Safe Road Trip During Pandemic

As stay-at home orders have been gradually lifted in many places around the world, people start planning their travel either for business or leisure purpose. Today, we plan the trip quite differently from the past. The precautions we take are majorly about how to stay safe and minimize the risks of coronavirus spread. It is necessary to keep ourselves and other people safe. There are many alternatives you can take your trip. A road trip is one of the safest since you drive your own car without having to be in a public transport and dealing with crowds. 

Safe Road Trip During Pandemic

Safety tips for a road trip during pandemic

Planning a long driving trip can be a good alternative. You may not entirely free-contact with others since you have to stop at the gas station or have toilet break. However, the contact can be minimized compared to when you take public transport. Here are some things to consider if you are planning to have a road trip:

Carefully plan a safe route 

Plan your route thoroughly so you will be more informed about what to prepare and expect. Also, there are things you should consider such as the situation regarding to your destination. They may require visitor to follow self-quarantine order. You also need to implement social distancing rules throughout your trip especially when you arrive at your destination. Always prepare your car to be in good condition and shape. It is highly recommended to service your car prior the trip. 

Get your supplies ready

Safe Road Trip During Pandemic

Your supplies include anything you pack such as foods, drinks, and things you need for sanitation such as hand-sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, etc. It is safer to pack your own foods and drinks so you don’t have to stop by any restaurant to eat. Always pack enough of water to stay hydrated as well. Good hygiene on the road is necessary and if you have to stop for a toilet break, make sure to practice it diligently. Even if you are running out supplies such as foods or drinks, it is safe to choose a place that apply good hygiene and strict procedures.

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Book safe accommodation 

Accommodation is also something you need to plan prior to your trip. Booking a place to stay during your trip is necessary. Do your research so you know which place is safe and maintain good hygiene. Most hotels are now open for business and they apply new procedures and rules to implement good sanitation and minimize the risks of coronavirus spread. However, it is recommended to still use your own supplies to clean the surface in your hotel room for precautions.

Gather all information you need to know

Lots of people are both panicking and being excited about being able to travel again. The important thing is that always look for as much information as possible before you go. Being prepared is necessary so you know exactly what to do for a safe travel. A road trip is safe alternative during pandemic. You may consider this option and start your preparations whether it is for a long or short drive.

A Bright, Calming Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

A Bright, Calming Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

Remote and secluded from the outside world, the Komodo National Park enjoys an undisturbed solitude where nature shines in its wildest beauty and its lands stay almost exactly the same like billion years ago. Jagged islands, empty shores, tall palm “lontar” trees, and colonies of the last dragons in earth. Combined with Komodo’s signature transparent blue water and auburn terrains, this land is the real embodiment of the “Land Before Time” we saw on movies. Sailing with Komodo liveaboard for multiple days is the best way to enjoy the immersive natural wealth at its upmost. The adventure days are undeniably fun—but sometimes the best moment happen in the quiet morning.

Waking Up with Spectacular Sunrise at the Sea

Get up when the rest of the boat—and the surrounding world—is still fast asleep. Watching the sun slowly rise from the depth of the ocean is something to behold. Listen to the hypnotic sound of the water splashing against the side of the boat. Go to the comfiest deck in the Komodo liveaboard and get immersed in the moment—as the sun paints the sky and the ocean water in crimson, pink, and golden hues.

Seaside Breakfast at Komodo Liveaboard

Seaside Breakfast at Komodo Liveaboard

How often do you enjoy a seaside breakfast? Well, in Komodo liveaboard you got in-the-middle-of-the-ocean breakfast. Take a sip of your hot morning tea or coffee and fill up your plate with chefs’ delicious cooking as you enjoy the scenic surrounding. Breakfast in Komodo boat is always healthy and hearty.

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Kayaking in the Tranquillity of Komodo Water

Kayaking in the Tranquillity of Komodo Water

Picture a bright morning in secluded shores, the turquoise water is calm and brilliantly calm. You are pedalling the kayak, enjoying the serenity and the panoramic landscape. Nothing passes by except some flocks of birds in the sunny sky and playful fishes underneath the water. You are thinking about an isolated destination that only the kayak could reach. Will it be an unknown snorkeling spot? A hidden beach? Or a completely uninhibited island? Maybe you don’t want to go too far—you just want to experience the stillness of Komodo’s pristine nature before going back to the comfort of your Komodo liveaboard.

