What the Best Surf Camp Option For You?

If you are now thinking about the sport holiday packages, one best choice that I can really recommending you is to take part in a surf camp. This type of package will be possible for everyone so you haven’t a chance to think that it will be too old for you to involved in.

When you are looking for the best surf camp to choose, most of what you are going to find seem to be for those younger people or those who still got an enough energy to move, possible to survive in water, or simply for they who have not more than 35 years old.

Surf camp to choose for holidays

But in reality, there have been many surf camps you can choose that are even provided for those with certain ages and conditions. Later, riding waves won’t be as a fun travel idea alone, but it will also be the therapeutic camp that can be a medium for us to feel better and healthier.

How to choose the best surf camp for you?

If you are still struggling to find the best holiday inspiration to give for yourself as well as the way to spend it in a better and healthier way, you are now knowing that a surf camp is the worthy option to choose.

But you may are wondering not to be caught with the teenagers since you are old enough to start knowing about how to surf even though it won’t really a matter.

Therefore, here are some useful tips to know in finding the best surf camp to choose for all of you (young, adult, and old people).

1. Define your main purpose in finding the surf camp to choose

The first thing you need to know before choosing the surf camp is what your main purpose really is. If you are simply want to know how to surf, then almost surf camps in the world are possible for that.

But, if you are intend to make a surf camp activities as the ways to heal yourself from traumatic life experiences, as a way to deal with your Thalassophobia or any certain mental ills, then you have to know that the surf camp you are going to choose has the relevant surf instructors with professional health certifications.

Surfing itself is working as therapy in general, but since each of us have different levels of health stages, you will also need to find the best surf camp with more professionals that are not only capable to teach you how to surf.

2. For your information, there are so many surf camps for teenagers in the world

Have you got the teenagers that can’t be handling? I mean, the young ones that are difficult to talk with and won’t hear your voices at all? If yes, let’s see if you are affordable enough to send them to the surf camp in the next holiday.

This is because there are so many surf camps you can choose that are specially providing certain adventures for only the teenagers. You can’t handle the teens because you just don’t capable for that. I think that every parents are experiencing the same, they are unstable inside and we have been knowing that for years, right? We have been there before.

So, if you have got the young baby boys and daughters that quite the same of what I have been described on above, what stopping you to send them to a surf camp? It may an unforgettable adventure for them that can really change their life.

3. Where to go? The destination you need to be

So now, you have been known what your purpose to be in a surf camp for yourself and you have also known what to do with the difficult teenagers, then, where to go?

In answering this question, many people will mostly think about which the best country to choose if you are really have more holidays to spend. Surely that you have also a control to find one in your own country to save the money.

First, if you are truly need to go to the abroad country, Indonesia may will be your next favourite country. There are so many surf camps and spots to explore. Moreover, it is the tropical archipelagic country and what could be the best from that? Spain and Portugal are also the good choice while Australia need also be considered.

Think about what the vibe you’d like to experience and that may really helpful for deciding the surf destination to choose.

The last thing you will need to do is to compare what the surf camp are offering you. And I know that you are knowing how to do this, right?

Why Buy Travel Package Will Make Your Holidays More Affordable?

Travel package is mostly will be bought by those who have no idea what to do to spend their holidays especially at the destination they have never been before. It will mostly included with itinerary so travellers have nothing to worry about how to spend their time. In other hands, it is not actually can benefit the travellers that ways, it will also contribute on getting the cheaper journey for those who run out of budget but still need to experience the best of their holidays.

Buying travel package will also allow you to have a team that will be responsible to you and your friends or family in a package they are in. The providers will do anything to make your holidays are safe and silently comfortable.

Why travel package will be more affordable for your holidays

The first reason why buying travel package will becoming more affordable is: Not all the itinerary that requiring you to spend money will be marked up. Some travel packages are even giving you the promotional price since they have been cooperated with certain destinations or where the attractions will be taken place and all of those have been included into the package.

Even though some others or even many travel offers are doing the otherwise to get more profit, there are still many travel business owners have the understanding that you should never pay more of something you can get with regular price.

