Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

It is not so uncommon to tell yourself something to make you feel better during travel. It can be a little white lie you make to get rid of a guilty feeling. Even when ou know that those white lies are not totally true or at all, you choose to believe by telling them yourself to. Sometimes, it is not harmless and doesn’t affect yourself or the entire trip that much. However, it is possible that you go overboard with your little white lies that may put you in more inconveniences instead. 

Do you really burn that calories?

You tell yourself that you burned all the calories of unhealthy foods you consumed. Hence, you still can enjoy more foods. You even believe that you have lost some weight due to some walking during your visit to the museum. This little white lie might not be harmful to do once or twice. However, it is suggested to not make it a habit during your trip. You might end up getting sick due to the over-consumption of unhealthy foods in unfamiliar place. Gaining weight is not the only thing you should be concerned about in this. 

Not everything could fit in your backpack

Not everything could fit in your backpack

You tell yourself that everything will fit in your backpack. You are sure that you are a smart packer by stuffing everything inside to the point it looks like it is going to burst anytime soon. Stuffing too many items especially the ones you don’t necessarily need for your travel can put you in so much discomfort later. Always pack wisely and don’t go overboard with it. Make sure that you won’t have to dragging heavy luggage throughout the entire trip.

Will you really be okay sleeping on bus? 

Next thing you probably say during a budget travel is that you are going to be fine to sleep on the bus, train or plane so you don’t have to book a room at the hotel for your trip. However, be mindful with your itinerary even when it is a budget travel. Taking a proper rest and good night’s sleep is necessary regardless of the trip you are planning. That kind of resting will only cause your body to suffer even more. Hence, always consider a decent room of a hostel or hotel to ensure you get a well-deserved rest. 

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Not checking on email or DMs

You also often tell yourself during a trip that you won’t ever check your email. You even swear to yourself that you won’t do it all. You won’t even sneak a peak to your email, direct messages, or whatever. It is often that you absentmindedly just scroll down your phone and end up checking your email, replying some messages, and end up spending few hours to do so. It makes you lose the moment of the trip you have planned. It is recommended that you set a schedule to check your email if you are afraid something important come up. Then, you can also set an alarm to remind you that your time doing it is up. This way, you won’t forget the time to continue enjoying your trip.

Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!

Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!
Image source: Instagram/ @hella1289

The Komodo might still be one of Indonesia’s best hidden gem, but its fame has been circulating wide in the world. More people get interested with this dragon-inhabited islands, the last of its kind, and its exotic landscape has been bewitching many travelers with its otherworldly beauty. However, Komodo is still fairly new to international tourism. Not a lot of travelers know how to get there exactly. Does Komodo Island has its own airport? Could you fly directly to this Island?

Airport of Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of small islands in the coastal section of Flores Island, Eastern Nusa Tenggara province. Komodo Island, together with Rinca and Padar which makes up the Komodo National Park is the sanctuary of Komodo Dragons, the only largest lizards live in the wild. There’s no way that the airport build on the Komodo Island itself—it would be very disruptive for the dragons. So where is Komodo Island airport exactly? 

Airport of Komodo Island
Image source: Instagram/ @bonitaszoo

The departure point for all tourists is on Labuan Bajo city, the coast town of Flores, and this where the airport is. Currently, this airport only serve domestic flights to and from Denpasar, Jakarta, and Bajawa. That means if you come from overseas, you need to come to either Bali or Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, before booking another flight to Labuan Bajo. Bajawa is another city in Flores, so that cannot be your option.

According to government’s plan, the Komodo airport will be an international airport soon. When it opens, they will serve direct international flights so more travelers could enjoy the beauty of Komodo.

Local Airlines in Komodo Airport

Since they currently only serve domestic flights, here are the local airlines that would take you to the airport. Whether you’re flying from Denpasar or Jakarta, you could choose from Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Nam Air, Wings Air, and Citilink. Prices vary with Garuda Indonesia generally being the most expensive. 

