothly, the answer is yes, it is possible.

Even though some issues may occur during the travel, many travellers with social anxiety have proven that they can travel rather smoothly indeed.

You can actually build your courage to travel even when you have social anxiety. Here are some tips for those who suffer from the same issue but have successfully got themselves out of the road.

First, it is common to feel like cancelling even in the last minute due to the anxiety. To overcome this, you need to imagine yourself in the place you really want to visit. Try to remind yourself why you want to travel badly. This can help you building your courage and minimizing your anxiety at the same time. Thinking positively will help you calm down.

Next, instead of feeling the fear of going out of your home, try to focus on the fear of living in regret for not taking the chance to travel when you can. You can picture yourself several months or years later what would you be if you cancel the trip. You might regret it deeply if you follow your fear and cancel it.

It is also not recommended to jump blindly on a trip without preparation especially when you suffer from social anxiety.

You need to plan out your days thoroughly so you know what to do during your trip. If you lack of preparation, the anxiety might get worse instead. By being more prepared, you will feel ready to face the problem.

Find a community that can help you or ease your anxiety. In the community, you will receive support, tips, and trick to have smooth travel. This will help to think that you are not the only one who suffer from your anxiety and that lots of people can do it.

However, you also need to remember that you can always go home anytime. If you think it is not the right time or not for you, you can go home without regret or feel like you failed.

Surf Holidays on A Budget: 3 Tips For Beginner

People are wrong when thinking that surf holidays are spending more money then they should. It all about the ways you are spending the holiday itself. And especially for the beginner surfers that are thinking surfing will spend a lot of their money, I’ll guide you how you can do it better without breaking your bank.

Surf holidays on a budget for beginner

Even though surfing and all traveling ideas are the good investments for our life, saving money is always important for the great financial depression like me and most of us.

1. Heading to the beach where you can find the surfboard rental

For totally a beginner surfer, one way to know how you are going to love surfing before you are truly experience your own surf holidays is to know what it feels like to stand on the surfboard.

You may are interesting about surf holidays when watching random ads on internet before or else. And later, you find yourself interesting about it and even bringing it to your dream when you are sleeping.

The thing is, surfing needs equipment and they all have their own prices. So, right before you are buy all of the expensive gears and required equipment, you’d better go to the beach where you can find the surfboard and other equipment rental to directly test if your imagination about surfing is the same in reality as well.

You will only need to spend a few bucks first and start surfing to see how exciting it is. You don’t have to rush that your first day of surfing trial you will have to stand perfectly on the board for few seconds or even minutes because mostly it won’t happen.

You will only need to rent the surfboard to see if you are truly interested in surf holidays for later or not before spending out more money on equipment.

2. Get the professional surf holidays package for a day

I am sure that some beginner surfers will think that they need to start learning to surf professionally if it will be affordable enough for them. And the truth is; Yes, it is possible.

And for my recommendation about this, the beginner surfers will need to find the nearby surf camp or surf school at the beach they are interested to learn surfing.

You don’t need to start your surf holidays at the foreign country first since it will need more budget, for sure. Simply find the professional surf camp around you and you may will be surprised by the price for a day of professional surf training.

Some of the surf camps are not even reach up to $50 for a day surf class. And I think that you will need to try this since you are going to be trained by the professional surfers and instructors that have more knowledge and experiences than you are.

Being in a surf camp is also recommended to prepare yourself when you have a plan to book your dream and favourite surf holidays package in days to come.

If you are affordable enough to be in a surf camp for even days to spend your holidays, that will be a great start for the beginner surfer to experience the best of the package since mostly it has been covered your own accommodation as well as the travel itinerary, too. So, surfing is not only what you are going to get.

3. Don’t surf alone! Bring the companions to share the holiday’s budget

You never knew if your friends are also interesting in surfing before you ask them. Just say it out loud and hear their responses, you may are surprised as well that you guys are actually have the same new interest for so long.

Sharing the surf holidays mean that you are going to share all the required budget as well.

And the good news is, if you are interesting on booking the surf school as I have explained before, who would have guessed that your small group of beginner surfers may get the special offer and price as well.