Next, transportation like car along with its gasoline are even have been covered. For example, if you are renting the car by your own, say you will pay $50 for the car and $12 for the gas for a day. In other hands, travel operator where you are buying the package will only cost you as little as $45 for the car, the gas and for the driver as well.

It will really helpful since traveling will also consume more of your energy. By getting your travel package, you will at least won’t drive the rented car. Just leave it to the driver that have been provided by the provider.

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The last thing that will be the way how travel package will help you getting more cheaper journey is you can get the tips and recommendations on how to spend less when you are shopping.

Some of the travel package providers will even hear your questions about that and will recommending you on how to deal with shopping. Even, when you are still inside the car with your “personal driver,” you can ask the driver and he or she will gladly telling you what to do.

If you really need to save more money when you are travelling, then getting a travel package as you are desired. It will also helps you to get rid off all unnecessary hassles you should never experience while travelling.

Therefore, getting the travel package will not only let you experiencing more affordable trip but also a great way to experience the travel itself at its best. Why would we need to disturb our travel moments with some things that can make us down and unhappier if we can and are possible to do the otherwise?

Importance of Content Writing in Digital Marketing

Content writing, the blog posts, etc for business site are getting more important today when it comes to talk about digital marketing strategy. Even, there are many business sites that have been transformed from the static web before to be the sites that are regularly posting an article in almost everyday.

Before, we have been introduced to the popular term in online content writing and publication which is “Content is King.” And apparently, it still getting more relevant and useful in digital marketing world until today and I am sure for even years to come.

Importance of content writing in digital marketing

Content writing is one of the way how your business audiences will know about what you are offering them. The better way you are delivering the stories, the better for your own business. It is also a way how to start the “viral” project for your business industry to spread the words and reach more audiences.

More reasons why content writing in digital marketing is important

Which kind of contents on internet that needn’t a description? Even a single image will need to be titled as the way it is shown the object matter. For social media junkies, we are even put a word and two to describe what the image it is. At least, even we will only included an image with a hashtag, it still being part of how you are delivering the content message.

For further usage, content writing will mostly found as the blog posts that the business sites will mostly published them in their sub-domain along with their various categories and labels.

One interesting thing you may have already know is that, content itself is affecting the way how your customers will take their own actions about your business. Later on, we are calling it as the content marketing to delivery the unique and better messages through the contents you have been published and keeping on promoted to reach more people.

In digital world, it is true that content marketing is an effective way to communicate with audiences and can even encourage them to share forward the contents on their social media so yours will get more exposures (viewers) and so does your business in general.

For short, I have actually been listed some of the benefits that are becoming the reasons why content writing is important for your business digital marketing strategy. They are as below:

1. Audiences need your stories to encourage them to take actions

Have you ever read a blog post that encourage you to do some actions such as click on link and start sign up your email letter, getting the virtual coupon codes, or something else? It is called as the CTA or Call to Action. If you want your audiences to do what you need them to do, then simply tell them so.

But, you will not only telling them what they need to do, you will also need to write the contents and show them why they need to do as you have told them. They need the background of your business story, the amazing ones or something that can put down the tears form their eyes, some funny stories perhaps? Just anything!

If you can really delivering the messages perfectly on your contents, you will still need to write what they need to do. If you need them to buy from you, then simply write as it is. Don’t get this wrong. Online users need to be told about what you will need so they will also know what to do next.

In digital marketing, the more the audiences are spending their time online, the more chances for them to be exposed about the business offers. So, you will really need the great contents to market your business as well as the clear tiny message to encourage them to do something required.

2. What’s the purpose of business site without any recent updates or posts?

Seriously, why even bothering yourself to build the expensive business site if you can’t really post any updates on it? Is that for only online presence that you will put aside of how many your site visitors daily or even monthly?

Business site without any updates just like digging a grave for your own business. It may still run, but you are actually building and digging non sense.

Today, many blogger are even struggling to think about what to be included into their About page while keep on updating random posts in the multi-niche blog. And if you are representing the business through website, what stopping you from uploading an image about what your business have done with a short description?

No matter how thin it is, it still a content rather than just nothing.