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Arriving at Komodo Airport

Arriving at Komodo Airport
Image source: Instagram/ @manziebert

So, you cannot meet the mighty dragons once you arrived to Komodo airport. You need to get to Komodo Island and that means you have to book a transportation to get there. Usually travelers who book a yacht charter or liveaboard to sail around the Komodo will have their airport transfer arranged. You could also request airport pick-up form the hotel you are in. We highly suggest you to make all the booking arrangements—both hotel or liveaboard—before coming in. Tourism in Labuan Bajo is still at infancy, and you might be surprised that things might not go as smooth as you expected. 

Getting Around

The Komodo Airport was only recently renovated. It’s relatively small—think about Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, but divide it in half. Arriving at this airport won’t make you feel lost in the middle of nowhere. It has several small cafes within the airport complex where you can take some rests or wait for your pick-up. Taxis are available around the arrival gate—drivers are open for bargain but be careful; they can be quite aggressive.

Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Hotel experience is one of the good parts of travelling, you get to relax in a comfortable room along with variety of amenities and services provided. Great views, fresh sheets, delicious foods, and kin-scale room service are all too good to be true sometimes. However, you may also waste our money on just a subpar hotel experience. Sometimes, you regret what you have booked of. Travelers sometimes come with different horror stories about their hotel experience due to their mistake in making choices. 

Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Downplaying safety measure

One of the most common mistakes travelers do during their stay at the hotel is downplaying safety measure. Hotel theft is not uncommon so it is advised to always lock up your valuables or electronics as safety precaution. Set reminder to grab your belongings before checkout. Do not put your items especially the expensive ones out in the open. Also, always lock the door with the bar or chain above the door handle.

Assuming clean room

Next common mistake is assume that the room is clean. It is true that usually hotel staff clean the room after the guest checkout for the next guest to check in. However, with the numbers of guests stay in the hotel room doing god knows what, it has become a pool of germs. You don’t have to clean the room yourself since housekeeping service has done that. Wipe out remote control, switch lights, or toilet handlers with disinfectant wet tissue. 

Not knowing that the minibar charges

The minibar in your hotel room is a good place to find refreshment. However, you should know that the price of each item can be ridiculously expensive. Therefore, be mindful with what you take if you are budget travelling.Minibar usually have movement sensor to detect which items taken out. Even if you just move the items, you might be charged even if you didn’t even consumed any of them. 

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Next mistake is to not taking advantage of the amenities the hotel provide for their guests. Many travelers often forget about the overall amenities they have by booking a room at a hotel such as gym facility, spas, pools, laundry, game rooms, etc. Hence, make the most of your hotel experience by checking out all hotel amenities and services including free meals. 

Forgetting toiletries

Forgetting toiletries is one of common mistakes travelers do during their trip. However, do not rush into a a drugstore to buy all travel-sized toiletries you forgot. Instead, ask the front desk of your hotel and check the bathroom vanity kit. Every hotel usually provides basic toiletries such as new toothbrush, soap, lotions, shampoos, combs, and even razors. They are usually available for free. 

Leaving valuables

Leaving behind valuables in the hotel room is also one of the most common mistakes done by many travelers. To avoid this mistakes. Pack everything a night before checkout. Do a quick sweep before leaving your room to ensure you are not forgetting anything. It will only take few minutes to do it. This simple act can save you from forgetting your valuables.

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali; Is It Worth It?

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali; Is It Worth It?

Diving in Bali is always been on the bucket list of almost every underwater enthusiast. This little tropical island might be famous for its beautiful beaches and thick cultural traditions, but also blessed with wonderful marine life underneath its waters. It’s an island that would give delightful experience both for divers and general travellers alike! However, you might wonder the price of scuba diving in Bali. Is it really worth it? Dive deeper to this article because we will dissect further about the cost of dive trips in this island. 

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali Based on Location

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali Based on Location

So we have this scuba diving in Bali price from one of the oldest dive centre here, Dune Atlantis Bali. Prices are categorised based on dive sites in Bali. On each dive sites you will have two dives, except for Sanur where you can have the option for just one dive only. You might notice that prices varied between each dive sites, the most expensive to be the Nusa Penida. The prices were determined from how far the dive site is from Atlantis’ head quarter office in Sanur. For instance, Nusa Penida is Bali’s sister island located in southeast of mainland Bali and you need to hop on speedboat ferry to get there, which explain why diving in Nusa Penida is the most expensive. Tukamben, Padang Bay, and Amed sits next to each other on the northeast of Bali. That’s why prices don’t vary very much.