A Morning Dive, Perhaps?

The first dive at the day when the sea is just waking up from a slumber sleep. Morning dive is definitely a must do in Komodo! The water is usually calmer than an afternoon dive and the weather is less hot. With Komodo’s underwater reputation, it’s hard to be disappointed with the brimming marine life happening down there. Morning dive is usually less likely to be cancelled as well, due to the stability of the sea and the weather.

A Calming Yoga Session in the Deck of Komodo Liveaboard

A Calming Yoga Session in the Deck of Komodo Liveaboard

There’s nothing quite like doing the sun salutation right where nothing stands in between you and the sun. Komodo liveaboard is perfect place for having the ultimate yoga and meditation. Focusing our mind to wellness is easy when the sound of the waves and the winds create a spellbinding harmony. Early morning is the best time of liveaboard yoga as the sun is still low and the heat is pleasantly tolerable.

How do you like to enjoy your morning in liveaboard?

The Best Waterfalls in the World

There are several types of travelers who describe based on their interest. A city traveler, a traveler in a concrete jungle and then there is a coastal junkie. Remember in this world there is a traveler who searches especially for waterfalls. It’s so spectacular to see a cascade of water that fell from the sky and the rainbow around it. Even if sometimes in the search for the perfect waterfall, hard trekking efforts are required. But, when you arrive at the waterfall site, the spectacular sensation of cool mist falling on your face and a look at majestic nature. I have therefore covered this practical list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world to guide you on your next adventure.

1. Jog Waterfall

The Best Waterfalls in the World

Jog Falls is a waterfall on the Sharavati in India. It is located in the state of Karnataka and known as the second steepest in India. At 253 meters, this waterfall offers a view of Indian landscape which is wonderful to those who are fans of waterfalls. So if you are traveling to India, take a visit to this awesome waterfall.

2. Sutherland Waterfall

This waterfall is located in South New Zealand and with 580 meters high. Even if the Sutherland waterfall has already been agreed since 1890, hikers are still astonished by its remote access, trekking off the beaten track to Milford Track, especially in winter which is considered to be the low season and unpredictable weather.

3. Gullfoss Waterfall

The Best Waterfalls in the World

Passing through the Olfusa River, Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. Most often seen from below, Gullfoss offers a spectacular landscape, it seems that the water has fallen and disappeared in the air. It was like a source of energy thanks to its strong flow even if Gullfoss is just 32 meters tall.

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4. Plitvice Waterfall

It is located in Croatia and that makes you wonder because you do not think that there is a waterfall in Eastern Europe. Plitvice Falls, which is part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park (the largest national park in Croatia) with 77 meters is really a beautiful landscape to miss!

5. Niagara Waterfall

The Best Waterfalls in the World

When you visit two countries at the same time while watching a gigantic waterfall? it is possible if you are going to visit Niagara because it is located between Ontario, Canada and United States, in addition, you just have to pay one ticket! Great ! This waterfall is incredibly high at 99 meters but just as long as the infinite waterfall. It is the most famous waterfall in North America, this powerful waterfall is also the largest in volume with an impressive average of around 7,000 cubic meters per second! In addition, Niagara is the most accessible waterfall when you can enjoy it from anywhere.

Things to Know About Going on A Komodo Liveaboard

The holiday time has come and you begin to browse what’s up with the hyped Komodo trip in this far flung frontiers. You might have booked one and ready for a once in a lifetime vacation in the real-life Jurassic Islands and the Lost Worlds. However, there are ten things to know when going on a Komodo liveaboard which will help you to have a smoother adventures while sailing the archipelago.

Things to Know About Going on A Komodo Liveaboard

Meals and Memories are Made in Komodo Liveaboard

The Komodo Liveaboard is ready to help you getting into one of the most epic adventure of your life! And you will be making awesome memories to cherish forever. The wildlife, the unspoiled landscape, the pristine water, everything you see on Komodo is spectacular. And while the liveaboard takes you to these wondrous destinations to make memories, it will also make you all the meals to keep you healthy during the trip. Steaming Indonesian cuisine, delectable international dishes, freshly sliced fruits, and a cup of tea or coffee will be ready on the table every meal time. If you have special diets both of religious or health reason, just be sure to inform them beforehand.  