Even if you could only post an article a month, that will be a perfect update for your audiences and that’s how you are starting your own business’s digital marketing campaign through its site.

3. Content fuels your site SEO and will really helpful in digital marketing

In case you are wondering how your site can be on top result of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), the strategy is called as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The purpose is one, how to get the better rank or position on Google since your business site will also get more audiences and they can be converted as your customers as well. As simple as that to involving in a digital marketing through SEO strategy. But to be honest, sometimes it won’t be an easy thing to do.

Contents you have been published on the business blog must be contain various and rich keywords. The more keywords you can rank, the better chance to be on Google’s page 1.

To do that, start knowing how to research the relevant keywords with your business site and see how much the volumes are and how small or high the competition will be.

The good optimized business site will mostly means that it will be a great business to run as well.

4. Your audience will have a reason to share meaningful stories on their social media

How good you are writing the contents, it will also be the reason to encourage your audience to share the stories on their social media. Then, no wonder that your business site will also getting more visitors.

Even, beneficial or meaningful contents will also contributing to optimize your business site so you won’t spend more budget for SEO campaign. It is because your contents will have higher chance to get the free quality backlinks referring from the other sites that are interested to link to your pages.

And, the more users are sharing your business contents or posts, the popular your business site in your industry, too. That’s how smart the digital marketing strategy to be done.

5. Contents are the long-term assets for your business site

There are some important things to realise that your business site is more powerful than you think. It is because there are so many assets your site have. All of the resources codes are your assets, so do its web design, images, videos, articles, traffics, leads or sales, anything that visitors see and all the front-end elements.

For the useful contents that have been published before, they will keep on getting you the daily visitors and sometimes will surprise you with the large amount of readers.

Then, from just an article, it then will let the users to click on the internal links to your business pages or to read the other articles that will let your site get more pageviews and by the time will let your site bounce rate reduced.

The longer the contents are displayed, the longer it will contribute in giving you their benefits.

And that’s how the other major and big companies are doing. They are investing times and budget to build the site assets to increase their business. And to be honest, if you don’t write the contents yourself, some of you may have been hiring the freelance content writers or buying the articles directly, right?

Those how digital marketing is working through content writing and publication. If you still don’t believe that they are beneficial, you may have something better you are offering and investing on.

How to Stay Indulged During a Business Trip

Involving in business means you need to be ready for a business travel as well. Sometimes, it is inevitable. However, having business trip can also be as an indication that your business is growing positively. Thus, don’t be afraid to have business travel especially when it serves to grow your business.  One of the many reasons why people are a bit reluctant to have business travel is because they think the mood is not enjoyable, different from fun travels. However, you can stay entertained and indulged even when you are travelling for business.

How to Stay Indulged During a Business Trip

Tips to stay indulged during a business trip

A business trip is not for entertainment. It is to get something done for the sake of your business. However, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. It is important for you to have enjoyable business travel. Of course, budget is one of the issue because it uses your business budget so you have limited access to use it for your own selfish indulgent. You can still mix a little pleasure to your business trip using these tips.

Book Hotel Near Tourist Destinations

You can consider booking a hotel a few blocks away from your business destination. This may sound a hassle because you want to be as close as possible to your supposed venue. However, this is a way for you to get your indulgent because you can walk and explore the city on the way. This is why planning is crucial. You need to do a little research to find out the area of your destination and find if there is any chance for you to mix a little pleasure during your business travel without disturbing your primary activities.

Reach Out Relatives

Do not shut yourself off just because you are on a business trip. Instead, you can call your relatives or friends who live near your destination beforehand. Thus, you can connect with them when you have the opportunity. Your local friends can help you with your travel because they are more familiar with the place. They might help you with the hotel reservation or recommendation. You can meet up and engage in fun activity so that you can take a break from your business affair.

Try Local Foods

Don’t be afraid to explore the local foods because it can be your source of indulgent. You see, one of the most boring thing about business trip is to constantly have hotel buffet. Thus, why not treating yourself a good meal in a popular local restaurant. Of course, you need to watch what you eat so you don’t jeopardize your health. However, food hunting is fun activity you can afford during business trip.