Snorkeling in Bali

We love Bali because even the non-divers could enjoy swimming with the fishes in the beautiful underwater scenery while their diving partners go into the depth of the sea. Snorkeling won’t be as expensive as diving. The cost of snorkeling in Bali could vary from IDR 565.000 to IDR 1.3 million, depend on the site. 

The Price of Scuba Diving Trip in Bali

The Price of Scuba Diving Trip in Bali

When you come here with diving in mind, you definitely won’t be satisfied with only two dives in one site. You’ll want dive package. Something between 5 to 30 dives in one dive trip. Depends on the sites you pick and the duration of the dive trip, the price of scuba diving trip in Bali could vary between iDR 2 millions and 10 millions or more. 

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Is It Worth It, Though? 

No words could really describe the awesomeness of the expansive coral garden and the extensive marine life of Bali. This island conveniently sits between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, bringing rich-nutrient streams from both to nurture the marine life. It’s also part of the world’s coral triangle—the densest and richest coral population in the world. So, if you’re asking if scuba diving in Bali worth the price, it’ll be an easy one. Yes. It worth every single penny, every single plane tickets and hotel rooms that get you to enjoy this magnificent place. In fact, scuba diving in Bali is so awe-inspiring that it’s hard to not come back to this island and try the dive again.  

Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!

This country is considered unique in the linguistic field, since it is only a part of the Arab countries but also the Francophone countries and has become the member of the OIF “International Organization of La Francophonie” in what makes its inhabitants bilingual, citizens are also able to speak English. So the three languages ​​are spoken in this country. Lebanon, in long form the Lebanese Republic, is a country in the Middle East. Mostly mountainous, it shares its borders with Syria to the north and east for 376 km and Israel to the south for 79 km. Although the country has already been affected by conflict, Lebanon has started to improve with extraordinary development in various sectors, including tourism. Not only its beauty of nature, but also the beauty of the side of the building also has its own magnet to visit.


Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!
Image from Lonely Planet

Baalbek is the ancient Heliopolis of the Romans. Today, the modern city, chief town of the district of Baalbek, in Lebanon, has about 80,000 inhabitants. The highest temperature in Lebanon was recorded at 47 ° C. Crowned by UNESCO as a World Heritage City. This city was once the residence of the Phoenicians before being finally controlled by the Greeks in 323-64 BC. The name Baal was borrowed from the name of the god worshiped by the Phoenicians, and eventually the city was renamed Heliopolis or the city of the sun in ancient Greece.

Beirut City Center

Downtown Beirut is the commercial and financial center of Beirut, it is also above all the historic heart of the city, located at the crossroads of predominantly Christian neighborhoods in the East, the majority Shiite district of Bachoura, neighborhoods Sunnis in the West, from Wadi Abu Jamil, a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Downtown Beirut remains a vibrant center, both culturally and artistically. In the past, the region had been devastated by war, but with the help of the government, the region was once again beautiful. The primary activity of this destination is SHOPPING! (Sorry for caps lock)

Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum

Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!
Image from wearelebanon

The Gibran Museum, formerly the Monastery of Mar Sarkis, is a biographical museum located in Bsharri, Lebanon, 120 kilometers from Beirut. It is dedicated to the Lebanese writer, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran. Founded in 1935, the Gibran museum has 440 original paintings and drawings of Gibran and his tomb. You can see many types of Gibran Kahlil relics, such as Gibran paintings, and the grave of Master Gibra. The area in this village is the majority of the Christian faithful. A distance of 120 kilometers from Beirut to Bsharri has really paid off when you get to this place. You can also enjoy the beauty of the views of the classic bell towers.


Byblos is a city in Lebanon. The Greeks named it Byblos, because it was from Gebal that the papyrus was imported into Greece. It is located today on the site of the modern city of Jbeil, in the governorate of Mount Lebanon, on the Mediterranean coast, about 40 kilometers north of Beirut.

