Komodo Liveaboard Diving, What To Know Before Start Your Journey

Maritime tourism is an advantage that Indonesia has. Komodo Island is one of the destinations for tourists to dive while enjoying the scenery and exploring the surrounding islands. In fact, each marine tourism destination has its own characteristics. To reach Komodo Island is not difficult. For tourists from outside Bali, you can take a flight to Labuan Bajo, transit Bali or a direct flight. Komodo liveaboard diving is the right choice for diving and exploring other areas such as Padar Island, Rinca Island, Sebayur Island, Pink Beach, and others.

Komodo liveabaord diving, the right choice enjoy your holiday to explore underwater

Komodo Liveaboard Diving & Important Things that must be considered

For travel during the Pandemic, you will definitely have to do the PCR test with a negative result. The next stage is to find information about the Komodo liveaboard diving package that suits your holiday time. What facilities can you get when you decide to take a liveaboard trip?

  • Live onboard with an air-conditioned cabin
  • Food and Drink
  • Open dining area
  • Deck to enjoy sunrise & sunset
  • Beanbag
  • Ship crew (the number of crew depends on the size of the ship)
  • Diving guide
  • Diving equipment (make sure you don’t pay additional fees)

The cost of the Komodo liveaboard diving trip that you pay must be in accordance with the facilities and comfort of the trip. For that, don’t be afraid to look for detailed information on all the facilities you can enjoy during your trip, and what is not included in the liveaboard package.

komodo liveaboard diving facility

An important thing before diving on Komodo Island

Considering that each diving spot has its own characteristics, you have to be more vigilant when diving.

Characteristics of the waters of the Komodo National Park

The waters in this location have extraordinary natural beauty under the sea. Several spots such as Manta Point, Yellow wall, Batu bolong, and Tatawa Besar are famous diving spots. You need to know that the waters of Komodo National Park have strong underwater currents and many foreign divers do not know the dangers of diving without a guide. Its location is flanked by the Pacific Ocean & the Indian Ocean is one of the reasons why the Komodo dive spots are dangerous.

Diving Certificate

A diving certificate is essential to ensure that you are trained to dive to a certain depth. Several institutions that issue diving certificates such as PADI have various levels from beginner to professional. To be able to dive in the waters of Komodo, at least you must have a certificate with an advanced level or even a master. Divers with advanced and master levels have been taught to do self-rescue. 

But don’t worry, when you go on a Komodo liveaboard diving trip and just have a beginner level certificate, you can still dive safely. Several dive spots for beginner divers such as Sebayur Kecil, Turtle City – Siaba Besar, Sabolong Kecil, China Shop – Cauldron, and Crystal Bay. Make sure your dives are guided by advanced or master certified divers.

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

It is not shameful to be cheap traveler because you can basically do anything with your hard-earned money. Paying extra for something mediocre is unnecessary as long as you can travel just as safe and comfortable. However, you might also consider paying for some of travel luxuries that can make your travel experience even better. 

What travel luxuries are those?

When it comes to travel, every individual has their own priority. They also have different idea of what to call perfect travel experience or travel luxuries. The basic of travel luxuries are those that can make your travel more comfortable and here are some of them worth paying for:

High quality footwear such as boots are worth paying for especially if you are frequent travelers who also love outdoor destinations. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a landscape you are trekking to if your feet hurt then you won’t be able to enjoy the experience. High quality footwear is not cheap at all but they are more durable and offer more protection to your foot. Hence, look for travel shoes that have good arch support and waterproof coating. There are many reliable brands out there you can pick for more comfortable travel.

Travel Luxuries That Are Worth Paying For

Waterproof clothing is such a blessing because you don’t know when bad weather will hit during your trip. You can always look up the forecast but there is no guarantee to be accurate. Weather can be unpredictable hence you need to always be prepared. Having water-resistant clothing is not enough if you are facing downpours. buy waterproof clothing so you will stay comfortably dry even under heavy rain. 