Early Birds Get the Sites

Things to Know About Going on A Komodo Liveaboard

The Komodo has been growing more popular than it was just in less tan 5 years. Ever since its promotion as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, bloggers and travellers spilled out its beauty to the world and now its quite packed with people. To get the best of sites, your wake up call would be around 7:00 a.m. It could be earlier if you are a diver (you need to prepare all the gears and have a briefing) or if you plan to have a sunrise watch. Popular sites like Padar Island or Manta Point get a bit loaded with travellers just hours after the sunrise. Your Komodo liveaboard crew will try to get you to the best sites at best time.

Prepare Your Day Pack the Night Before

To shorten the time, you better prepare all the things you need to your daypack on the night before. This way, you have longer time to check everything and won’t forget something important. You will also be reminded to do certain prep like charging your batteries or reloading the water bottles.

Happiness Comes in Waves, but Also Does Sickness

Things to Know About Going on A Komodo Liveaboard

Have you heard this phrase before? An avid traveller will certainly feel the excitement of being in the waves; it’s like a prelude to awesome escapade. But an avid traveller would also know that too much waves invite seasickness—which is not as fun. This is what exactly feels like on a Komodo liveaboard. It’s a good idea to bring your own seasickness medicine. Be it acupuncture bands, candied ginger, ginger tea, or sea motion pills. Whatever works for you.

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You’ll Get Your Feet Wet from Komodo Liveaboard

Oh yes, darling. Prepare to get wet every time you get off the liveaboard. Almost every little island within the Komodo National Park doesn’t have docks, so you’ll need to get down to the shore. And proceed for a short walk to the beach. So prepare your outfit accordingly! Strap on sandals are the best as it dries easily and stay on your feet when the waves sweep.

Necessary Items To Put Into Your Carry-On

Carry-on bag is a must item you need for smooth travel because everything you need is going to be stored in there, especially the ones that need immediate access. However, it is also common that travelers bring too many items inside their carry-on like there is no tomorrow. It will be a burden to carry such a heavy bag especially when you are on a long-haul flight with connecting flight later. You will arrive at your destination feeling extremely fatigue. Thus, bring only necessary item into your carry-on bag for travel.

What to pack into your carry-on for travel

Every individual may have different must-have items for travel. Some travelers may need food more than they need toiletries. However, carry-on bag is like a must-have item any traveler will carry. So what are the items you must have inside of of your carry-on for smooth travel?

The key is to bring what you need instead of what you want because it will be endless if you think of what you want. If you are going for a long-haul flight, bring items that can help you sleep and rest better. For example, bring your noise-canceling earphone or eye mask. Those are really useful to help you sleep better during a long flight. If you like feeling comfy, bring your favorite shawl or scarf as well. They are amazing to fight the cold while keeping you to look wonderful all the time. 


If you are the type who worry a lot about sanitary and hygiene, bring sanitizing wipes. Therefore, you can just wipe the tray on the plane before eating your foods to make sure it is clean and not cause any contamination. Not to mentions that germs are everywhere such as TV remote at hotel room, door knob, tray table, etc. 


Non-electric source of entertainment is necessary items. Imagine if you have to survive long-haul flight and you have only your smartphone as your source of entertainment. Your poor eyes are suffering that way. Thus, bring your favorite entertainment source that don’t even require electrical power such as book, crosswords puzzle, Rubik’s cube, etc. 

Sleep aids

Pack some sleep aids in your carry-on to help you sleep better especially during long flight. You can pack over-the-counter medicine as sleep aid. However, you can also opt for natural sleep aids such as herbal teas, pillow travel, etc. If you have particular health condition, don’t forget to bring your own medication and put them in your carry-on for easy access. 

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Pack some snacks and candies. In a long-haul flight, the airplane bring you foods during meal time. However, there might be some foods that don’t really fit your taste buds. Thus, you can just pack your favorite foods or snacks in your carry-on. Make sure they are not the type of foods that leak. Some snacks such as dried fruits or nuts will be amazing too. Pack some chewing gums or candies as well to refresh your breath. 