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Stores

Houseplants are becoming trendy again with the raise in popularity for succulents and their adorable counterparts. Certainly it’s one of the favorite pieces of home decor stores whether in Yogyakarta or at any place. While plants are an inseparable part of human lives, surprisingly there are still a terrible lack of interior home decor that features plants, especially not as one of the main features of the room’s design. And we think it’s time to change that. 

Home decor stores – bring some green 

If there’s anything we’d refer to as the best piece of home decor, it would no doubt be plants! They don’t just look good—they are good for you. With numerous health benefits that may improve both your physical and mental health, having indoor plants is not just a home decor stores Yogyakarta option but it’s a must. Who doesn’t love some oasis readily available in their house?

Plants are good for you 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

There are numerous benefits to having plants inside your house. So the first thing after furnishing your rooms with your furniture of choice, the best thing your could do for your house is to choose your houseplant buddy. 

For a luxury home decor stores that make a dramatic change for your house, don’t be afraid to go big. Going small sometimes has less of the desired impact—not one that you’ll notice right away. In order to make “going big” work, when furnishing your house, it’s advisable to think of the layout of your furniture and think ahead of when you’re going to put your home decor plant. 

As a bonus, here are some recommendation for big house plants that should dramatically transform your space: 

  • Philodendron 
  • Ficus 
  • Dracaena 
  • Montsera 

Houseplants purifies indoor air 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

While you essentially need a lot of plants to actually make a considerable impact in terms of actually purifying your room, a little bit goes a long way, especially if you’ve just gotten started in incorporating plants into your house. With that said, houseplants do help remove pollutant indoor. But more noticeably, they help humidify the air. 

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Improves mood 

Aside from its obvious health benefits of improving your indoor air quality, plants in general are known to improve mood and overall mental health. Lack of exposure to plants is often linked to deteriorating mental state. Having the presence of plants inside your house has been proven to improve your moods, just as the presence of plants in your work desk, for example. Plants make you happier! 

Furnishing along with houseplants 

Choosing Houseplants When Going to Home Decor Store

So you’ve known all the benefits of plants inside your house. The next time you’re looking to furnish your house with houseplants, make sure to keep the integration of a houseplant in mind. Rather than thinking of these greens as home decor pieces, think of them as an integral part of your home. Create your furniture layout along with the ideas to showcase your plants. Want a statement look? Have vines covering a room divider or a screen. Bamboo or a bamboo-like plant is also an excellent way to create that gorgeous look of towering green that makes your interior feel more breathable. 

All of the Best Beaches in Bali!

Bali is special as a favorable destination for those who wish to explore all the great places during the year. Bali is like a heavenly place whose panorama never leaves us disappointed, including the beautiful beaches which are always invaded by local tourists as well as international tourists, such as Australians, Americans and Europeans. Here are some of the best known beaches in Bali that are always visited for holidays or weekends.

Tanah Lot

 explore all beaches in Bali

Tanah Lot is an islet in Indonesia located near the island of Bali and on which a Hindu temple is built: The Tanah Lot temple. It is a place of pilgrimage and a popular place for tourists and photographers. There is a charge to enter the site, and the area surrounding the temple has been turned into a commercial area. The arrival at the temple is made by a route through a long series of shops offering a wide choice of tourist products. Along the cliffs, many restaurants have also been built.

Pantai Lovina

explore all beaches in Bali

Lovina Beach is a resort located on the north coast of Bali, Indonesia. It is famous for its black sand beaches, coral reefs and dolphins. A path from the village of Temoekoes leads to the Singsing waterfall as well as to a Dutch war monument. Banjar thermal springs include hot water pools and tropical gardens. The Brahmavihara-Arama Buddhist monastery houses a miniature replica of the huge Javanese archaeological site of Borobudur.

Lovina Beach is not very famous for the colors of Indonesia either, but the beach located north of Bali offers a very different experience from that of other Bali beaches. The main attractions offered by this black sand beach are the dolphins. When you get to Lovina beach, the first thing you will see is a giant dolphin statue which is an icon of this beach.