Don’t Stress Out

Do not stress over your business deal. Of course it is important for you and your business. However, stress will only make you feel restless and anxious especially when it is the first experience. You need to focus on your goal for your business but you can also indulge yourself with something fun to enjoy in between the business affairs. This way, your business travel will stay enjoyable.

The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

When you think about tattoo, you are thinking about self-expression. It’s about something completely personal; something about engraving what’s on your heart to your skin. Here in Canggu, tattoo is mode. It rises as an inseparable part of the town’s artistic culture. It’s no longer associated to tough men or the undergrounds—it’s simply a lifestyle. And just like any other kinds of lifestyle, you couldn’t deny difference of tastes and styles between men and women. 

This time, we are going to explore some of the most popular tattoo styles for girls you could get while in this beach town. This is not to say that other styles are not suitable for women, though. You are free to get any tattoo you want—and this is just some inspiration. 

Tattoo Canggu for Women Inspiration

The Trendiest Tattoo Canggu Style for Girls on 2019

Cute Small Tattoo 

If you loves anything cute, then cute small tattoos would be the finest thing to happen on your skin. Small tattoos has been rising in popularity in recent years among women—it’s almost like a cult. You could hide it easily whenever you are feeling modest. It flaunts your beauty in its cute charm, too. Last year, small tattoos like constellations, star signs, and simple symbols make a lot of appearances on many tattoo Canggu designs. 

Canggu “Beach Vibes” Tattoo

Some people loves to get a tattoo that reminds them of a certain area. We think beach-y designs are among the best tattoo canggu bali to get when you are on the area! Think about waves, palm fringe, nautical creatures, banana leaf line arts, or anything tropical. Whenever you look at these tattoo, you are going to remember fondly about your great times on the beach town.  

Buddhism/ Hinduism Symbols 

What makes Bali so charming is not merely its holiday destinations. Any tropical islands can have that. The thing that this set this island apart from mainstream holiday destination is its spiritual charms, that’s deeply rooted to Balinese’s daily life. We have seen many tourist touched by these spiritual sense and start to ingrain it to their life, too. Buddha statues, hindu sarongs, and Ganesha t-shirts—tattoo is not an exception. Mainstream Hindu and Buddha symbols like the swastikas, lotus flower and all the variations, and devanagari are among the most popular design in Canggu—and they look super charming in women.  

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Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos is one of the most favourite design among women. It’s obvious, and it’s gorgeous. Roses and wildflowers are some of the most requested design—and they are time lasting, too. Just remember that there’s many type of flowers to choose. So start thinking and browse the one that you like. 

Hand Tattoos

This is one of the new trend in tattoo Canggu and they look super cute! Hand tattoos is essentially a line art tattoo picturing hands in various poses, such as love signs, peace, and pinky promise. The simpleness of this tattoo is what make it very lovely! You could make it bolder by adding some sparkles or star around the hands. 

There’s still many tattoo ideas for girls you can get out there! Just be creative and think outside the box!

Simple Tricks to Travel Smoothly

Going to one place to another is amazing experience because you can gain many things throughout the journey. The experience you gain is priceless because the thrill, the mood, the vibe, and everything you feel during your travel is unique.

Simple tricks to experience the smooth travel

Even if you travel to the same place as others, what you feel and experience will be different. However, it is also not so surprising to hear that some people do jot fancy of traveling around. One of the most common reasons is the hassle.

There are various hassles you may experience during your travel such as delay flight, traffic jam, lost luggage, getting lost in unknown place, meeting bad people, etc. However, every decision in life has its own risk and consequence and you should not let you deter from experiencing many wonderful things in the world.