Moreover, spending the surf holidays with friends that you have been knowing for long is also a better holiday spent.

Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Some people can’t help but have frequent travel from time to time due to various reasons. One of the most common transport is air travel since it is one of the faster alternative to get to your destination. It is also considered as the safest transport to help you reach your destination. However, frequent air travel also has negative effects for those who have it frequently. Frequent air travel has its own risks which can put your health in jeopardy especially when you are not aware of what the risks are and what you are getting into. 

The health risks of frequent air travel

Flying can be uncomfortable because you are stuck in limited space, deal with turbulence, and many more. Aside from those inconveniences, there are also health risks you should be aware of so you can avoid them. Here are health risks caused by having frequent air travel.

Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Deep-vein thrombosis is considered as one of the most serious health risk of frequent air travel. It is not only caused by the manifestation of frequent long haul flights. It can be triggered by other factors as well such as pregnancy and other health issues. Traveler’s thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form during long periods of cramped immobility. It usually leads to the clots dissolving in the bloodstream. However, in some cases the clots can travel to the heart or lungs, which can result in more fatal situation. 

Hearing loss is also considered is one of the biggest health risks coming from frequent air travel. Your hearing is at risk of being damaged when it is often exposed to noise over 85 decibels. Being in long haul flight too frequent means you are more exposed to the noise. It can lead to permanent hearing damage. Thus, try to sit closer to the front or use noise-cancelling headphones that you can use during long haul flights. 

Jet lag might be considered as minor inconvenience caused by air travel especially when you are travelling overseas required long haul flights. Somehow, it disrupts your body’s circadian rhythms where you can have troubles sleeping or resting. Frequent jet lag can lead to more serious health troubles rather than minor inconveniences. Frequent jet lag is often linked to heart disease, mood disorders, and cognitive decline. Thus, try to adjust to your new schedule even before the trip. Do something that can help you rest easily such as drinking herbal tea, wearing comfortable outfits, etc. 

Picking up illness from other travelers is also considered as one of the risk of frequent air travel. Keep in mind that your immune system is already compromised just by sitting in pressurized plane cabin for hours. Then, add it with the fact that you are somehow stuck with other passengers with various health condition. Spreading germs is expected at this point. Thus, try to keep your fitness especially if you travel frequently. Minimize your risk of catching illness from others by keeping your own hygiene. You can also bring travel hand sanitizer to minimize catching germs during your flight. 

Best Tattoo in Bali: Notice the Signs!

World’s popular destination for tropical trip, Bali, Indonesia, is infamous as one of Asia’s leading station for getting your skin tattooed. It’s not hard to find a tattoo parlour in this island—you can practically find a tattoo studio thorough the island’s main streets. However, finding the best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be that easy. You don’t want to walk into a random parlour and leave with a tattoo that you would regret for the rest of your life. It’s easy to get confused with the presence of 100+ tattoo parlour who each boasts their original portfolio on their walls. Here, we have prepared you some useful guide upon choosing a tattoo parlour you can trust. 

Clean and Tidy: First Indicator of Best Tattoo in Bali

The best tattoo in Bali know how to keep the studio to their standard. You want to get a tattoo where the environment is tatt tthis n, well laid out, and the needles are new. If they have sterilising equipments on site, this would add value to the studio. As the tattoo needles and the ink would be penetrating your skin, it’s important to put hygiene and cleanliness into your top priority. A quick indicator of a clean tattoo parlour are shiny floors, gloves on the artists’ hands, and sealed packages of new needles. 

Signs of the Best Tattoo in Bali

Experienced Tattoo Artists

Getting a tattoo removal and cover-up could be expensive, so make sure you are in good hands. Don’t get inked by apprentices or a self-taught artists with minimum experiences. Because tattoo is not something that you can learn by theories. Most tattoo parlours displays their artist on the house, their previous works, and a bit about them. Whether it’s on the wall or in the website, you should be able to get informations about them. 