Versatile coat is worth paying for and can be your life safer when travel in cold or rainy season. A good coat is need to protect you when you are out exploring. Invest in versatile coats or jackets that have multiple layers you can customize following the day’s weather. Choose the one that also has waterproof outer shell and warm liner. Investing in this kind of travel luxury won’t make you regret. 

One of a kind travel journal is also travel luxury worth paying for. It will be precious to document your experience in a journal. Preserving your memories of travel in beautiful journal can add more to the sentiment. It is special thing that holed your memories of the trip you will cherish for life. 

Photo books maybe not something most travelers consider as travel luxury but it is for some. You can simply post your photos from the trip on social media and that’s it. However, it is more meaningful to have them organized in good quality photo book. it is a great place to preserve your memories of the trip. 

If you are frequent travelers who often travel from one country to another, you may consider invest in Global Entry. It is a little costly but worth it because you will be able to expedite security lane or bypass a snaking immigration line. 

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip

Bali has it all: gorgeous landscape, luxurious villa, and mind-blowing fun through all-night parties. Moreover, Bali and its surrounding islands offer some of the most breathtaking sights and memorable experiences. This island is the ideal location for romantic escape. Whether it is part of the honeymoon holiday or simply a magical add-on to a romantic Bali getaway. Booking a yacht rental Bali is one of the most romantic experiences you could enjoy. Yacht holiday can be a perfect vacation for couples that want to experience something exceptional. So, when you charter a yacht, be ready to discover some of the stunning places in a complete comfort and privacy!

Yacht rental Bali for a romantic sailing holiday!

Your honeymoon should be more than just a holiday. It should be a relaxing experience for you and your loved one to unwind after the hectic day after your wedding. Can you think of anything better than a romantic sailing with yacht rental Bali? So imagine you’re on a romantic trip to explore a beautiful island. Having your private beach for a sweet picnic. Or for hand in hand walk on the stunning beaches. Moreover, there is nothing more romantic than sipping champagne arm in arm while watching that many colors of sunset over the blue ocean. A honeymoon on a boat will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime. So, here are some reasons why take a yacht for your honeymoon!

Why take a yacht for your honeymoon?

Yacht Rental Bali for a Honeymoon Sailing Trip
  • Zero stress. A wedding day typically involves a range of emotions, including stress. You and your loved one will likely appreciate a breather after your special day. A sailing trip is the best way to relax and unwind in a beautiful destination. Therefore, you can spend an entire day relaxing on the upper deck while drinking your morning coffee. Taking a honeymoon on a yacht rental bali with your own crew gives you the chance to be carefree!
  • Less planning. Taking a yacht requires very little planning compared to other types of vacation. Browse, pick your itinerary, and book it! Everything’s available on a yacht, from entertainment to fine dining and ​activities.
  • Many fun and interesting activities. Scuba diving is one of the most exciting locations in Bali. A huge variety of exciting water sports and watching the beautiful sunset from a beach bar. So, these are just some of many exciting activities that you can enjoy with your loved one.
  • Effortless romance. On your sailing trip, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and opportunities to connect with your loved one. For instance, you can watch the magical sunset from your private balcony or have a romantic dinner under the stars. On the yacht, you get plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company!

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The Benefit of Living in a Beach Villa Bali

Would You Travel With Strangers You Just Met?

Travel lets you open your eyes to the abundance of new environments, experiences, cultures, languages, and so many more. It also gives you the experience to always meet people new. Solo travel is possible and it is fun to do. However, you are not really alone when you do it because you meet fellow travelers along the way. Is it possible then to travel with strangers you just met during dinner or from your social media group?

The concept of travelling with strangers

Travelling with strangers can be daunting especially if you are not really a social butterfly. You might think of the worst scenarios first and foremost. However, remember that travel itself can bring you closer to the people you just met and it might result in lasting friendship. Of course, it is important to weigh down the pros and cons of travelling with strangers as well and here they are:

By travelling with strangers, you meet someone who you would never otherwise meet. Hence, it can be your great chance to be introduced to their culture that is new to you. It results in different travel experience. You may also get to have unplanned experiences along the way and it just makes your trip even more interesting and memorable. You may make friend for life after getting along with each other throughout the trip. Also, you can still have your space because you don’t have to attach to the hips all the time. 