Smooth travel with simple tricks

Travelling can go smoothly when you are prepared enough. This is one of the ways to make you ready to face any obstacle and hassle. You can also try these simple tricks for smooth travel:

  1. Take advantage of technology so you can travel smart. You can reduce the risks of obstacles during your travel when you do it smart. It means, you can use your smartphone to find more information about ideal trip you want to pursue. You can book the tickets prior to your plan so you don’t have to do everything in a rush which can actually ruin the plan. Use every opportunity that can help you have smooth travel.
  2. Don’t let your stubbornness take over your judgment. There is no such thing as perfect vacation including when planning it. There must be some times when you cannot book the hotel you wanted or get the travel package you have been dreamt of for so long, instead of mulling over those things, be flexible and find out the alternatives. When you are more flexible and open-minded, the hassle won’t be that bothersome anymore.
  3. Pack smart like a real pro. Packing is one of the most avoided hassle because some travelers don’t want to bring heavy luggage but they ended up so because they think of what they will need during the trip. Try to pack light so you be burdened with heavy luggage. Bring only clothes you will really use.
  4. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and leave all your problems behind. It is easy to be reminded of the problems you have at home during your travel and it can ruin your mood. Therefore, try to enjoy your surrounding as much as possible. Interact with more people so you can truly present at the moment.
  5. So not get scared easily and use your phone to help you solve various problems. For example, you don’t always have to keep asking the locals the direction to certain places. Use your phone and digital map to find the place yourself and it is more exciting. You will fee elated once you find it. Your phone is truly your life saver that can make your travel go smoothly.

3 Adventurous Scuba Diving Spots in Bali for Beginners

Travellers may are thinking that the beginners aren’t perfectly suit to get the adventurous scuba diving experiences for spending their holidays. At first, it may caused by the safety priority for their self. But later on, it all depending on your guts and how good are you in getting to know about the diving world itself.

Paying attention to what the professional scuba divers are saying may still recommended, but to be honest, you will never know your diving limit if you have not been challenging yourself for the adventurous scuba diving holidays especially when you are the beginners.

The main reason why I am encouraging you to experience these adventurous scuba diving holiday spots is because there more safest place on earth for that. And it doesn’t matter if you are the beginner or a pro, you are always got a time to decide whether or not you are going for it someday.

Some of safely adventurous scuba diving holiday spots for even totally the beginners as below.

1. USAT Liberty shipwreck dive spot in Tulamben, Bali

USAT Linerty Bali - Scuba diving spot holidays for beginners

Tulamben is at Karangasem regency in Bali. It is a tiny fishing village located on the north-east coast of Bali and it is pretty much getting more exposure from travellers until today especially those who are a big fan of the wreck dive idea.

One of the reason why you and many other travellers will love about the dive spot is, there has been the sunk USAT Liberty sine before and has around 120 metres shipwreck at the dive spot. This spot is recommended for your next scuba diving holidays is because the the wreck is submerged in only around 20 metres of seawater that will make the beginners will also possible to experiencing it.

Not only that, this wreck dive spot in Bali is also accessible for any kind of divers. If many of you are thinking that it would be best for your first adventurous scuba diving holidays as the beginners, it is even truly recommended for the first-time diver as well.

To get more best and unique experiences in this wreck spot, you are always possible to book the night scuba diving experience to see how this spot will be transformed itself at night and meet with the other awaken creatures.

2. Japanese wreck in Amed beach

In average, the depth of the Japanese wreck is started from 6 to 12 metres under. There you will find the 20 metres shipwreck that only located around 35 or 40 metres from the beach. You can even see clearly the dive flag as the sign of this spot.

This Japanese wreck itself is very easy and safe to dive for even beginner scuba divers.

Japanese Wreck - Scuba diving holidays for beginners in Bali

Moreover, its depth is even less then our first candidate on above. You don’t also need to worry about the current here and the only thing you will need to know is the shipwreck itself is lies on a silty sand. So, the more divers, the high change they will increase the turbidity of the water.

Make sure that you are not diving at Japanese wreck in Amed beach or Banyuning village in high season or ensure that the travel package of scuba diving holidays for beginners you are going to book for the weekend will suggesting you the best time to visit the dive spot.

Another thing you need to know about the Japanese wreck dive spot is you’d better prepare your professional camera for its underwater beauty. Even, it is truly recommended if you are a big fan of the macro photography.

3. Coral Garden dive spot

Around 300 metres from the USAT Liberty wreck spot, you will find an exotic, wildlife and very diverse dive spot called as the Coral Garden that will spoiling your eyes to paradise for its beauty.