You Could Find Them Online

In a world where everything goes digital, every professional tattoo studio should be there too. The best place to get a tattoo in Bali should be easy to be find online. You should be able to have some research about the tattoo studio. Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be compared as having a culinary adventure. You cannot just stop into a parlour to get a tattoo here and now.

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You’ve Heard People Talking About It

One sure indicator of the best tattoo parlours is positive reviews. In social media and website, a mediocre tattoo could be polished into a good one. But reviews won’t lie. Do people leave satisfied comments on their social media page? Peek into their TripAdvisor profile. Do their previous clients give positive stars and reviews? 

You Could Get Their Portfolio Easily

Let the works speak for themselves. The best tattoo in Bali wouldn’t be shy to display their best works both offline and online. They are proud of their portfolios and will happily share it with you. From their portfolio, you can see whether they could draw precise lines, fill shadows that looks ‘alive’, or color the tattoo correctly. 

Good luck on finding the right tattoo parlour!

Tips to Have Enjoyable Vacation in Caribbean

Caribbean is one of the most sought travel destination. Travel to Caribbean could be your bucket list and you can make it true by start planning the trip. Caribbean is like paradise you need for well-deserved getaway. The beaches, the people, the bars, and the whole package of Caribbean is what makes your escapade perfect. Of course, Caribbean also has its flows especially since it is one of touristy places. However, visiting this place for vacation is worth it.

Ways to enjoy your time during vacation in Caribbean

How to enjoy your time during your vacation in Caribbean

Basically, you can do anything during your vacation. You can be yourself and nobody judges. You can also challenges yourself to do things you’ve never been brave enough to do when you are at home. However, it is highly advised that you respect your surrounding be it people or places you visit. Being responsible traveler is a must. As for spending time in Caribbean for vacation, here are things you should and shouldn’t do:

Being ignorant to your skin

You see, visiting Caribbean means you can make the most of your time enjoying the beaches. However, you should not forget about your skin. If you are ignorant, your skin will be damaged due to sunburn specifically. Thus, avoid applying too little sunscreen when you are on vacation in Caribbean. Severe sunburn can cause severe pain and it can be avoided if you apply generous amount of sunscreen. It is even highly advised to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

It is possible for you to stumble across an empty beaches during your vacation in Caribbean

It can make you easily forget about warning flag or sign. Empty beaches don’t always be a good news. They may be empty due to strong currents or dangerous animals lurking below. That’s why they are empty and nobody dumb enough to dive in. therefore, always look for the warning flag and signs to ensure your own safety during your vacation.

Caribbean is one of the places with intense hurricane during its season

That’s why travelling to this place during hurricane season is not good idea. Hurricane season in Caribbean runs from June 1 through November 30. If you are planning to visit Caribbean during hurricane season or even peak hurricane season, make sure that you are insured. Do not wait until the hurricane is in the forecast to buy insurance.

Another thing to make the most of your time in Caribbean is to leave your resort

It is true that resorts in Caribbean are great to the point you don’t want to leave at all. However, there are many things to explore in Caribbean that it is such a shame if you spend your vacation in your resort only.

Try to explore more the place and mingle with the locals to learn more about their unique tradition and laws. Not to mention that the foods are worth trying. The best part is when you enjoy authentic dishes made by local chef with the presence of the scenery in your surroundings.

How Digital Marketing Agency In Bali Will Help Your Travel Business?

Digital marketing agency in Bali has becoming a business providing various services for business owners and managers to keep what they have been building so far moving forward. Mostly, it is covering the digital ways how a business is being marketed.

Generally, digital marketing is also one of the answer in how the travel businesses and the whole tourism aspects in Bali is being introduced. It is because most of the modern people nowadays have been the big fans of the internet when they keep on using it for business purposes, working remotely, connecting with close families, chatting with their long-distance friends, etc.

Digital marketing agency Bali itself has been developing and evolving with various strategy. Today, you can say that it is even easier to find an agency than years ago. There have been many numbers of them so the business owners will really get the new digital solutions as part of online marketing strategies for their businesses in Bali.