Of course, there are also some cons of travelling with strangers such as they may not be a perfect travel buddies for you. There are also differences that can be a barrier for you to truly get along with each other. If the other have different travel budget than yours then it may result in some clashes here and there. Also, your alone time will get rarer with a companion even though they are strangers. 

Finding the perfect strangers to be your perfect travel buddies can be challenging somehow. You don’t want to have travel companion who have weird habits for example. Or, you want to find someone with similar travel budget as yours. You can find strangers to travel with via social media groups, websites, and apps. 

It is also possible for you to find travel companions when you are already out there travelling by yourself or with your friends. You may meet fellow travelers during your stay in a hotel or hostel. You can try to get along during your stay and see if you can travel together especially if you have the same destinations and stuffs. 

Remember that travelling with strangers is a bit of a gamble. It is possible that they just get on your nerves instead of being a lovely companion. However, there is also the unpredictability that makes your travel even more amazing to experience. Those memories will make good stories in the long run you can share with the people you love at home. 

The Benefit of Living in a Beach Villa Bali

If you are planning to spend your retirement on the beautiful island, Bali is highly recommended for you. Bali is well known for its magical temple, gorgeous beaches, and iconic cultural attractions. The island has almost everything to entertain the young to old. Having a second home in Bali is the dream of everyone. Nowadays, some people are leaning towards buying private villas in Bali. When looking for the perfect villa to stay in Bali, nothing beats the comfort of a beach villa Bali. Living in the beach view villas has definitely a lot of benefits. A serene villa by the beachside, away from all the hustle and bustle. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

beachfront villa bali

Enjoy a huge amount of privacy at the beach villa Bali

What could be more wondrous than being able to isolate yourself from hundreds of strangers and have the beautiful place all to yourself? A private villa with a beach view can be considered a personal luxury. Having your own villa means not having to share the kitchen, the lobby, and no shared swimming pool. Most beach villas provide a space where you can live your life without worrying about what the neighbors might say.

A comfort of living

Most beach villa Bali is designed in such a way that the dweller residing it is relaxed and comfortable. Several villas also have state-of-the-art facilities such as spacious bedrooms, an aesthetic bathroom, an open-air living room, and stunning dining areas. Start your day with a cup of coffee or lounging by the poolside as the sun sets is an experience only a beach view villa can provide. You will have an ultra-comfortable stay because of the scenic view.

Enchanting Beach View

One of the real benefits of any beach villa has to be the view. If you have your own beach villa, you could relish the feel of the ocean waves. Watching the ocean waves come out and in or breathing the fresh sea breeze brings serenity like nothing else in the world. A Beach Villa is an amazing place for people who love to surround themselves with nature.

Beach villa Bali is a great investment

Beach view villa is not just a gorgeous place to live in, but it also a great means of investment. The beach villa location won’t just have year-round demand, but it generally has a higher market value. If you have your own villa with a view to investing, it is a good return on your investment. Having a beach villa is one way to get your money working for you. Moreover, you have the chance to rent it out during the holiday season. It is an excellent way of paying off your dream villa. Beachfront villas will basically never lose value!

Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

Things You Make Yourself Believe When Travelling

It is not so uncommon to tell yourself something to make you feel better during travel. It can be a little white lie you make to get rid of a guilty feeling. Even when ou know that those white lies are not totally true or at all, you choose to believe by telling them yourself to. Sometimes, it is not harmless and doesn’t affect yourself or the entire trip that much. However, it is possible that you go overboard with your little white lies that may put you in more inconveniences instead. 

Do you really burn that calories?

You tell yourself that you burned all the calories of unhealthy foods you consumed. Hence, you still can enjoy more foods. You even believe that you have lost some weight due to some walking during your visit to the museum. This little white lie might not be harmful to do once or twice. However, it is suggested to not make it a habit during your trip. You might end up getting sick due to the over-consumption of unhealthy foods in unfamiliar place. Gaining weight is not the only thing you should be concerned about in this. 