Choosing the Perfect Family-Friendly Resorts in Bali

bali family resorts

The kids are at the forefront of our thoughts when planning a family holiday, wherever it may be. Being one of the most visited tropical destinations in the world, a vacation to Bali to escape the harsh winters might just be something your family needs. With an abundance of Bali family resorts to choose from, you don’t have to worry about options as much as you need to pay attention to your needs and preferences, and that of your kids. Whether it’s in the Seminyak area, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, or other areas you can name, planning and research will go a long way.  

Bali family resorts 

best family resort nusa dua

With more and more hotels catering to adults-only and the partying crowd, being picky with your family-friendly accommodation is a must. Family vacations can be very stressful; not just for you, but your children as well. Lack of preparation beforehand can lead to all sorts of troubles down the road. 

In this case, choosing family-friendly resorts in Bali is an absolute requirement before you hastily book your plane tickets. The place where your kids are staying can make a world of difference. Keeping kids entertained can pay off greatly and this is something you’d want to keep in mind when you’re looking for family accommodations. 

Considerations for all-inclusive hotels 

nusa dua resorts

All-inclusive hotels are just perfect for families. They’re designed with the little ones in mind, and fortunately, there are quite a few Bali family resorts that are designed to be all-inclusive. They’re super easy and convenient for the parents, especially if you don’t plan to go out much in your destination. Everything is in one place. Some hotels offer great facilities / amenities like water parks or game rooms, something your kids will definitely appreciate. The teenagers in your family who tag along might appreciate an onsite movie theater, so look that up as well whether your accommodation offers similar amenities. 

Accommodation with Kids-Club

Having time away with your kids during a family vacation is sometimes just not only an option, but a necessity. It doesn’t mean you neglect your kids to wander off by yourselves. Just like adults, sometimes, the kids need their space. Having a Kids-Club provided by your Bali family resorts will save you a headache. 

All-inclusive hotels usually offer Kids Club, but if they don’t, there’s usually a type of kids and even teens activities that you can check out. Be mindful and check what type of activities they have on offer. Not all kids activities or Kids Club are created equally. Be knowledgeable about what your kids will be able to have access to onsite. Do your research and read reviews from travelers like you who travel with families as well. 

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Convenience to your holiday destinations

Traveling with a group of people will no doubt takes longer compared to when you’re traveling solo or with just the two of you. And traveling with kids even more so! They’re miniature humans that can be very demanding regardless of time and place, so you better be prepared. If you’re planning to go out a lot to explore the area you’re staying in, then your best bet is to pick a Bali family resorts that’s located close to the points of interest. There’s nothing like having to calm a restless kid for a 2-3 hour drive by car (which is basically the entire morning) that you could have avoided simply by choosing a closer place to stay. 

About Switching Seat On A Plane During Travel

When you travel to your destination, taking a flight is one of the most efficient routes to choose. However, many things can happen during a flight. You may experience a smooth flight where you don’t really get disturbed by major things. However, you may also get kicked out from the plane because violating the rules. Another thing can happen on a plane during a flight is people asking you to switch seats. What’s the best thing to do to deal with this situation?

About Switching Seat On A Plane During Travel

Swapping seats on a flight

Travelling should be fun and enjoyable but it is not always the case. Some mishaps and hassles may ensure unexpectedly. What you can do is stay calm and assess every situation with open-mind. Thus, any mishaps won’t give your trip any major damage. If someone ask you to switch seat during a flight, here are tips you can consider:

Keep in mind that you have paid to get your seat

You may even struggled during the booking process juts to get that seat. Actually, you don’t have any obligation to switch your seat when another passenger ask you to. You have right to refuse the request if you don’t want to switch your seat. If someone is persistent in pursuing your seat, you can call the flight crew to help finding the best solution for both. 

You may comply with the flight attendance

About Switching Seat On A Plane During Travel

It is possible that flight attendance ask you to move even when you have directly stated that you won’t switch your seat. If this is the case, you can comply. However, you can complain to the airline later. If you are also being so persistent and refuse to be the bigger man in this situation, your ticket may be in jeopardy. There is a chance for you to get kicked out. Thus, try to stay as calm as possible and complain later to ask for the airline responsibility of the inconvenience you experience. 