For the new beginners scuba divers, this is the perfect place to start your dive adventure. Not only that you are possible to visit 2 dive spots in a day, but in case you are requiring to see the anemonefish, man-made reef in shape of aeroplane that had been there for years, or many blue ribbon eels, but you can also meet the ghost pipefish, scorpionfish up to the reef shark.

On a perfect day, you are possible to get the visibility up to 40 metres ahead but knowing that this healthy water is rich of flora and fauna as well as the artificial aeroplane, it is also recommended that if you are spending your scuba diving holidays as the beginners in here, night will be the best moment to dive in.

Those are 3 adventurous scuba diving spots for your holidays in Bali as the first-time and beginner divers. Enjoy the dive site and let me know if you have more adventurous ideas you’d like to experience in Bali.

Is it Possible to Travel with Social Anxiety?

Every individual has different situation which can make their lives a little bit more complicated than others. However, it doesn’t mean they are less than others. One of issues many people suffered from is social anxiety. It is when a person feels extremely anxious when being socially exposed, be it talking to strangers or being in new places.

Travel with social anxiety disorder

For some people, this issue is hard to overcome. Some people try to overcome this issue by going out more or travelling in hope to lessen the anxiety from being socially exposed. However, is it really safe t travel with social anxiety?

Travelling with anxiety disorder

This issue has different severity so every individual who suffer from it may have different symptoms or reaction. They may also need different treatment depending on their condition.

Some people with social anxiety can still travel with no major problems. However, some of them cannot travel at all especially alone. So if the question asked whether or not a person with social anxiety can travel smoothly, the answer is yes, it is possible.

Even though some issues may occur during the travel, many travellers with social anxiety have proven that they can travel rather smoothly indeed.

You can actually build your courage to travel even when you have social anxiety. Here are some tips for those who suffer from the same issue but have successfully got themselves out of the road.

First, it is common to feel like cancelling even in the last minute due to the anxiety. To overcome this, you need to imagine yourself in the place you really want to visit. Try to remind yourself why you want to travel badly. This can help you building your courage and minimizing your anxiety at the same time. Thinking positively will help you calm down.

Next, instead of feeling the fear of going out of your home, try to focus on the fear of living in regret for not taking the chance to travel when you can. You can picture yourself several months or years later what would you be if you cancel the trip. You might regret it deeply if you follow your fear and cancel it.

It is also not recommended to jump blindly on a trip without preparation especially when you suffer from social anxiety.

You need to plan out your days thoroughly so you know what to do during your trip. If you lack of preparation, the anxiety might get worse instead. By being more prepared, you will feel ready to face the problem.

Find a community that can help you or ease your anxiety. In the community, you will receive support, tips, and trick to have smooth travel. This will help to think that you are not the only one who suffer from your anxiety and that lots of people can do it.

However, you also need to remember that you can always go home anytime. If you think it is not the right time or not for you, you can go home without regret or feel like you failed.

Surf Holidays on A Budget: 3 Tips For Beginner

People are wrong when thinking that surf holidays are spending more money then they should. It all about the ways you are spending the holiday itself. And especially for the beginner surfers that are thinking surfing will spend a lot of their money, I’ll guide you how you can do it better without breaking your bank.

Surf holidays on a budget for beginner

Even though surfing and all traveling ideas are the good investments for our life, saving money is always important for the great financial depression like me and most of us.

1. Heading to the beach where you can find the surfboard rental

For totally a beginner surfer, one way to know how you are going to love surfing before you are truly experience your own surf holidays is to know what it feels like to stand on the surfboard.

You may are interesting about surf holidays when watching random ads on internet before or else. And later, you find yourself interesting about it and even bringing it to your dream when you are sleeping.

The thing is, surfing needs equipment and they all have their own prices. So, right before you are buy all of the expensive gears and required equipment, you’d better go to the beach where you can find the surfboard and other equipment rental to directly test if your imagination about surfing is the same in reality as well.