Not everything could fit in your backpack

Not everything could fit in your backpack

You tell yourself that everything will fit in your backpack. You are sure that you are a smart packer by stuffing everything inside to the point it looks like it is going to burst anytime soon. Stuffing too many items especially the ones you don’t necessarily need for your travel can put you in so much discomfort later. Always pack wisely and don’t go overboard with it. Make sure that you won’t have to dragging heavy luggage throughout the entire trip.

Will you really be okay sleeping on bus? 

Next thing you probably say during a budget travel is that you are going to be fine to sleep on the bus, train or plane so you don’t have to book a room at the hotel for your trip. However, be mindful with your itinerary even when it is a budget travel. Taking a proper rest and good night’s sleep is necessary regardless of the trip you are planning. That kind of resting will only cause your body to suffer even more. Hence, always consider a decent room of a hostel or hotel to ensure you get a well-deserved rest. 

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Not checking on email or DMs

You also often tell yourself during a trip that you won’t ever check your email. You even swear to yourself that you won’t do it all. You won’t even sneak a peak to your email, direct messages, or whatever. It is often that you absentmindedly just scroll down your phone and end up checking your email, replying some messages, and end up spending few hours to do so. It makes you lose the moment of the trip you have planned. It is recommended that you set a schedule to check your email if you are afraid something important come up. Then, you can also set an alarm to remind you that your time doing it is up. This way, you won’t forget the time to continue enjoying your trip.

Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!

Getting to Komodo Island: Things to Know at Komodo Airport!
Image source: Instagram/ @hella1289

The Komodo might still be one of Indonesia’s best hidden gem, but its fame has been circulating wide in the world. More people get interested with this dragon-inhabited islands, the last of its kind, and its exotic landscape has been bewitching many travelers with its otherworldly beauty. However, Komodo is still fairly new to international tourism. Not a lot of travelers know how to get there exactly. Does Komodo Island has its own airport? Could you fly directly to this Island?

Airport of Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of small islands in the coastal section of Flores Island, Eastern Nusa Tenggara province. Komodo Island, together with Rinca and Padar which makes up the Komodo National Park is the sanctuary of Komodo Dragons, the only largest lizards live in the wild. There’s no way that the airport build on the Komodo Island itself—it would be very disruptive for the dragons. So where is Komodo Island airport exactly? 

Airport of Komodo Island
Image source: Instagram/ @bonitaszoo

The departure point for all tourists is on Labuan Bajo city, the coast town of Flores, and this where the airport is. Currently, this airport only serve domestic flights to and from Denpasar, Jakarta, and Bajawa. That means if you come from overseas, you need to come to either Bali or Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, before booking another flight to Labuan Bajo. Bajawa is another city in Flores, so that cannot be your option.

According to government’s plan, the Komodo airport will be an international airport soon. When it opens, they will serve direct international flights so more travelers could enjoy the beauty of Komodo.

Local Airlines in Komodo Airport

Since they currently only serve domestic flights, here are the local airlines that would take you to the airport. Whether you’re flying from Denpasar or Jakarta, you could choose from Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Nam Air, Wings Air, and Citilink. Prices vary with Garuda Indonesia generally being the most expensive. 

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Arriving at Komodo Airport

Arriving at Komodo Airport
Image source: Instagram/ @manziebert

So, you cannot meet the mighty dragons once you arrived to Komodo airport. You need to get to Komodo Island and that means you have to book a transportation to get there. Usually travelers who book a yacht charter or liveaboard to sail around the Komodo will have their airport transfer arranged. You could also request airport pick-up form the hotel you are in. We highly suggest you to make all the booking arrangements—both hotel or liveaboard—before coming in. Tourism in Labuan Bajo is still at infancy, and you might be surprised that things might not go as smooth as you expected. 