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Asses why someone need to switch seat

When someone ask you to switch seat, you can be a bigger man and assess the situation before making any refusal. You can ask why they want to swap seat and what’s wrong with their original seats. You can also check yourself the seat to see if it’s okay for you to switch seats. You have right to do so. If the person ask to switch seat of greater or equal value, you may consider accepting the request. However, if their seat has lower value than yours then you can refuse. 

A polite refusal

You don’t want to have flight in uncomfortable seat even if it’s for short flight. If you want to refuse any swapping seat request, do it politely and firmly. You can also accept the request for another reason aside from the seat value. For example, the person asking you for switching seat is pregnant and her seat is very uncomfortable. You can accept the switch seat and be more considerate, knowing that her condition needs more attention.

Sailing with Small Ship Cruise in Komodo

The Komodo National Park rise as new jewel of Indonesia, long hidden from civilization. Just west off the widely famous Bali, hopping through the West Nusa Tenggara Islands to the East Nusa Tenggara lies the Komodo National Park. A small archipelago consisting of the Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Kanawa, Gili Lawa, and dozens other smaller islands. Untouched by modern civilization and left at its most pristine condition, the national park offers a sense of raw adventures. The national park cannot be properly explored without sailing on small ship Komodo cruise or liveaboard to see the wonders on each islands. Both above and beneath the water.

Sailing with Small Ship Cruise in Komodo

Top Things to Do in Komodo Cruise

A sailing trip through Komodo National Park offers a taste of everything that make this remote frontier so special. From the stark white sands ringed with palm trees, rare pink sands in contrast with turquoise water, to wild ecounter with the ancient Komodo Dragons and hiking to top of the hills for a superb view of the world. Not to mention amazing marine wonderland under the water.

Cruise Sailing to Komodo Island

The Komodo Island (or Rinca Island, if you prefer the alternatives) is the focal point of any Komodo cruise trip. They are the biggest reptiles on the planet. Komodo dragons can develop to three meters and more than 200 pounds and can eat a large portion of their body weight in a solitary feast. The mythical beasts chiefly eat enormous warm blooded creatures, for example, goats, pigs and deer. They are ordinarily seem relaxing in the sun and that send a deceiving massage that these dragons has grown docile and domisticated. They aren’t. Komodo dragons are as merciless as ever. They have been known to outrun human in when they decide to hunt you! Though it’s so dangerous, rest assured that you will be fine as long as you walk with the park rangers. It’s always thrilling to see these prehistoric beast nevertheless!

Immersion to Local Villages

Sailing with Small Ship Cruise in Komodo

Komodo cruise trip offers a very valuable insight to the lives of traditional tribes and villages that dwell on the island. A lot of tribe in Flores and Komodo still maintain their traditional way of living, unaffected with modernisation. A legacy of ancient heritages that’s been passed down from generations to generations. People from  Manggarai village, for example, have this mesmerizing war dance with    whips and shield performed on festival after harvest. Visitors can alos witness the one and only Wae Rebo village, where villagers live in cone-shaped houses in the top of mountain.

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Diving, Snorkeling, and Kayaking

Water activities are highly popular on any Komodo cruise trip! The Komodo is a meeting point between two currents from Indian Ocean through Savu Sea and the Pacific Ocen through the Flores Sea. The combination of plankton-rich currents and strict preservation rules on the region make Komodo as a marine biodiversity hotspot. A plethora of wildlife is found beneath the waves—a true delight for any divers and snorkelers alike. Komodo water’s are so clear and cruisers has been enjoying their time kayaking or paddle boarding on a calm morning.

Choosing The Right Rental Car For Successful Road Trip 

The vehicle plays important role to determine the success of a road trip. Thus, choosing the right car is essential. It is not only about choosing reliable vehicle with the most recent navigation system or updated playlist. There are some other features that play also huge role to make your road trip goes smoothly. 

road trip rental car

Picking the right rental car for a road trip

You don’t want to deal with broken vehicle when having a road trip. It is such a hassle especially when you don’t really know hot to deal with them. A road trip should be prepared thoroughly especially about the condition of the car. If you decide to rent a car for your road trip plan, you need to be more selective and paying attention more on some important features. 