General ways how a digital marketing agency in Bali will be your business solution

If you are running a business, no matter what it is and how big or small it is, it means that you are actually entering the competitive industry in general. So that, as what the competition is required, your business will need to prepare any imaginable strategies to keep it running. An interesting thing is happening when it comes to talk about any kind of travel businesses in Bali. No matter how beautiful and interesting you are thinking it is to sell the destinations through travel packages, it is actually stressful ever since the competitions are mostly high.

Digital marketing agency in Bali to help travel businesses

One of the reason why travel businesses in Bali are challenging is because the island popularity has been attracting many businessmen and women in the world. They don’t care if you don’t have money to rent a billboard space at the main crossroad of Denpasar to introduce and market your business, they do care for their business only in how to gain more money.

And when you have been met such conditions, then you will have to think about the business strategies to keep what you have been built before alive. This is where the digital marketing agency in Bali is standing at. The agency will help you to build the better strategies and optimise what your business have been got so far.

The first thing you will be recommended is to build a better site for your business if you have not got one before. It is a must-thing you have to do since the main channel and platform for marketing a business in digital era is a good designed and professional business website.

Building the better website is also useful in getting more business audiences. You have been known that yourself are can’t even really get away from accessing internet every single day and so do everybody else.

Then, you will be advised that your website will need to be optimised so it will be ready for the next competition which is on search engines especially on Google and Bing or at least Yahoo. Many internet users are using those search engines to find information including how they can get the travel package in Bali, what better and affordable accommodation to rent, etc. Just make sure that your business site can be found on the first page of Google result pages for certain keywords the users are typed.

Next, we are going to talk about another general way how a digital marketing agency in Bali will help your travel business through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You will still working on a search engines but mostly will only use the Google alone because it is the most popular among all.

SEM itself is pretty much about how your business will be making use of the Google Adwords or what’s now being called as Google Ads. It is an ads network provided by Google itself so you can reach more targeted customers through ads.

Last but surely not the least, your travel business in Bali will also be offered by the digital marketing agency about the social media management services that will help you in building your business community on social media and by far will also help you in dealing with the social media ads platforms for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

There are actually more digital strategies your travel business in Bali can get through hiring and collaborating with the digital marketing agency. If you think that you are doing business your own, you just don’t realised that there are many agencies in Bali are waiting for you to visit them and start talking about how to raise up your business.

Planning for Affordable Family Escapade

Traveling can be costly even when you are traveling solo, let alone traveling with your whole family. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up and stay at home because you and your family deserve a perfect getaway. What you can do is find a plan to get affordable family getaway using some tips and tricks that will be shared below.

How to plan for affordable family escapade

How to plan for affordable family escapade

Traveling with family is always exciting because it is a moment when you can have quality time with your family and away from hectic daily basis due to works and other responsibilities.

During your trip with family, you have more time to indulge your kids and partner and improve your level of happiness. Happy family is everything you could ask for anyway. So if you have problem with vacation budgeting, here are some tips to plan for affordable family getaway:

  1. Create free email account so you will get information related to vacation deals and ideas. You don’t have to make it formal. The purpose of the email is to notify you if there is any promising deals you can afford. It is an email account that will be full of alerts so make sure it is not for personal or work-related use.
  2. These days, hotels and travel agents always offer some deals through digital platforms. Thus, you can sign up so you will get notified when there are fabulous getaway deals. You can sign up to the local hotels and travel sites for more information about promising deals.
  3. It is also highly recommended to sign up for alerts from sites which track airfare. You see, airplane tickets are getting more and more expensive. Thus, you can always look for great deals by signing up to get alerted anytime there are discounts or other great deals.
  4. There are many tourist offices or organisation websites within driving distance of your home. Therefore, you can sign up for a newsletter so you will get information about deals they offer. Most tourism organisations still use newsletter to inform their potential customers so this is great benefit you should take.
  5. Everything is done and you just have to sit back and see. The deals will keep coming through your emails and newsletter. What you have to do is to select which deals are the best. Be careful in choosing the deals so that you won’t have to deal with scams. If the alerts become too many to handle, you can unsubscribe anytime.

It is highly recommended to plan for family getaway early so you will have time to choose which deals are the best. Buying ticket plane early also means you can buy it cheaper than buying it on the spot or near your D-day.