Dreamland beach

explore all beaches in Bali

Dreamland Beach is a beach located on the Bukit Peninsula on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The beach offers basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day trippers. It is also known for its dangerous shore. The origin of the name of the beach is quite unique. Dreamland Beach or in French means “Land of dreams”, because local residents hoped that tourism projects and housing in this locality could provide them with better jobs, but this great project was finally hampered and not resolved.

Pantai Pandawa

explore all beaches in Bali

Pandawa Beach is located in the tourist area of ​​Badung – South Kuta and one of the many beaches in Bali. In the past, this beach is known to be one of the secret beaches in the region due to its location behind a mountainous area which has isolated its location from the unknown. The beach behind a limestone cliff offers a worthwhile sunrise view!

Best Dive Sites in Bali to See Endangered Marine Animals

Bali is undoubtedly amongst the most popular dive destination in the world. Being a part of the world’s coral triangle make this island blessed with rich biodiversity; and a sanctuary for rare and endangered animals. Many dive sites in Bali offers sustainable adventure where divers could have the exposure to rare animals while at same time get educated about them. And one of the best thing is that, diving in Bali is not limited to the professionals only. Even amateurs and beginners who just get their license can dive in Bali. That means you don’t have to wait for several more years to get into a professional divers to be able to see the rare as well as near-endangered marine animals in Bali.

Thankfully, most marine species in Bali are not threatened to extinctions. Some of them are naturally rare and some others are facing the dangers of poaching. Lucky, many conservation efforts has been made both from government, NGO, and joint activism. Many marine animals has taken the benefit and enjoying a better life as a result.

Here are two Bali dive sites with biggest conservational efforts to protect the rare and near-endangered marine species. 

Menjangan, West Bali National Park Dive Sites

Best Dive Sites in Bali to See Endangered Marine Animals

The national park was established to protect not only marine animals, but also birds and other land-based animals. The West Bali National Park comprises of mangrove forests, savannah, sea grass vegetation, coastal forest, monsoon forest, and lowland forest. This include Menjangan Island, the world renowned diving destination and among the best of Bali dive sites. Describing the Menjangan as a underwater wonderland doesn’t even do it justice. The dive site is home for million schools of reef fishes, parrot fishes, jacks, sharks, rays, eels, and many other marine animals. Its reef and seabeds is thriving with sponges, corals, and sea fans, with nudibranchs and all sorts of clams living in between. In the Menjangan, you could meet some Manta Rays (although not so many), whales, and whale sharks. 

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Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

Best Dive Sites in Bali to See Endangered Marine Animals

Divers might know the Nusa Penida as main destination to see large colonies of Manta Rays. However, little did people know that this island was declared as Marine Protected Area (MPA), authorised by the government. This include the ocean waters around the set of three islands; the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Divers would not only enjoy unpolluted, pristine, and protected underwater, but also helps funding the zone patrols from your diving contribution. Nusa Penida is one of Bali dive sites that offers sanctuary of the phenomenal Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish. Both fishes are not easily seen outside Bali. It’s also home for White tip and Grey tip sharks, and a safe zone for turtles to breed without fear of poaching!

Travel Scams You Should Know When Travel To Europe

Europe is a great travel destinations because there are so many beautiful countries you can spend with for an enjoyable vacation. Bucket list destinations are so many that sometimes it leaves you confused of where to go for your travel plan. Just like any other great travel destinations, there is always risks of travel scams. There are con artists in almost every travel destination including Europe. You should be aware of those scams so you can still enjoy your trip in Europe comfortably. 

Travel scams in Europe to be aware of

There is always risk of falling victim to travel scams regardless of your destination. Experiencing scams when travelling can leave bad impression. It is often that tourists and travelers alike avoid the place where they fell victim to travel scams. You can actually avoid travel scams when travel to Europe. Here are some oft he most common travel scams.

The Importance Of Financial Management For Your Small Business

Beware of the organised pickpocket!

Organized pickpocket in Europe is quite common. In fact, the scenario is very thorough and detailed. One of the most common scenes is that, you are just minding your own business in the street in one of the country in Europe. Then, suddenly you see a crowd where there is a woman arguing with a street vendor owner accusing the woman for stealing. The woman then starts undressing herself to prove her point then the vendor owner apologizes. The crowd is then dispersing, so is your wallet. Thus, don’t get easily attracted to a crowd since it’s the easiest way for pickpockets. Also, try to dress more casually to avoid making yourself a target. 