Security features

Safety features are essential to consider when choosing rental car for a road trip. Those features include automatic braking, On-Star emergency assistance, etc. Safety features are key for successful road trip especially when you are driving to unfamiliar area in such a long distance. Also, make sure that the car also has other safety features to secure your belongings while you are away. 

Fuel efficient cars

Fuel-efficiency is a very important feature of the car you are going to rent for a road trip. Choosing a fuel-efficient car is not only good for your wallet but also for the environment since it reduces your carbon footprint. Most people misunderstood that if the car is fuel-efficient that it looks less appealing. You can still get rental car with fuel-efficiency and fabulous look. 

Charging outlets

There are some essential features you are going to need for a successful road trip such as charging outlets. Thus, choose a rental car with a drop-and-charge dock so you can charge different gadgets while on the road. It will be very helpful especially if your road trip will last in several days. 

Hands-free call feature

Another necessary item you are going to need from a rental car is hands-free calling. It is not a luxury item because in some states, you can only use your phone while driving if you use this feature. In most of the cities around the world, using a hand-held device while operating a vehicle is prohibited. You may be charged if you are found to do that. 


Baggage space needs to be considered as well because you need to pack some foods, clothes, etc. Make sure the baggage space is spacious enough for you to store many items such as foods, clothes, some sport gears, etc. 

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Other useful and enjoyable features of rental car you can choose include WiFi and soundproof. In-vehicle WiFi is pretty common these days. This feature will be very useful especially if you access internet frequently. A vehicle with soundproof feature is also an excellent choice to choose. Once you shut the door, the intrusive noises from the outside are majorly blocked out, making you feel fresh and less fatigue while driving. Thus, you can focus more on driving safely. 

Choosing Bed Frame for Bedroom Furniture Yogyakarta

Investing on a good bed is definitely one of the most logical thing to do when you’re furnishing your bedroom. The bed is a piece of furniture that you just can’t compromise with. And that includes the bed frame of your bedroom furniture Yogyakarta which also takes importance along with the mattress of your choosing. 

Bedroom furniture Yogyakarta choose your mattress first 

The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed and you won’t want to compromise its quality nor durability. So before you decide on what kind of bed frame you’re going to furnish your bedroom with, decide on your mattress first. Invest on the best mattress for your bedroom furniture Yogyakarta because it will ultimately decide your quality of rest. The mattress is not a piece you’d like to compromise on even if you’re tight on budget. 

Measure up your space 

bedroom furniture yogyakarta

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in most bedrooms. And it’s easy to go wrong with this since not everyone could afford a large, luxurious room that allows them not to worry about things like space. But if you’re a regular folk like the rest of us with small to medium-sized bedroom, then this is something that you need to pay careful attention to before you even do window-shopping for mattress. 

If you’ll be the only one who’ll occupy the bed most of the time, it’s advisable to go with double-bed size rather than a queen or a king bed if you have a small bedroom. In order to have an accurate image of the size of the mattress, you can use a tape on your floor or make the most of the pillows. Having an accurate sizing of the bed is extremely important when you’re furnishing your bedroom. You should prioritize this before planning the space for bedroom accessories and such. 

Wood vs metal bed frame 

The material of your bed frame is one of the things that you must consider carefully. It’s important to acknowledge that there are pros and cons to each material of your bedroom furniture bed frame. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the material first. 

Metal bed frame 

bedroom furniture
  • Generally more affordable compared to wood. A better option for those who are extremely budget-conscious or simply would like to cut cost on furnishing less-used rooms such as the guest bedrooms. 
  • So much lighter and more portable than wood. Even a small wooden bed frame can be so much heavier compared to the large metal bed frame. 
  • Metal frames are usually more customizable 
  • Unfortunately, it creaks over time. This may affect your quality of sleep. 

Wooden bed frame 

bedroom accessories

  • Wood is generally considered more durable compared to metal.
  • It’s thicker and heavier; high-qualify wood coming from high-end timbers could last you decades and even a century. High-end wood material is often considered a life-time investment. 
  • Wood frame won’t creak in a long time with good maintenance. 

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