Today, you don’t have to go anywhere to know if there are any great deals offering affordable price for your family getaway. You can always find the information online so you don’t even have to get away from home.

How To Choose Your Best Surf Camp Provider In 7 Steps

Who would have guessed that a surfing holiday can be luxury? Through a surf school or camp trip idea, getting to know how to ride the waves and knowing the other surfers while staying in a luxury accommodation are actually have been the real things. But, how you are choosing your best surf camp so you can really enjoy your holiday at its best?

How to choose the best surf camp for your holiday?

Surfing may not for everyone, but it is worth trying for all of us. Some of us may think that they don’t really need to know how to surf while the rest have felt the call to go out and surfing. If you have to answering that call but have no idea where to getting it started, then I will guide you in how to choose your best surf camp provider in some short steps ahead.

1. Find a surf camp provider with years of experiences!

Talking about quality in many aspects and perspectives, mostly time can be the only one prove that whether or not a service provider is qualified. So does in choosing the best surf camp provider for your holiday, you’d better searching for the long-established company.

It is also beneficial to ensure that the company will serving their surfers in more safer and more comfortable ways ever since years of experiences have been teaching the team to do so.

2. The surf camp provider should give the lessons in safer environment and so does when practicing on water

If you can find the nearby surf camp with your home, that can even be better since you may have been familiar with the environment and the sea and all the rocky stuffs inside it. Especially when you are the beginner that have to be safer while on water.

Surfing surely is fun but when the waves getting you below the surface and the beach is pretty much rocky, you know that will be a place you have never wanted it especially as a beginner surfer. You need safer spot to practice. And even though sometimes being injured can’t be avoided, at least it won’t be the worst one.

You will need a safer environment that can make you feel comfortable with the breaks and if will be possible, no tricky currents and rocky bottom at all.

3. A surf camp provider should have the certified instructors, all of them

We are living in a world where a teacher is not those who are teaching but those who have graduated from required education level with diploma on their names and find an institution like school and start teaching. I am sure that there are many surfers out there with years of experiences. But, do they even certified when they want to open a class or course?

It is questionable if a surf camp provider didn’t fully-licensed their professional surfers. And if a surf company is telling you that they are an international company, make sure that their professionals are accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

4. A surf class or course should haven’t featured with many surfers especially the beginner class

The funny thing about being a beginner surfer is you will feel special when an instructor is paying attention and guiding you as if in a private class while the other may are bragging about why you aren’t them. The more first-time surfers in a class, the worst for the instructors and the students won’t also get an effective surf lessons especially when someone or two need to ask questions and there will be a short discussion session.

Someone and could be many may are believing that a surf course shouldn’t features more than eight beginners to run an efficient and effective lessons and surf session.

5. A surf camp provider is allowing the surfers not to bring their own gears

Many surfers are traveling across the countries and even continents just to find a better course in a surf camp while spending their holidays. Imagine if you have to bring all your surf gears all the way to the destinations, that will cost you a lot of money for the flight luggage and can be the car rental as well to bring all of your gears.

But when a surf camp provider you are choosing is even promising you not to, that will be great.

6. The accommodation should be closer to the beach where the class is begun

Barefoot walking to the beach is amazing and if you can really experiences it especially if it is a place where a surf camp course is started. I mean, there may a surf camp activities that can be held in several places. If that will be the case, than it won’t be a problem as it is a trip package. But if the places are giving hassles without any different with the first place or beach, then why keep on moving?

It can also be better if in an accommodation itself has interesting stuffs or outdoor features that can be used for a camp activity or getting all the surfers together while doing some things.

7. Choose a surf camp that provides you the itinerary

As a surf camp itself is actually a travel package as well, I think that will be interesting if there will be the other things to do out of surfing activity and will be scheduled by the provider.

Surf camp focusing on a course to learn how to surf but sometimes it takes up to a week. That will the long days to spend without exploring and experiencing the area, culture, art, etc in your surf camp destinations.

What else do you need to know and do when choosing the best surf camp for your next holidays?