Highway pirates!

There is also travel scam in Europe that is called highway pirates. It happens mostly in Italy when people puncture your tires in a parking lot then follow you until you stop. They will pretend to offer their help while robbing you. Thus, make sure to be more aware of your vehicle and its condition. Also, be more careful when receiving help from suspicious people. Don’t let valuable things in your car. 

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Fake entry fees

In Spain, there is also travel scam where you will be charged with fake entry fees. They are posing with fake IDs at the Spanish border. They will ask for entry fee into Gibraltar. In reality, there is no entry fee in order for visitor to pass through. If you happen to visit this place and someone ask you for the entry fee, just ignore them and keep your valuables intake. 

Fake polices

In Czech Republic, there is travel scam where some people are impersonating police officers. They work in group and will appear to accuse you of committing some crimes. They will insist to see your wallet and passport. If you encounter this situation, do not let them take your wallet or anything. Instead, you can refuse them firmly and ask them to bring you to the nearest police station. It will make them cower and go away. Report them to the local authorities later so there won’t be any victims. 

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip

Komodo Island made its name to the world due to its toxic inducing, wild and prehistoric Komodo dragon lizards that’s curiously been roaming the earth since 5,000 million years ago and now left in the tiny islands of Flores. Now, Indonesia’s Komodo National Park has slowly drawing huge attention from worldwide travelers mainly due to the dragon beast and the magnificent beauty of the islands themselves.

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip

But beyond the dragons and stunning landscape, the Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo is home to rich heritages. Arts, crafts, and traditions run thick on the blood of Florenese and their talented hands has birthed some Florenese keepsakes that definitely worth to take home. So if you find yourself travelling to Komodo, spare space in your bag to make room for these! Also, you are helping the locals by giving something back directly 

The Fascinating Tenun Ikat on Komodo Island 

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip

The tenun ikat (woven Ikat) is very important to the Florenese. The gorgeous traditional Florenese handwoven fabric made appearances to practically everything on the Florenese daly lives. Dyed commonly in deep red, indigo, purples, and earthy brown, the Florenese tennis Ikat has steal the heart of many. Both Indonesian locals and international tourists fall in love with its mesmerising patterns. Don’t leave Komodo Island without this gorgeous piece of clothes.

Shiny Pearls from the Land of Dragons

Behind the rugged terrains and prehistoric landscape, the Komodo Island and its neighbouring islands hides secrets of stunningly crafted pearl jewellery. The Komodo has been notoriously known for its rich marine life, and this seemingly impact to the life of oyster. Its plankton-rich waters creates perfect environment for oysters to thrive. High quality pearls is one of the pride of Flores—and it’s easy on the wallet, too. The pearl farms around the national park  can be reached out by liveaboard or speedboat. If you have extra money to spend, these shiny balls is definitely a bright investment. 

The Delicious Flores Bajawa Coffee

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip

In the wake of coffee aficionado, getting the best single origins in the world become one of the obsession among coffee enthusiast. Indonesia is one of the top 5 coffee producers in the world and Flores Bajawa coffee is one of their pride. The Bajawa coffee is famous among espresso enthusiast. It has strong base with notes of wood, chocolate, and hints of floral. Bean or ground, pack a bag of Bajawa coffee for your home cafe. 

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On Komodo Island, It’s the Dragon Souvenirs of Course!

Almost anywhere on Komodo Islands you will see local crafters selling wooden Komodo dragons carvings. Take a Komodo dragons with you as a token of the trip. This one won’t bite, drooling toxic  saliva, or demands a water buffalo to feast on. 

Have You Tried Flores Honey?

Shopping Guide on Komodo Island Trip

Flores Manggarai honey is one of the staple among Florenese after their coffee. And just like its coffee, the honey has strong and distinct flavour, mainly sweet, with nutty and chocolaty notes. Live healthier after a visit to Komodo Island with a bottle of pure Flores honey.