Getting Around

The Komodo Airport was only recently renovated. It’s relatively small—think about Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, but divide it in half. Arriving at this airport won’t make you feel lost in the middle of nowhere. It has several small cafes within the airport complex where you can take some rests or wait for your pick-up. Taxis are available around the arrival gate—drivers are open for bargain but be careful; they can be quite aggressive.

Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Hotel experience is one of the good parts of travelling, you get to relax in a comfortable room along with variety of amenities and services provided. Great views, fresh sheets, delicious foods, and kin-scale room service are all too good to be true sometimes. However, you may also waste our money on just a subpar hotel experience. Sometimes, you regret what you have booked of. Travelers sometimes come with different horror stories about their hotel experience due to their mistake in making choices. 

Most Common Mistakes Travelers Do At The Hotel

Downplaying safety measure

One of the most common mistakes travelers do during their stay at the hotel is downplaying safety measure. Hotel theft is not uncommon so it is advised to always lock up your valuables or electronics as safety precaution. Set reminder to grab your belongings before checkout. Do not put your items especially the expensive ones out in the open. Also, always lock the door with the bar or chain above the door handle.

Assuming clean room

Next common mistake is assume that the room is clean. It is true that usually hotel staff clean the room after the guest checkout for the next guest to check in. However, with the numbers of guests stay in the hotel room doing god knows what, it has become a pool of germs. You don’t have to clean the room yourself since housekeeping service has done that. Wipe out remote control, switch lights, or toilet handlers with disinfectant wet tissue. 

Not knowing that the minibar charges

The minibar in your hotel room is a good place to find refreshment. However, you should know that the price of each item can be ridiculously expensive. Therefore, be mindful with what you take if you are budget travelling.Minibar usually have movement sensor to detect which items taken out. Even if you just move the items, you might be charged even if you didn’t even consumed any of them. 

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Not taking advantage of hotel amenities

Next mistake is to not taking advantage of the amenities the hotel provide for their guests. Many travelers often forget about the overall amenities they have by booking a room at a hotel such as gym facility, spas, pools, laundry, game rooms, etc. Hence, make the most of your hotel experience by checking out all hotel amenities and services including free meals. 

Forgetting toiletries

Forgetting toiletries is one of common mistakes travelers do during their trip. However, do not rush into a a drugstore to buy all travel-sized toiletries you forgot. Instead, ask the front desk of your hotel and check the bathroom vanity kit. Every hotel usually provides basic toiletries such as new toothbrush, soap, lotions, shampoos, combs, and even razors. They are usually available for free. 

Leaving valuables

Leaving behind valuables in the hotel room is also one of the most common mistakes done by many travelers. To avoid this mistakes. Pack everything a night before checkout. Do a quick sweep before leaving your room to ensure you are not forgetting anything. It will only take few minutes to do it. This simple act can save you from forgetting your valuables.

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali; Is It Worth It?

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali; Is It Worth It?

Diving in Bali is always been on the bucket list of almost every underwater enthusiast. This little tropical island might be famous for its beautiful beaches and thick cultural traditions, but also blessed with wonderful marine life underneath its waters. It’s an island that would give delightful experience both for divers and general travellers alike! However, you might wonder the price of scuba diving in Bali. Is it really worth it? Dive deeper to this article because we will dissect further about the cost of dive trips in this island. 

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali Based on Location

The Price of Scuba Diving in Bali Based on Location

So we have this scuba diving in Bali price from one of the oldest dive centre here, Dune Atlantis Bali. Prices are categorised based on dive sites in Bali. On each dive sites you will have two dives, except for Sanur where you can have the option for just one dive only. You might notice that prices varied between each dive sites, the most expensive to be the Nusa Penida. The prices were determined from how far the dive site is from Atlantis’ head quarter office in Sanur. For instance, Nusa Penida is Bali’s sister island located in southeast of mainland Bali and you need to hop on speedboat ferry to get there, which explain why diving in Nusa Penida is the most expensive. Tukamben, Padang Bay, and Amed sits next to each other on the northeast of Bali. That’s why prices don’t vary very much.