You will only need to spend a few bucks first and start surfing to see how exciting it is. You don’t have to rush that your first day of surfing trial you will have to stand perfectly on the board for few seconds or even minutes because mostly it won’t happen.

You will only need to rent the surfboard to see if you are truly interested in surf holidays for later or not before spending out more money on equipment.

2. Get the professional surf holidays package for a day

I am sure that some beginner surfers will think that they need to start learning to surf professionally if it will be affordable enough for them. And the truth is; Yes, it is possible.

And for my recommendation about this, the beginner surfers will need to find the nearby surf camp or surf school at the beach they are interested to learn surfing.

You don’t need to start your surf holidays at the foreign country first since it will need more budget, for sure. Simply find the professional surf camp around you and you may will be surprised by the price for a day of professional surf training.

Some of the surf camps are not even reach up to $50 for a day surf class. And I think that you will need to try this since you are going to be trained by the professional surfers and instructors that have more knowledge and experiences than you are.

Being in a surf camp is also recommended to prepare yourself when you have a plan to book your dream and favourite surf holidays package in days to come.

If you are affordable enough to be in a surf camp for even days to spend your holidays, that will be a great start for the beginner surfer to experience the best of the package since mostly it has been covered your own accommodation as well as the travel itinerary, too. So, surfing is not only what you are going to get.

3. Don’t surf alone! Bring the companions to share the holiday’s budget

You never knew if your friends are also interesting in surfing before you ask them. Just say it out loud and hear their responses, you may are surprised as well that you guys are actually have the same new interest for so long.

Sharing the surf holidays mean that you are going to share all the required budget as well.

And the good news is, if you are interesting on booking the surf school as I have explained before, who would have guessed that your small group of beginner surfers may get the special offer and price as well.

Moreover, spending the surf holidays with friends that you have been knowing for long is also a better holiday spent.

Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Some people can’t help but have frequent travel from time to time due to various reasons. One of the most common transport is air travel since it is one of the faster alternative to get to your destination. It is also considered as the safest transport to help you reach your destination. However, frequent air travel also has negative effects for those who have it frequently. Frequent air travel has its own risks which can put your health in jeopardy especially when you are not aware of what the risks are and what you are getting into. 

The health risks of frequent air travel

Flying can be uncomfortable because you are stuck in limited space, deal with turbulence, and many more. Aside from those inconveniences, there are also health risks you should be aware of so you can avoid them. Here are health risks caused by having frequent air travel.

Frequent Air Travel and Its Risks

Deep-vein thrombosis is considered as one of the most serious health risk of frequent air travel. It is not only caused by the manifestation of frequent long haul flights. It can be triggered by other factors as well such as pregnancy and other health issues. Traveler’s thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form during long periods of cramped immobility. It usually leads to the clots dissolving in the bloodstream. However, in some cases the clots can travel to the heart or lungs, which can result in more fatal situation. 

Hearing loss is also considered is one of the biggest health risks coming from frequent air travel. Your hearing is at risk of being damaged when it is often exposed to noise over 85 decibels. Being in long haul flight too frequent means you are more exposed to the noise. It can lead to permanent hearing damage. Thus, try to sit closer to the front or use noise-cancelling headphones that you can use during long haul flights. 

Jet lag might be considered as minor inconvenience caused by air travel especially when you are travelling overseas required long haul flights. Somehow, it disrupts your body’s circadian rhythms where you can have troubles sleeping or resting. Frequent jet lag can lead to more serious health troubles rather than minor inconveniences. Frequent jet lag is often linked to heart disease, mood disorders, and cognitive decline. Thus, try to adjust to your new schedule even before the trip. Do something that can help you rest easily such as drinking herbal tea, wearing comfortable outfits, etc. 

Picking up illness from other travelers is also considered as one of the risk of frequent air travel. Keep in mind that your immune system is already compromised just by sitting in pressurized plane cabin for hours. Then, add it with the fact that you are somehow stuck with other passengers with various health condition. Spreading germs is expected at this point. Thus, try to keep your fitness especially if you travel frequently. Minimize your risk of catching illness from others by keeping your own hygiene. You can also bring travel hand sanitizer to minimize catching germs during your flight.