Snorkeling in Bali

We love Bali because even the non-divers could enjoy swimming with the fishes in the beautiful underwater scenery while their diving partners go into the depth of the sea. Snorkeling won’t be as expensive as diving. The cost of snorkeling in Bali could vary from IDR 565.000 to IDR 1.3 million, depend on the site. 

The Price of Scuba Diving Trip in Bali

The Price of Scuba Diving Trip in Bali

When you come here with diving in mind, you definitely won’t be satisfied with only two dives in one site. You’ll want dive package. Something between 5 to 30 dives in one dive trip. Depends on the sites you pick and the duration of the dive trip, the price of scuba diving trip in Bali could vary between iDR 2 millions and 10 millions or more. 

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Is It Worth It, Though? 

No words could really describe the awesomeness of the expansive coral garden and the extensive marine life of Bali. This island conveniently sits between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, bringing rich-nutrient streams from both to nurture the marine life. It’s also part of the world’s coral triangle—the densest and richest coral population in the world. So, if you’re asking if scuba diving in Bali worth the price, it’ll be an easy one. Yes. It worth every single penny, every single plane tickets and hotel rooms that get you to enjoy this magnificent place. In fact, scuba diving in Bali is so awe-inspiring that it’s hard to not come back to this island and try the dive again.  

Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!

This country is considered unique in the linguistic field, since it is only a part of the Arab countries but also the Francophone countries and has become the member of the OIF “International Organization of La Francophonie” in what makes its inhabitants bilingual, citizens are also able to speak English. So the three languages ​​are spoken in this country. Lebanon, in long form the Lebanese Republic, is a country in the Middle East. Mostly mountainous, it shares its borders with Syria to the north and east for 376 km and Israel to the south for 79 km. Although the country has already been affected by conflict, Lebanon has started to improve with extraordinary development in various sectors, including tourism. Not only its beauty of nature, but also the beauty of the side of the building also has its own magnet to visit.


Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!
Image from Lonely Planet

Baalbek is the ancient Heliopolis of the Romans. Today, the modern city, chief town of the district of Baalbek, in Lebanon, has about 80,000 inhabitants. The highest temperature in Lebanon was recorded at 47 ° C. Crowned by UNESCO as a World Heritage City. This city was once the residence of the Phoenicians before being finally controlled by the Greeks in 323-64 BC. The name Baal was borrowed from the name of the god worshiped by the Phoenicians, and eventually the city was renamed Heliopolis or the city of the sun in ancient Greece.

Beirut City Center

Downtown Beirut is the commercial and financial center of Beirut, it is also above all the historic heart of the city, located at the crossroads of predominantly Christian neighborhoods in the East, the majority Shiite district of Bachoura, neighborhoods Sunnis in the West, from Wadi Abu Jamil, a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Downtown Beirut remains a vibrant center, both culturally and artistically. In the past, the region had been devastated by war, but with the help of the government, the region was once again beautiful. The primary activity of this destination is SHOPPING! (Sorry for caps lock)

Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum

Most Exciting Things to Do in Lebanon!
Image from wearelebanon

The Gibran Museum, formerly the Monastery of Mar Sarkis, is a biographical museum located in Bsharri, Lebanon, 120 kilometers from Beirut. It is dedicated to the Lebanese writer, philosopher and artist Kahlil Gibran. Founded in 1935, the Gibran museum has 440 original paintings and drawings of Gibran and his tomb. You can see many types of Gibran Kahlil relics, such as Gibran paintings, and the grave of Master Gibra. The area in this village is the majority of the Christian faithful. A distance of 120 kilometers from Beirut to Bsharri has really paid off when you get to this place. You can also enjoy the beauty of the views of the classic bell towers.


Byblos is a city in Lebanon. The Greeks named it Byblos, because it was from Gebal that the papyrus was imported into Greece. It is located today on the site of the modern city of Jbeil, in the governorate of Mount Lebanon, on the Mediterranean coast, about 40 kilometers north of Beirut.